/Zombie Gunship, Inc. | Let’s Play First Look

Zombie Gunship, Inc. | Let’s Play First Look

Video: Zombie Gunship, Inc. | Let’s Play First Look


Hi, my name is Sheiva and I'm the Community Manager at Limbic. So I'm here today to play the newest game in our franchise, Zombie Gunship, Inc. So, right now I'm scouting out this base and I see that there are a bunch of abandon buildings and ruins all around. I'm trying to determine where to deploy my troop. If I deploy him too close to these two machine gun towers right at the center, he'll get hit really hard. So, I'm going to just deploy him right here and hope for the best. In the original Zombie Gunship, you have three weapons: the Gatling Gun, the Bofors and the Howitzer. In this game, you're going to get a huge arsenal of badass weapons at your disposal.

You're going to be using these weapons for different missions, different types of strategies, and also up against different types of zombies. So, right now my troop is heading towards this building and he's going to start looting some resources in there for me. I got to help him out by fending off these zombies. So, like I mentioned before, there's this machine gun tower and he's definitely not a friendly but he is defending himself against the zombies that are coming. Alright, my troop is out. He planted some C-4 inside this building and it's going to explode as you can see here. So no one else can actually loot that building afterwards. K, let's fend these suckers off. Now my troop is getting hit really hard by this machine gun tower. I'm just going to help him out by shooting it down. Crap, and that's one of the other things, you got to make sure that your weapon does not overheat.

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There's a huge horde coming along. Alright, cool, the machine gun tower is down. So, now my troop is going to start advancing to the next building. He's being really careful. Alright, looks like there's another wave of zombies coming from over here. Alright, my troop is going in. Alright, C-4 is planted. Just trying to clean up the rest of these zombies. So, you can see that right in the center, there's an EVAC timer and a helicopter is going to come in and rescue my troop. So, I have 5 more seconds, 2, 1. And victory! So, that's a round of Zombie Gunship, Inc. To stay up to date and get access to exclusive content, visit us at zombiegunshipinc.com and "Like" us on Facebook. Thanks for watching and look out for our next Let's Play video!.