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In this video, we’ll give you an overview of YouTube Premieres, which is a feature that lets you and your viewers watch and experience your new video together. Here’s how you can create a Premiere of your own. You start by uploading a video, just as you normally would. In the dropdown, select Scheduled. Now select the video you want to upload. While the video is processing, toggle on Premiere. Then, pick a date and time for your Premiere. This is when your fans will watch your video for the first time.

Next, fill out your title and description, and don’t forget to select a thumbnail. Once the video is done processing, hit Premiere. As soon as you do this, a shareable watch page is created. This watch page is where the video will eventually premiere. Until then, you can use this page to engage with viewers and promote your Premiere. Keep in mind that the watch page is public as soon as it’s created. We have a few tips for promoting your Premiere. To get your viewers excited, chat with them before and during the Premiere. Don’t forget – the watch page is shareable. Make sure to tease the Premiere by sharing the URL in the Community tab or across social media networks. Finally, remember to tell your viewers to set a reminder for the Premiere! If they’re subscribed, your viewers will also be able to discover the Premiere by checking their subscriptions feed and your channel. Your video will have a Premiere badge to indicate that it’s an upcoming Premiere.


Here’s another tip: tell your subscribers to ring the bell to ensure they receive a notification. Okay, so let's fast forward to when your Premiere is almost about to start! For viewers who have opted in, a tune-in notification is sent around 30 minutes before the start. This helps ensure that your viewers are in their seats when the show is about to begin. At the Premiere's scheduled time, a countdown begins and a second notification is sent to viewers who have opted in. Your Premiere will also re-appear in your subscribers' feeds. As soon as the countdown is over, your video starts playing and viewers will watch your new video together. This is an exciting launch moment for you and your fans, so be present! Fans love it when the creator joins in on chat during the Premiere.

As the creator, your chat will be highlighted at the top of the chat window for a few moments. If you’re eligible, you can also enable Super Chat. Once the Premiere is over, your video remains on your channel as a normal upload. You’ll see that the watch page URL and video URL are the same. Note that chat replay will be automatically enabled, but you can disable this at any time. And that’s it! Subscribe to our channel for more YouTube tips and tricks..