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I found my first gun when I was nine years old. And since then, growing up I was so addicted to them bitches, I loved them bitches. If you up that bitch at a nigga, and bust his ass, that's his soul in that. It's death in this motherfucker, you know what I'm saying? All I gotta do is up this motherfucker and you ass just disappear bitch. Real shit, bro. I like how them bitches look, for real, I'm in love with them bitches. I literally woke up in the jail cell and I was like, "Wake up in the morning I got murder on my mind.

” And then the bitch was like, "Get up, get up. Time to get up." Like yeah, fuck that song, you ain't gonna shit ass." I slid it for my cousin and he was like, "Hell yeah that boy said he got murder on his mind nigga." I'm thinking he just dick riding so I'm like man nigga just shut the fuck up." I got cool with one nigga named Antonio Bland. He used to say he only listen to Kodak and Scotty Cain. I ain’t rap nothing like them so I'm like yeah he probably ain't gonna fuck with my shit. But I fuck with him so I was like fuck it. Showed him "Murder on my Mind." He was like, "Bruh, I aint going lie bruh. You my favorite rapper now." Just being with my little brother and my momma and my sister. I want it to really feel like Christmas, so I'm taking em where there's snow at. Being able to give to everybody I love. Like shit I done did in the past like robberies or going through shit at the house type shit. Just smoke a blunt.

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It's like it ease my whole body and I just be straight. Then I be like “Fuck that shit.” Bitches just stupid. You fuck them one time. They think they just go out with you and shit. Hoes be trippin'. Me fucking other niggas bitches, like "damn bitch this nigga really love you. This nigga out here risking his life at this trap house answering the door for other niggas and you out here popping that pussy for me." And you ain’t getting nothing out of me. It's like, “damn bitch you ain't shit to these hoes.” While you locked up these hoes out here stripping, shaking they ass, fucking everybody. They supposed to be holding down for they nigga. Like every little thing I do I know these niggas watching me. I'm not even thinking about you broke ass nigga. Damn bruh.

Bitch just wants some petty ass shit like trying to knock you off the grind, want a nigga to lay up with her all day. Like Melvin, my other person inside, Melvin that motherfucker … everyday, all day that's what he be thinking about. Some people think about pussy when they wake up, some people think about shoes, some people think about weird shit. That nigga wake up with the murder on his mind, and I'll be like, "Aye, bro. Do you." You should get a XD, instead of a Glock. Less recoil. Very persistent aim. And it shoot better. That's what you should start with off. That's what I have to say about gun safety. And never point it at your friend. Or yourself. For real, I got niggas who done shot theyself. I fuck these hos like an animal. I get on the beat like a animal. I'm a animal, I look like a animal.

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Like a lizard or some shit, that's still a animal, ain't it? I'm a pussy murderer. I murder the vagina and I murder the beat. I am not no human murderer. Imagine a bucket. A bucket of blood. And I'm a big ass beast. And I pick him up, dip him in that bitch, and spill the boy. That's basically what I was saying. I was high as fuck, man. Thought about that shit..