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YESDEV[8] = Online Games; Pingdependence Day

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hi Ryan Jake Lambourn here YESDEV today gonna talk to you a little bit about getting into making online games so the first thing i wanna tell you is it's not scary it's not that big of a deal alright if you don't know how to make an online game yet all you have to do is start just like that first week of making games ever you start just by making something that can pass messages back and forth between a client and a server and maybe if you're following a tutorial you'll make tic tac toe and that's really all there is to it the technical aspects of online multiplayer is just passing messages but while you shouldn't be scared there is something very scary with online not getting started but ping even big professional game developing studios are scared shitless of ping because ping is like the speed of light it's a huge technical limitation that you cannot surpass now how the big professional studios get around ping you might have heard about them doing fancy stuff with like lag prediction and stuff like that but that is not anywhere as important as the other more basic fix for ping that professional companies do which is throw money at it so obviously there's the technical- it's a technical limit of how far the players are from the server so they spend money on putting servers up everywhere if that's something they have the money to do and the other probably even more important than putting servers up everywhere is marketing if you have lots of players who wanna play the game all the time everywhere it won't be hard to pair up people who are close to each other and put them on servers that are near to lots of people at once so that they aren't trying to play with people on the other side of the earth if you have enough money and you have enough people playing your game ping shouldn't be a problem right? but that is a huge problem for independent developers for 1MAs so instead what i would recommend is that you design your games knowing that you are gonna have this massive limitation of ping and you're probably not gonna be able to get around it with money and marketing and all of that and there are games that do not care how slow the ping is back before the internet something similar to online multiplayer existed people would mail chess moves to each other to play chess across the world from each other these things existed if you play someone on the other side of the world at chess today it's maybe seconds of ping at the most but if you played it back before the internet it would have been a few weeks of ping that's not bad so if you do make a game like chess that has turns then you're set there's no way the ping is gonna screw you over if you are going to make real time games it doesnt have to be so ping dependent you have to keep in mind that you don't want to make something where every tiny little action matters like games with gradient movement where every step you make moves you and changes the gamestate that's kinda that's too much that's too much grad- but like if you have a game where you click somewhere on screen and that moves the character there in like a second you just send that action for where they're going and suddenly it's not so bad the movement probably doesn't matter as much when you don't have direct control the game i'm making, Restricted-RPS, it's realtime everyone's actions get sent out but if you're a few seconds late it's not that big of a deal because it's not an action game it's a choices game so when you come into online multiplayer this is something you need to start at game design with something i always talk about on yesdev is scope and understanding your limitations that's all it is you're going back to game design you can't really just take any ol game and put it online and expect it to work just like if you have a game where you wanted intelligent AI and you had to make it for the AI with this you gotta make the game for online multiplayer other ways to not be so ping dependent is like co-op co-op multiplayer people don't really tend to care so much if they're lagging because it isn't versus each other so if someone is warping around a bit it's not a big deal limiting the amount of players i guess would probably help a 1v1 game is alot less taxing than 20 people but then again 20 people in a game that doesn't have gradient anything will be just fine umm yeah, mostly just don't be scared get in there you'll have something working within hours it's not that hard and um yeah make something.

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