/Xiaomi Mi 8 Vs Mi Mix 2S Camera Comparison

Xiaomi Mi 8 Vs Mi Mix 2S Camera Comparison

Video: Xiaomi Mi 8 Vs Mi Mix 2S Camera Comparison


hi guys Chris here and welcome to a quick camera comparison between the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s and the Mi 8 here now you can see there's a big difference with the front-facing cameras at the moment because where they're located so on the Mi Mix 2S to us it's on the chin and it's in your typical location while in the notch on the me eight here you notice there both of them are over exposing a little bit it's not really great and there is no electronic image stabilization on the front-facing cameras both of them shoot a maximum of 1080p so with this video I'm going to be swapping the sound source over between the two phones so you can listen to them so this is now with the rear cameras shooting in 4k 30 frames per second and we have optical image stabilization on both for access because either quality is good now all the on both of these I'm switching between them isn't the greatest really they do need to work on this I feel they've got it's great to do at the best of times hopefully they can improve on this and it's not a hardware issue that it's just software now stability walking is hid this is alright but it's not as good as mobile phones they combine both electronic image stabilization with the optical image stabilization focus on both of them tends to be good you sometimes see a little bit of focus hunting but nothing like the older days the earlier days of show me phones which would often have turrible focus just hunting the whole time continuously through video you can see that it does happen now and then and because of the arrangement of both of these cameras it's a little hard to get my hand right in the middle here to focus on that so now I'm low light with the front-facing camera and to me the me8 is definitely better here it does have an advantage of course with its pixels it's 20 megapixels and you can see when I step out of the light there now I'm getting even dark on my face here so I clear winner with the front-facing camera in terms of a low-light performance here and on to a rare low-light camera sample so what I'm seeing on both screens here is much brighter than what it really is it's almost 10 o'clock here explain and the Sun has almost gone down completely it still looks quite bright so that is the camera comparison there let me know down in the comments which one you think is the best so I just want to point out a few of my findings here front-facing camera stills the winner has to be the Mi 8 and also with a video quality Mi 8 as well but both aren't perfect they are overexposing show me has some optimization there and the camera location of course on the mimics to us isn't the greatest having it in what you could say is the bottom bezel or the chin of the mobile now video performance on the rear cameras it is good but we are lacking electronic image stabilization that other manufacturers have and both of them seem to be pretty much equal there in terms of focus performance you do sometimes see the occasional little focus hunt but overall it is quite good now still performance daylight identical really not much in it at all a low-light surprises a little bit there with the winner I would say has to be the Mi Mix 2s arh probably because its had firmware updates a lot more than the Mi 8 which only just came out so show me will obviously fixed that and we'll probably see almost equal performance there from both of them thank you so much for watching this camera comparison I do hope to catch you back in the channel with more up-and-coming camera comparisons against the oneplus 6 which I just received.

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