/Workforce Mobile Tutorial: Punch in and Out

Workforce Mobile Tutorial: Punch in and Out

Video: Workforce Mobile Tutorial: Punch in and Out


Hello and welcome to Kronos Mobile. In this video, we will be learning how to punch in and punch out from our mobile device. The punch option allows employees to punch in or out from a mobile device and include transfers, work rule changes, and cancel meal deductions. Tap the punch option located here. Tap the barcode icon to start device camera to populate transfer data by scanning a barcode or a QR code if your company has set up code scanning. Tap here to punch.

As you can see, the punch was successful. Tap “OK” to return to your home screen. This has been a Mobile Minute with Lindsey. Thanks for watching! Please note that the Workforce Mobile application requires Mobile licenses and the Workforce Central server software configured for Kronos Mobile. Thanks for watching this tutorial. You can find this and more videos on the Kronos YouTube channel, or contact your sales representative for more information..

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