Hi Guys this is Jamie from http://www.system22.net and http://www.great-webdesign.com/ this is just a short tutorial about the windows 10 annoyance where I'm sure you've noticed if you've got a Windows 7 or 8 computer that every now and again you get this pop up on the screen asking you to upgrade to Windows 10 I'll just bring it out their windows tender great some wonderful operating system but it is new it has got a few bugs in it I love some of the new features with it but at the moment i'm running windows 7 on this machine and it's working wonderfully and i have no wish to upgrade to 10 at this point in time and i really do not enjoy them continuously asking me to do so so here's a little tutorial on how to stop this or lift deactivate it for a while until we get another patch to install it again so i'll just close that this is windows 7 all the bottom right-hand side of the screen you'll see the clock and all your icons here that's your windows 7i convey your windows 10 upgrade icon there if you just right-click just to the side of that little block which is the show desktop block right click on there and hit properties it'll open up this little box here and you can decide what you want it to actually show and what you don't want it to show there now I hit the customized notification icons and there it is the gwx get Windows 10 show icons and notifications so i'll say hide icons and notifications hit OK and then shut that box again and as you see it's actually disappeared from there so that should stop these these pop-ups from happening every time you start your computer or if you're in limited for working and you proper so once again all I did was right click just to the right of the clock beside the show desktop block there hit properties and then hit customize notification icons and as you can see it's not there I'm sure we can reactivate it if we want to yeah there it is if we want to reactivate it we can do that their show icon and notifications but obviously I don't want to do that but that's how you can do it there shut that down so once again this has been Jamie from system 22 and great web design com I hope this helps and make your computing experience a bit more enjoyable thank you for watching and have a great day goodbye now.

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