/🔒 WIFI Security Camera ◄ Wireless Night Vision Safety for Unbelievably CHEAP!

🔒 WIFI Security Camera ◄ Wireless Night Vision Safety for Unbelievably CHEAP!

Video: 🔒 WIFI Security Camera ◄ Wireless Night Vision Safety for Unbelievably CHEAP!


– Today. – WiFi security camera. – Under 50 bucks with night vision. (cash register dings) (light music) Someone's excited about today's deal. – So excited. Can't you tell? – That looks beautiful on you, intern Casey. – Thank you. – Hi, I'm the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granite. I find huge deals, none of which are ever paid products all located right under this video screen. Before we get there, this deal, which is an awesome grab today, is also one of our big items that we are giving away to subscribers. – And we'll pick the winners at the end of this video. Also make sure, if you're not subscribed, click that subscribe button.

– Now is your time. Before we get to all the demos and the giveaway. We are now in complete pitch darkness, and I want to show you the night vision on this. This is awesome. – [Kody] Look at this, Matt. – First of all, we're looking at Kody. We cannot even make you out with this $1,000 camera I'm holding, but on this camera under 50 bucks, we can see Kody perfectly. This particular item, which is under 50 bucks for its first time, works on both Apple and Android, and the nice thing is you get that two-way voice communication, so you can speak to a potentiaL culprit, or someone just making deliveries. Kody's gonna tell you about some of the uses that he liked for this particular item, but for me, the fact you get an email notification the second its ready to go, and that it is recording high-resolution video makes me 100% sold. It also has the ability with a tilt function to pan up vertically to a 160-degree complete with microSD card. It is expandable up to 32 gigabytes, and it pairs beautifully with your smartphone or tablet, which we are gonna show you.

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Now in dimly lit conditions, we can't really make out Kody that well right here. Look again, without night vision, how well you can see Kody right here. There I am. Hi, Kody. – Hi, Matt. – Overall, I think this is a really great product to monitor my dorm room especially going into freshman year of college, and all you do is just connect it to your phone, and as you can see, it will show you what the camera is filming. There is Kody. Hey, Kody. – Hey, how are you? Have you ever heard of KAGER before? They specialize at home security systems all around the world, and this kit includes one camera right here, and you could see the size of my hand compared to the camera, and camera's pretty discreet, so you could hide it front door, you could hide it in your garage, anywhere, and this also works perfect for being a baby monitor, watching it elderly parents if you're away, or watching your pets, and to see what stuff they get into, and it also includes one mounting bracket here with hardware, so you don't have to go to the hardware store at all. – Highly adjustable, which I like.

A lot of these cameras are huge. They're not easy to just tilt or turn to a particular angle. This is basically like the size of a webcam except with so many more features. – [Casey] And when we tested it, the audio quality was actually surprisingly really good. – Yeah, it's difficult to show you without our microphones picking up feedback, but you could hear the person, very audible. For those of you that want to take a grab at this, it's located right under the video screen, but first, let me just check what time it is. (Casey laughs) Casey, what time is it? – It's giveaway time. – Hey yeah! – [Matt] Using Tube Buddy's random selection tool to find a subscribers who's commented in the last six months, and if you have your notifications turned on, you can hear your name called.

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Congratulations, Andrew. We love your comments. Just email support@mattsdailydeals.com, and I'll hook you up with your freebie. – Now I love that we have a free item. I also like that you're still wearing the extension cord. Will you be incorporating this into your giveaway event? – I will. I will. – All right, Casey. Now is your time to shine. – I'll do a little bit of this. – Oh, that's fantastic. – And then like maracas, you think, a little bit? – Yeah, all right, so. (Matt claps) Oh yeah, oh yeah! You have the camera! – (Laughs) You have the camera, wooo! – There we go, I like that you kept it going, enthusiasm sort of dipped at points, but when you got there you were ready to go. – I brought it back up. – Absolutely. If you did not win, don't worry, we have many future giveaways, just click that subscribe button and sign up, you will be good to go.

– We have so many awesome items that we are going to be testing, so make. – I want to show them. No, you're good, you're good. Like wi-fi stereos, that's coming up so soon. – Oh my gosh. – These are amazing, these are sort of like the Sonons, they stream from one unit to the next. Sorry, what else were you going to say? – I was going to say that they need to make sure that they're subscribed and comment so that they can win! – Okay, smart watches coming up. These are going to be a huge deal and as Casey said, if you're subscribed, you're hooked up, you're ready to go. Thank you for watching. – (Laughing) You're going to keep interrupting me now? – No. – Or can I say goodbye? – No, you can say goodbye.

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– See you in the next video. – Okay, bye. – (Laughs) – [Matt] Want to win an awesome item I test for free? It's simple, subscribe. Turn your notifications on on a desktop, it looks like this. Once your notifications are turned on for your desktop or on a mobile platform where it looks like this. If you hear me call your name, you get that item delivered to you for free. For those of you that want to buy any of my hot deals, expand the description box, right under the video window. All the links you need are right there..