/🎩WiFi Jammer : How to make with $5 ESP8266

🎩WiFi Jammer : How to make with $5 ESP8266

Video: 🎩WiFi Jammer : How to make with $5 ESP8266


321 oh my card instantly is disconnected from wifi network (shrikant world) hey what's going on guys this is kedar here so today I'm going to show you how to make a Wi-Fi jammer from ESP 8266 wifi development board so let's get started now this is a really simple and easy process you can do quite easily so before actually going to make this jammer let me show you how it works now you can use the hammer to any network tech you want right now i'm going to use on to the shrikant world world and this is my home network so I can do whatever I want so this is the phone that is connected to shrikant world right now then i'm going to use this another device to control my wifi jammer right here so i can choose which device I want to jam or things like that so this device is connected to the shrikant world as you can see but if i want to disconnect this device i just press this button and just like that as you can see guy's it's just disconnected in moment it just got kicked op and it is trying to reconnect several times but it just can't do that because i'm attacking onto the network so yeah let me just remove the attack so you can see it can connect so there you go guys it is connected death to the shrikant world and so there are some different types of attacks available like this the beacon spam right here so this is that attack through which this jammer will create many types of SSID so as you can see right now there are many shrikant world available right here which is really are and the user will surely get confused with network should i connect to so that's the really interesting and if i initiate a random beacon spam attack this jammer just creates a random of set of Wi-Fi networks like this one which are really hard to understand and usually user gets confused what what network should i connect to and the real Wi-Fi network just get lost inside of this spam network list right here also to control this Wi-Fi jammer we have made a simple android app so you can control this jammer quite easily links are in the description below guys check that out this device is considerably light weight small insiize and as you can see guys it is only consuming 90 miliamperes if you connect this to a power bank it can last for days the greatest thing about this jammer is that you can able to power the jammer using any USB powered device like the suppose you can use this power bank or you can use your smartphone and connect the OTG cable like this short cable right here and this jammer doesn't permanently damage your phone or any Wi-Fi connected device it's a great educational experience to try this jammer out and it only takes eight dollars so yeah what's the reason you're not trying let's do this guy's first thing you'll need this ESP 8266 development board now this board is really handy because it has a programmer built inside here so you can just connect your micro USB cable and hook to your pc now there are several words like this one available but they are little bit hard to set up so i recommend to use this board links to buy this board is in the description below so check that out links to all of the required files are in the description below so check that out for the first step will be to install arduino compiler right here i'm going to install are you know normally if you have this you don't need to do this is just a normal arduino setup ok guys so in between installation you'll get this dialogue which is basically a USB driver installation so click on install and install USB drivers which is which is required for connecting your wifi development tool so now installation aerduino is complete now let's proceed further now open up your arduino applications ok friends so initially your board ESP 8266 wifi dvlopment board is not installed in arduino so you need to install that board the product go ahead and open up the filess that you had just download it in them you found this board URL text and open that file inside you found this URL you need to copy that URL then going to your arduino file tab then go ahead into the preferences and then there you see additional board manager URL's you need to paste your URL that and press ok now we need to go into the tools then going to the board and there you will see board manager now this downloading will take some time so you would be patient and after it's complete then you need to search your board which is ESP8266 and there you'll find the ESP a credible six package you need to click on that and go ahead and select a version 2.

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0 because it's really essential to work remember the version 2.0 install this now installation might take some times so be patient while it's doing its job ok guys so our esp 8266 package is installed successfully now go ahead and close this and open up our downloaded files and in them open up our board url's now i have written file location in which you want to navigate to and make some changes so these are the changes i have written down so go ahead and copy these lines close this folder then into your arduino go into file, then references and on the bottom side you'll see this a file location right here go ahead and click on that ,now you need to close your arduino this is really important and then going to the packages >ESP 8266 > hardware > ESP8266>2.0.0>tools>sdk>include include and this is the folder that you want to locate into the includes folder you need to open up user interfaces .

h go ahead and open this with a Notepad++ you can also modify this file using wordpad and this is the file now you need to go at the end of this file and right before the #endif you need to make enter then paste your code right here that we have just copied now save this file and close it ok so we are really close to make your wifi Jammer . go ahead and open up the files that we have downloaded into the wifi jammer locate this ESP8266 deauth master then going to this esp8266 deauthor.ino this is the program that we need to put into our board so when that up then you need to connect your board to your pc through a microUSB cable now there is a really important setting that you need to do so go ahead and head over to tools into the board look at this Nodemcu0.9 ESP 12 module then again go into the tools into the programmer you need to select this Audino ISP andthats it guys now you need to upload this code so go ahead and click onto the upload now it will compile the sketch and it will take a sometime so please be patient okay guys so our code is successfully uploaded now one thing is important if shows any problem you might need to change your board to Node MCU 1.

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0 generic ESP8266 module in my case andNode MCU 1.0 worked for me so right at the starting of the code you can see there is a SSID and password this is ssid means the name of your Wi-Fi jammer you can put anything you want you can put your name i just just typed Android AP just to look natural ok then so ESP8266 is successfully programmed now let's see how to use this so turn on Wi-Fi into your phone make sure the mobile data is off and then power up your ESP device using a micro USB so after you do that you'll find your ssid of your jammer right there and my password is a killwifii so just put that password and its successfully connected now head over to your browser and type this URL 192 .168.4.1 if you open up this URL you'll see a page hosted by this a tiny little server right here through this a web interface you can control your jammer or you can use the android app given in the description below into the first tab AP there is a scan button through which you can see all of the networks that is around you so right after you perform a scan you can see all of the networks present around you and for the test i'm going to do this attack on 2shrikant world network so here you can see this device is connected to shrikant world we need to select this shrikant world network then right onto the Attack tab you need to go there and do this deauth all and start right after you do that you can see that this device is kicked off up here you can see these guys it's just kicked up and it's not connected to the shrikant world anymore so this is how you do this attack guys okay guys so here is my chromecast TV and let's test over Wi-Fi jammer so i have no password which is this comcast is connected to right now but yeah let's see how that goes so I'm going to do deauth all so 321.

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Oh my God ! instantly it is disconnected from shrikant world so although we don't know the password of shrikant world it's instantly disconnected and until I stop the attacks which how the control this continuously Tv is trying to connect to shrikant worldwifi network so let's just remove that guys and let's see how much time it will take so yeah I remove that deck now let's see taking longer than usual maybe yeah it's not even trying to reconnect now so yeah guys this is really interesting type of olhh… it is trying to connect now so high it actually took about 50 seconds to do that but yeah it's really interesting type of attack that you can do to any Wi-Fi network even if you don't have any password !!! ok I so know my intentions behind doing this project is fairly simple i just wanted to demonstrate a major flow in 808.

11 protocols now almost every router uses this 802 .11 protocols so consider about your Wi-Fi network how vonurable it is now i'm doing this project part just educational purposes if you want to do this project do it at your own risk i recommend to use this device at your own Wi-Fi networks in that way it will not hurt anybody so that's for today's video guys now if you did like this video please hit that like button below share this video with your friends my new videos are coming soo… make sure to subscribe to my channel with the ringing Bell notification and I will catch you in the next one guys goodbye !!!.