/Why you shouldn’t download Super Mario Run

Why you shouldn’t download Super Mario Run

Video: Why you shouldn’t download Super Mario Run


what's up guys welcome to TechOcean social media is flooded with the news of Super Mario Run but everything that glitters is not gold. When apple announced that they're going to release Super Mario Run it was a huge reason for being happy for Game users. But the excitement gave disappointment for several reasons Let's see why? Firstly there is price. After playing the game for a few hours you would feel the game is not worth spending 9.99 dollars After spending that much money you will come to know that it's simply a basic one button platformer. It is highly anticipated that game will not be free for android users also. another reason is that the game requests continuous internet and is eating you data and heating your phone. Data is taking a toll on the pockets of users.

We have gamers who are disappointed Let's look at the reviews in the app store. Some of them call it rubbish Let me tell you guys super mario has launched but for the moment it is iOS exclusive. Though, apple has mentioned this thing earlier but there is not clear message among the android users. Malware writers are always waiting for such opportunity to happen and they have sufficient time to write their codes for the people who are searching for android.apk market is already filled up with the links to download super mario run for android and PC and But all those links are either giving you Malwares or taking to the links for the sites where you will be asked to fill fake surveys Except that there are some videos on YouTube providing link in the descriptions that there's a video on youtube which will allow you to run Super Mario on PC but after downloading when you run this game you will find that this is a Shit game by a shit programmer which looks like it Super Mario.

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So friends my advice is to stay away from these fake links and keep your device safe. Android users… Wait till 2017 to launch this one for android. And if a hype is made that the game has broken all the downloading records that doesn't mean it is really an awesome game so think twice before downloading So that was all in this video guys. That was my opinion let me know what do you think about it in the comments section if you like this video please subscribe my channel i'll see you in the next one thank you.