/Where To Get THE BEST Desktop \u0026 Mobile Wallpapers!

Where To Get THE BEST Desktop \u0026 Mobile Wallpapers!

Video: Where To Get THE BEST Desktop \u0026 Mobile Wallpapers!


the first one we have in the list is the obvious one and that is unsplash unsplash is hands down the best place for wallpapers they not only look great on desktop but they look great on mobile as well All images on a splash are royalty-free which means you can do anything with these images as you wish the images are also in their glorious high resolution On Android you can install Resplash from the Play Store which is in my opinion the best unplash client for Android Resplash has a clean user interface and allows you to download images or set them as your wallpaper in full resolution On #2 we have r/wallpapers. Which is a Reddit subreddit r/wallpapers is the most active wallpapers community that I've come across the best thing about it is that you can find wallpapers of things that are currently trending for example when the Avengers Endgame was hot there were a ton of endgame wallpapers posted here every single day it is a rule here to have the wallpaper's resolution in the title So you can easily find the right wallpaper size for your screen r/wallpapers is best for desktop but people do post wallpapers for phones as well You can browse it through a browser or from a reddit client like Relay for reddit which again is my favorite reddit client on Android The verge has an amazing gallery of wallpapers for both desktops and phones it's not a huge list but the list you do get is not disappointing the wallpapers are in super-high resolution which means there are plenty sharp and look great on phones and desktops don't know what else to say about these I don't know.

.. they're great idk.. lets move on. #4 In the list we have a free app called Abstruct This app was created by "Hampus Olsson" I hope I'm noting that right Hampus is the one that designed all wallpapers for OnePlus phoones until OnePlus 7. He did make wallpapers for OnePlus 7 But most of them are animated, which he didn't make BUTT the ones he made are super super dope abstract has a fluid user interface and I'm a sucker for minimal UI so I fell in love with it when I first installed it All wallpapers are in 4k resolutions you can expect great amount of sharpness in all wallpapers abstract also has a pro version which costs around $2 and unlocks all premium wallpapers packs. Next we have another desktop exclusive and that is wallhaven.cc Wallhaven's tagline is "the best wallpapers on the net" And i will have to agree. Wallhaven is unlike any other wallpaper website out there it has a huge library of Wallpapers including gaming, art, anime, people, landscape sketchy wallpapers that I can't show and many more..

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you also have the ability to find wallpapers through a keyword search or by tinkering around with filters you can select a specific resolution size, aspect ratio and color the results are an option to randomly generate a list of wallpapers if you're just looking for a new wallpaper of no specific style Did you know that NASA has a library of over 4,000 space images just for you to download for free? well… now you do! I'm so glad I found this when researching for this video because I love space and I mean… who doesn't like space? you'd have to be born under water and be a fish do not like space!! The photos on this site is not very high-resolution they go as far as 1080p which is a bummer but the photos don't look bad at all you can browse through a bunch of categories like Earth, Mars, Universe, Dwarf Planets and Uranus [it better be clean] Overall NASA did us all a favor for providing all of these for free thanks NASA On #7 we have another subreddit called Ultra HD Wallpapers just like the name implies any wallpaper you find on this subreddit are over 4k resolution so you can expect extremely sharp wallpapers I wish they were flares to find specific types of wallpapers in this sub but other than that you can find pretty much all types of wallpapers if you look for it.

The next few on the list are going to be individual artis… Ardists oh my god I can't say this word… "R" – Tists That make amazing wallpapers first on $8 is WallsByJFL. JFL is a digital artist and Photographer his wallpaper library is fantastic i reached out to him and let him know about this video and i'm super happy to let you guys know that he has made 6 exclusive wallpapers for this channel so make sure you check them out from the link in the description because i'm sure you'll love them as much as i did. other than that JFL also uploads new wallpapers almost every day on his Twitter linked below as well My favorite set of wallpapers that he made are the abstract liquid ones his wallpapers are very creative and all of them are in very high resolution so you're not missing out anything there he has this desktop and mobile exclusive wallpapers you can also find him on unsplash where he uploads photography and they are no exception either Next we have Alena Aenami. I hope I'm pronouncing that right she makes this really moody and realistic digital artworks that makes them just perfect for wallpaper material all of them look great on both mobile and desktop though you won't be able to fit the entire image on mobile they still look great nonetheless if you do download these wallpapers make sure to bookmark her page so you don't forget to credit her when someone asks you where you got the wallpapers from same goes for JFL, the one we mentioned [on #8] as well we have reached the end of the list and On #10 I'm going to plug my own app because I don't have any shame and this is my video so.

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. yo..you're not my boss so I've been working on this app for quite a while and it is still in beta the app is called Reev Icon Pack Reev is not just a minimalist icon pack that you can use for your launcher It also has the wallpapers that I update every Wednesday those that follow me on Twitter will know that I do #WallpapersWednesday Where i post 3 or 4 custom-made wallpapers every Wednesday those wallpapers will now also be available in the app every week The app is free to install and has no in-app purchases but you can donate a few bucks if you would like to support my work Do you know of any other wallpaper website or app that I didn't mention this video? be sure to let us know in the comments below and also let us know which one on the wallpaper app or website was your Favorite I hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to leave a like and subscribe for more videos like this in the future Thank you so much for watching I'll see you in the next video. #PeaceOut 🎵 NEFFEX – Cold (Elijah Hill Remix) 🎵.