/What Shopify Plan, Theme & Apps To Use In 2019 (WINNING SETUP) | Shopify Dropshipping

What Shopify Plan, Theme & Apps To Use In 2019 (WINNING SETUP) | Shopify Dropshipping

Video: What Shopify Plan, Theme & Apps To Use In 2019 (WINNING SETUP) | Shopify Dropshipping


Hi everyone and welcome to another daily video from shop for dropshipping lifestyle. My name is ricky hazen in today's video. We're going into apps paid Played theme versus apps which is better and why so let's get right into it So this is a topic that as I'm bringing up because it is something that I've been thinking about for a while and It is something that I personally am passionate about It is something that a lot of people ask about and it is something that I think needs to be discussed in greater detail so with that being said What I what this relates to is you can get sorry You can get apps or you can get a paid theme.

All right now, let me explain broadly. Let's start And you probably can see on the screen just a few notes. I just put and I have all the apps. I used in previous videos. Okay, so apps the pros is it's analytical data driven It's we have more control. You have more automation The con is that it costs so you usually have to pay a monthly fee Maybe even have to pay a part of you the revenue it helps generate it can have integration problems Okay, so, you know they if you're using OSI you we Leo doesn't integrate with OSI you which sucks In terms of the auto-injector you have problems like that. So there's a lot more testing involved So which comes to the more work more testing means more work? Okay, and you have to be you have to be someone that's good at testing For this to really work well you have to be very dedicated to checking your website all the time to make sure there's any errors of fix I find errors that I've missed all the time and this partly comes from how you Navigate that and fix these is tell your customer service team any feedback they get from emails I ask for feedback from customers.

I do get feedback about Functionality issues I get feedback about you know Something in a badge or something that I had that doesn't relate to the policy and then have to fix that I can have this and that that's why feedback is important. There helps me fix integration issues helps me enhance My apps helps me make more money But that's the that and when we'll just quickly explain as well paying themes. So if you're using booster things shop demise hundreds of paid themes on the Shopify actual app store Sorry themed store, um is that it's an all-in-one. I can't a lot of people like that Again, we are in the day and age of all-in-one package is very good It's easy to get started so you just upload the theme special if you buy it from the shop but theme store you just just Buy it it downloads and you just plug it in and you make some basic changes and you're good to go It's got faster page speed because you don't have apps less apps you have in the more page speed you have In yeah inevitably and it saves you money because you're not getting all these apps. The con is you do have less control Okay, and these paid themes there you have the developers who can help you make these changes, but it's limited in a lot of regards You have less control as well because you're not using apps there's less automation less ability to split test and change things and If there's a theme issue you have to go to the developer and it can take a long time to get back Because they've already paid them.

They're not going to be back quick in a lot of regards And maybe a pain in the ass. Yeah, so That leads to now you sort of know the pros and cons what I prefer. All right Now what I prefer is this I'm just gonna type it out apps Over being okay, so as many of you know Brooklyn is a theme that I use and I love and you know I've never been a big fan of shocked Meijer the booster and I have starting to appreciate them more There was just a bit of my arrogance coming into it I would say there is a place for them and they do work. So I've got to accept that and get over my own prejudice that being said I'd still prefer apps. Okay. So even if you are using a paid theme Use apps okay. It's apps that make you the real money. The theme is what gives your store the nice look and feel right and Brooklyn does that which is fine and that's why I like you know you start at The base and you build on it, right? It's like anything you build a business you're building on it.

You know you're building staff You're building product or this shit anyway, and the apps is like having staff without having staff Okay, you know so like yes, these apps can cost quite a bit But again, people forget how much money they've made them is important. Remember how much money that apps made them? example SMS bumper one of my newest stores has for seven dollars generated 38 orders 38 orders for seven dollars remarketing with a text message 18 I think there's nine 87,000 return on investment from an app Okay, people are not using apps right as simple app recap makes me so much. It's incomprehensible Personalized makes me so much is incompressible Chlo Bo makes me so much. We don't know it makes me so much after shit makes me so much because they've come back Photo all these apps make me so much money I would be finding it hard viable harder to be profitable if it wasn't for these apps it's the apps that make me this money and That's the thing that a lot of people don't I don't see anyone really talked about I'm very different to a lot of other fucking whatever you want to call them guru expert all that crap I mean, it's just marketing, right? But anyway, is that most people focus just on Facebook Ads, you know I've seen videos on people saying I should use shoelace be remarketing yak A shoelace has its place and I'm sure it's good But a dpi ad works just as well and if you're using proper apps and you you're automating them Then it's going to work just as well if not better and you have more control Alright, and that that's the thing is that if you are using a paid theme use apps if you're using a free theme use apps use apps Trust me if you're going and you're looking at your competitors You'll probably see that you're probably not gonna see all their apps because unfortunately some reason it just doesn't pick them all up It's just the way it is anyway but you'll see a lot of stores that are using like two apps right two apps and You know, they may look like they're getting sales But I can tell you now that the Amero styles that they're getting as opposed to the amount of styles They should be getting will be dramatically less because they're not using these apps because either they don't Take the time to I understand them They either don't want to spend the money on them whatever but it's these apps that may the money, okay? Facebook is a method of driving traffic that's going to buy your products and it's the apps and the theme and how they work together and how you've tested it and the Backend that makes you the real money and this is the thing is that Facebook's the front-end Your Shopify store is the backend and don't forget this it's the backend that makes the money the hard work you put in but our knowledge you accumulate the the Automation you set in place.


Okay other reason that I'm able to do my youtube videos respond to people and that it's partly because I Have a team. I am very communicative Communicative with my team or in slacking on Trello. I make shit tons of tasks. I send them updates every day I don't care how much they it's been they have to know every day what their responsibilities are I use and they know that and they actually like that because they know that they don't have to contact me and potentially wait 24 hours or however long for me to contact the Back that they're going to get that feedback they need and they know what their expectations are Automation okay automation is key That's why I use all of these tools and paste stupid amount of money for all these apps because I have control Okay, I can I'm gonna jump on my stores after these videos and I'm gonna be doing some optimization Just looking at some stuff changes some things. I'd do it by a discretion.

I have complete control It's super easy the apps I recommend I'm a big fan of apps that have a lot of automation That make you a lot of money and that's super easy to use Okay, I've always fucking hated apps that have a steep learning curve people don't like that. That's why they don't get that Perhaps don't make money and that's what they're realizing. Is that part of a Developer needs to realize as well. Then it's not just from his perspective how an app no It's it's from some novice perspective and that's important. It's important to remember All right, so I know this might sound boring again and you know I don't talk about Facebook ads a shit time to talk about them But I do honestly it is apps that make me the money.

It's just apps Right apps leads to control more control You have the more you have the more consistency you get the more sales you get, okay? It all comes down to really just consistency in automation. That's it People don't need to know that this song behind their you can make them believe that people are going to say. Oh you're fucking scared Fuck you Barry. Um, it's You can do it in smart ways. All right, and that's what automation is the key. I Again, I'm gonna bring this up I come from a background where I was basically an automation specialist and frankly. I have come Obsessive/compulsive with it. I love automation I love it to death and I've been lucky that I've been able to find an Industry and the means for me to utilize that at my own discretion make a shit-ton amount of money And I hope people doing it at the same time another fuck There's not many opportunities for that in the world and I feel very very entitled very privileged In fact to be able to do that and that's why you know people people get like, oh, yeah I'll buy this painting theme and all I make shit tell me am I no, because the theme is good but then you're gonna have to run remarking on facebook' but where does if you use recant then that would dramatically reduce your Remarketing bill.

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Okay, if it cost you $100 a month, and it's made you $10,000 in revenue who's gonna complain about that. I'm pretty sure most of you won't complain about that and that's from a simple app Okay, and you know SMS bump same thing all of this applies you Really all need to get into your head what the future is and the future is lies in automation you watch TV You see that the next generation is further automation. BOTS III all of this that's coming into it Okay, this isn't sty. Net. By the way. I Think I'm pretty funny by making that joke. Anyway, um, my point is is that as The world goes on we are in a 24/7 orientated business career businesses are getting faster They're going to get more automated. They're looking at drones, you know, they're drones delivered straight to your front house completely automated I mean that's many years off before it's perfected, but it's inevitably going to happen. I've seen in America Amazon I'm you know Like just to help their customers so they get more return customers in America And they're smart locks and you can actually give them the some code through the smart lock I'm gonna put the package inside the door.

Basically that has helped increase their sales by five percent by something as simple as that, okay? Simplicity. Okay, you do everything for the customer and you do that in an automated way that takes away from them You're gonna make more money You make more money and that's the end of the doll. I love automation If we expect my business I plan to automate there's a lot of holes in my business and and that's good because I like holes Because it means that I can fill that hole and make more money. All right, and that's important Don't think of these falls in your business and what I've said as a bad thing thinking there's an opportunity to make more money All right I want you all to Understand that you are all in a fantastic position to change your lives and make more money if you are already You could be much better than me. I'm sure there's a million people better than me I'm not saying I'm good, but You got to spend the time looking your apps. I'm every day believe it or not. Looking on the app store I love looking at apps.

I love installing them and tweaking it's it's my thing. It's my thing That's why I love it and that may not be for everyone. But that is that's what's built this strong passion this strong Correlation in connection to apps and that's why I can tell you all that in another two three years The people that aren't using apps are gonna fall off the face of the earth. Why? Because marketing is going to become dramatically more expensive. People are making ecommerce businesses. Like there's no tomorrow And what is the next step? The next step is brand and the next step is automation in that brand. Ok? you want to run your business like it's a brand and you want to run it like it's a 24/7 brand and Automation is the key because your customer service people, you know, you want to cut back on expenses well Then you use automation you want to do this and that and have more control you use automation and that comes from apps And that is inevitably what's going to happen as time goes on on one of our stores my main store.

I have 28 apps 28 I've had people tell me that's an excessive amount of apps an absolutely ridiculous amount on an average my Shopify stores Luckily have 5 apps All right I have 5 times that I'm in about why I have them over most minut little things why Again, because I like that control I'm willing to pay for one specific thing So I have more control than if I had broad control because where is marketing you want to sort of start? Broadly, and then, you know taper down and use automation and control it with automated rules and stuff in your store You want complete control? Because the more control you have the better results you get at the end of the day That's exactly what's going to happen So I hope this has helped you in some regard I have video on my apps starter apps on it I'm suggest going to watch them very handy. I might actually do it in the cutscene thing here.

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I'll find it Yeah, I'll do that. You're welcome. And To help you all understand the apps that you need to get started Clapping is not easy building a brand is not easy It's not easy, but you got to remember that when you are starting this journey You want to build it into a brain? Not just a store a brand because the the thing that's going to be the make and break for you is returning Customers you have no idea, you know if you get 20% of people coming back and buying a product Again, that's 20% you did nothing for. Okay, that's important And that will be that's the part of the reason that's make-or-break for a lot of people that's part of the reason that people read Would buy their fucking Lamborghini. Um So yeah, I'm gonna stop with that now because I've gotta get you passionate about it If you didn't like today's video Please drop a like don't forget to hit the subscribe button and the notification bell for updates as soon as I release a video Okay, if you have any questions If you want to know anything further drop a comment below I am very responsive there may not be immediately But I am responsive I enjoy helping There's a free cheat sheet down below as well.

Okay, completely free helps you get started. It has sort of the apps It has the methods that I use it'll start making yourselves today Well and tomorrow and I suggest you join my free group on Facebook shop five drops shipping lifestyle Okay growing rapidly if he's very specific who can get in because if you don't answer the questions, you're not in okay it's part of my method of controlling the group of making sure the people in there are safe and Gonna help each other. That's the community that I want to build and it's the way it's going to stay and from scammers. Goodbye and then if you want Extra support your premium support platinum support. I have my shop fire drop shipping gold clasp which I have multiple experts including myself. We do date not daily weekly lives We respond to all your questions.

We have tips tricks hacks on adding new info there all the time PDF files It's fantastic everyone in that group absolutely loves that they have Seen such a dramatic increase in sales from being in their group It's astounding so I highly recommend you join that group. If you haven't already the price is going up mind you I am as well Doing still my coaching calls. So if you are interested in being a One-on-one coaching. You know, I'm not one of these it's like I you know I only gonna do it for a specific girl and then fuck off. Goodbye and the calls over No, I'm not like that I want to make sure that you've had a good time and That we we've become friends and that we have helped you achieve your goals everyone I've had the coaching call with has been over the moon because I go in-depth. Okay. I love in-depth it's the details that make the difference and further to that as As a bit of a sneak peak, I do have another product on the way that's going to be my mentoring program Okay, I have I'm still in the process of building that out. But I am going to be making a mentoring program Alright because a lot of people have been asking me about that and I've decided that I've been reading books and I want to make more products around what the services that I can provide you all and one of those Will be mentoring It's going to be very limited who can get in because obviously I have a lot of other things to do, so I'll only be taking on a few people So once that is live I just want to tell you all that if you do not get in that I will close that off because I am NOT taking On many people because I have a lot of other things to do I mean, I apparently want to do this one for education experiences for the individual as well as Developing my own skills.

Okay. So look aside from that. I hope today's video has been helpful. Thank you very much Peter I'm take care and good.