/What is Fiverr.com and Why I Use it

What is Fiverr.com and Why I Use it

Video: What is Fiverr.com and Why I Use it


Fiverr.com is a massive online platform designed to connect people with skills like musicians, writers, designers, programmers, etc with people that need help with projects like films, ads, websites, audiobooks, blogs, podcasts, etc. The idea behind the website is pretty simple, actually. There are three types of entities here: the buyer that needs help with his/her project, the seller which is a professional like you and me that wants to be hired for a fair price to assist people’s projects and finally Fiverr that is in charge of setting up the website that allows the buyer and the seller to find each other.

Fiverr also manages payments, deals with disputes, and ensures their website functions properly. For this reason, Fiverr takes 20% out of each sale that happens within their platform. This means that every time a buyer hires you as a seller for let’s say $5, you’ll only receive $4 because Fiverr will take $1. Taking into consideration that you wouldn’t have found that buyer on your own, that seems like a fair deal to all parties involved. See you in the next video..

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