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What is block phone?

Video: What is block phone?


hey guys and I'm with a new video which is one of Knox one and in this video I'm gonna say that was blocked for how much it cost and what does the was used of it and however I use it and Google is producing it and even Samsung and other companies are trying to produce it so let's go into the video and get in the video and see what is the uses of it and what are the benefits of it and what kind of phone is it and what is useful so let's go in the video come on die here a new video and this week I'm gonna say what's block porn and watches use so first let's go and Olivia and just tape it up so black folk rock pool is used and maariyah various wails if you want to hear music you can just change music drunk if you want to take a photo we'll just change it into camera block and stuff like that or if you under KitKat OS to be fixed in your phone I'll change it into a lollipop or no guitar stuff like that this Photoshop as k1 day of Google I want the Google block stuffs like that I'm just other stuff into it so get Yahoo is ready and you could use it whenever you want so this is a very useful phone and Google even had a medic trailer about it so it is awesome phone you can just buy it you can eat so many parts take example camera parts unlock parts memory Wi-Fi etc etc and it's not too costly but he was having fun trying to do this so we have a trailer about this come for me yeah I knew it it was awesome like also the Google is giving so many giveaways if you buy the food it cost like nearly 70,000 underneath nearly cost like iphone iphone7 great so if you're willing to buy an iphone if you just buy this it's way better than this one is very useful google is reaching and Samsung did it I think they are gonna at least know and also like that I have many phones you could buy the parts but it is not like very abandon available in India or any other country now for now they just release it more on somebody think so maybe so that's all and I'm going to take a leave now so we have a new medium in come on so but I just see you on TV I don't forget subscribe my channel I'll kill the subscribers and likes to marry that's why I was feeling so bye guys see you next video come on let's go bye.

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