/Wakfu [S01E10] – Žroutbalové peklo 1. část

Wakfu [S01E10] – Žroutbalové peklo 1. část

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Sois le feu et la terre Be of fire and the earth, L'eau et la poussière the water and dust. Héros malgré toi The unwilling hero. Vois la légende s'écrire Watch as the legend unfolds itself, as the story writes itself. L'histoire se construire L'avenir est notre aventure This future is going to be your adventure. Fais vivre la lumière Make the light itself live, make the lightning speak Parler les éclairs with the magic in your hands. La magie entre tes mains Go! Follow your destiny… Pars suivre ton chemin Et regarde ton futur and look towards your future, your adventure, L'aventure Ta lumière guider ton destin and let your light guide your destiny! Episode 10: Gobb-ball Hell – Part 1 Wow! Ah, Bonta. It's funny to think about it, but it's been at least 10 years since I've stuck my shovel inside this nation! I wonder what the latest trend is? Politics? That's not what I mean.

.. I'm talking about fashion! I didn't know that a city could be so… big! And before you met me, you didn't think that a hero could be so big! Control your inner clock! Join the Disciples of Xelor! Hey, Ruel! Buy us a shish kebab! Yeah, come on! Roasted Gobball! Just 5 kamas! You miser! … So my advice is to take advantage of the Gobb-ball matches and eliminate their Perceptors! That's the best way to go about it. Wow! I would never have that guessed you could fit so many people in one place! The port is right over there. Let's go pick out a nice boat. Alright, boys, you go and rent a boat for Oma Island while Eva and I go do some shopping! As you wish, princess. Trips! Tours! Boat Rentals! Hello, good fellow. We're in need of a boat that can sail to Oma Island. One for five people. One adult and four kids.

Good luck! Wow. They sure closed early. Yay! They've even got cute little shirts made by Paul Jean Gaucher! You want to go to Oma Island? Very funny! Haha! But I don't have time to joke around! I have work to do! What do you think? It's rather short… So what? Even if you know where it is, which I clearly doubt, you would have to avoid pirates, sirens, storms, sea monsters… By the way, Amalia… I don't want to spoil your fun, but how are you going to pay for all of these? Pay for this?! I'll just ask the Chamberlain! You mean the Chamberlain of the kingdom that is located thousands of miles from here? No problem! I'll go back there, explain to them that you‘re running away, and be back in two months with the Royal Guard… And so… That's how, after a trip full of suffering and tears, we finally arrived at Bonta. With the foolish hope of saving the father of this poor, poor child. So? Will you take us to Oma? Not in your wildest dreams, kid! But I can sell you a boat if you want! Agh! Madam, I'm a Sadida princess! If I wanted to, I could buy your whole shop! I could even buy this entire street! Oh, well.

.. If you do that someday, you know where to find me. Swindler! Thief! 80,000 kamas for that old boat! If this kid wasn't here, I'd show you how I use my shovel! Being a kama-less princess sucks. How are we gonna get to Oma now? Don't worry, Yugo. I have an idea! You know, Bonta is the place to go for Gobb-ball. It has championships every week, and where there are championships… There are gamblers! And where there are gamblers, there are suckers, and lots of kamas to go in good ol' Stroud's pocket. Well, I mean… lots of kamas to buy a boat. You know stuff about Gobb-ball? Let's just say I was interested… when I was younger. Yeah, that was a long time ago, wasn't it? There has to be a better idea than to waste our last 3 kamas in that barbaric sport. Oh, I see. Tomorrow is a Gobb-ball final. It's the Red Gobballs versus the Real Boitards. Gamblers say that the Red Gobballs are sure to win with odds of 1000/1. What?! The Real what?! Let me see…

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No! It's Impossible! The Real! The Gobb-ball Academy? This has got to be one of the most beautiful places in this city! It feels kinda weird. It's been an eternity since I came here. Do you remember, Eva? Yes, sadly… Check this out Eva! They even have a portrait of Grook! He was the worst receiver ever known in Gobb-ball. I had laughed so hard! Amalia! Come here! It's the Dragogibus team's jerseys! No way! Seriously?! It looks like there's still some sweat on this one! That's so cool! Yeah! Sweat stains on a shirt. What a barbaric sport… Gobb-ball is not a barbaric sport, my friend. It's more than that, it's an art… An art that concerns every generation, race, and gender. And traitors and quitters! By my Holy Shovel! Tolot, Calben, and Posho! Good ol' Ruel! What a coincidence meeting you here! There's no coincidences with us, just luck! I didn't know Ruel had close friends way out here. Calben! Posho! Let me remind you that we're here to honor a friend's memory, not to greet traitors! I-It's Aleb? What happened to him? You know how it works.

Old wounds never heal when the games are so dangerous. Aleb took a nasty blow, and never woke up. "Once a gobb-baller, always a gobb-baller." "Once a gobb-baller, always a gobb-baller." "Once a gobb-baller, always a gobb-baller." Dying bravely in battle, that is the dream of all proud warriors. Where'd you find this guy? If I told you, you wouldn't believe me. His name is Sadlygrove. The big grasshopper over there's Evangelyne. The little girl on a high horse is Amalia. And this is my little buddy, Yugo. You were part of a Gobb-ball team, Ruel? You bet he was! He was our captain! We were famous back when he was around! Though a long time has passed since then. Yes. At that time we were stupid enough to pledge our allegiance to friendship. Don't mind him, Ruel. Tolot never really got over your departure. So why don't we hold a celebration? We have so much to talk about! … And so I want to be on Real's victory to pay for the trip.

That's the whole story. It's not looking so good, though. Without Aleb, we can't even dream of winning. We're gonna forfeit. Are the Bouftons really that good? Those guys go crazy when they play. Some call them the, "Infernal Trio", full of violent, complaining cheaters! They're in their semi-final right now, and the gamblers can't find anyone to bet against them. To top it off, we still need more players and substitutes. Then it's a good thing I didn't come alone. My doll! Are you kidding me?! Is that my doll over there?! Calm down, Amalia. It's not such a big deal. Oh, really?! I wonder how you'd react if those two idiots started playing with your bow?! My bow! That's a funny team you got there, but you know… You'll have to convince Tolot, and that's not gonna be easy.

I have a plan to convince Tolot. Bring him to the training field this evening and you'll see. Hey kids, would you like to win a boat for Oma, and, incidentally, rise as stars in the legends of Gobb-ball? Now then, the first step is to know your opponent. Shouldn't we enter the stadium? Shh! Our favorite grandpa is trying to make us believe he can follow a game without watching it. That's a blocker. He moves out past the middle of the field and enters the opponent's area, but he's intercepted. The interception was by the other team's Receiver who dodges a mean tackle. He jumps! The Blockers from his team are there to lend him a hand. They're playing tough. The Captain's way is clear! and he knows how to use the gobb-boots..

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. I sense a goal! As you can see, my dear Evangelyne, my ears still work perfectly fine. And these ears tell me that the Red Gobballs are gonna get slaughtered. They may be crazy, but they're outclassed by the Real Boitards. Put this on. What about us?! What do we do? You girls do your thing. Hey, Mr. Ugly! Do I look like a cheerleader? Not really. Usually cheerleaders are pretty. Why can't I play?! At the castle, I won several games against my servants! Come on, Amalia. You know how servants act towards their princesses. What are you talking about? Are you telling me they just lost on purpose? Oh yeah?! I'll show you! Ruel! Throw the ball! I got it! I got it! I'm a little rusty, that's all. Alright, I'll say it once again for the lop. The purpose of this game is to successfully place the gobb-ball behind that line over there to score a goal.

Easy as pie. All you have is precision! No weapons or magic. The only magic you can use is the stuff in the gear, understand? Very good! Let the tryouts begin! First, let's see what you've got without the speed-boosting gobb-boots. How fast do we have to run? Faster than them. What a barbaric sport. Now, let's try to penetrate the enemy line. First to get to the end zone wins! Really, what a barbaric sport. The boots have two types of charges. One for blinding speed, and another to increase flight. The gloves have a charge to increase force, and the shield has a charge of protection. Calben! What is this trap?! Don't yell at them Tolot, I'm the one who asked. I wanted to present you the players and substitutes of your gobb-ball team. Since when are you interested in the Real Boitards?! All I see is a traitor, an Iop, and a circus juggler. Not a team! Come on, Tolot, stop this and just say it! Say what? That you are dying to play that final, and that you need my help! Me? Need your help?! You left us to become a bounty hunter! Just like that, after ten years of playing together! You were our star, Ruel! When you left, everybody knew it was over! We couldn't find anyone to replace you.

Getting back on track was hard as hell. And I was alone! You let me handle this by myself! And I missed you… so much! Come on! Stop worrying about that, my old friend. I'm here now, and we're going to play one legendary game. What the hell, are you crazy Yugo?! You want me to die or something? I was just trying to cheer you up. It's like you've got a shovel stuck right up your- Hey! You should show me a little more respect, young man. Say, Ruel, you'll let me play for real tomorrow, right? We have an agreement, Yugo. You're a substitute, and you'll only play if the situation demands it. On the field, you'll be nothing more than a child amongst a stampede of beasts. Don't eat that, my boy! Never eat before a game! Not that either.

Can someone tell me why we're at an inn if we can't eat anything? It lets us see what we'll get to eat after the game, if we're still alive… Charming… That's what I call Gobb-ball philosophy! Okay! Come on friends, it's time to sleep. We have a game tomorrow, and it'd be a shame to be late. It has now been twenty minutes since the final team was supposed to arrive! Ooh la la! I've never experienced the wait before, but I understand why the public is annoyed! Because, unlike me, they had to pay for their seats! Now then… If the Real Boitards team isn't here on the field in one more minute, they will be disqualified! Good thing we had you to wake us up, Ruel! We can always count on you! It's a technique to destabilize the opponent! You'll understand when you're smarter. I can't believe what I'm hearing! He used to do this all the time, and the only ones who got destabilized were us! Okay, is everything clear? Sadlygrove is a Blocker, Yugo is a substitute Sprinter..

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. and don't forget that you've only got one charge in the equipment, so use them wisely. There are only ten seconds left before the Real Boitards are… disqualified! Now then, girls… Yes, we know! Act feminine! I'm afraid I'll have to announce that the Real Boitards' are now… disqualifi- Phew, that was close one, folks! Now we can have the great Eighth Division's finale! Now let's start the introductions with the brutal Tolot, nicknamed by his opponents the, "The Gobb-baller Grinder!" This man has accumulated forty-two victories and fifty-nine defeats! Over here is Calben! He's a highly skilled blocker with fifty-two victories and forty defeats! And here's Posho! Also known as, "Stinky." He's the second blocker of the team. His stats come to fifty-five victories and sixty-three defeats! This here is the new guy, Sadlygrove! He's completely unknown! Let's hope he's ready to show us how much talent he has! Is everyone ready for one final surprise? Ruel Stroud! Yes, that's right! He's back! Absent for ten years, he's returned as the team's Captain once more! This is a great bunch of people for the Eighth Division's finale! You got a problem, man?! You wanna fight?! You there! You wanna fight too?! That Ruel! He hasn't lost his touch.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's the moment you've all been waiting for! Even though it's only the Eighth Division's tournament, it's sure to be a good show! In red, we present a well known team! Undefeated this season, they’re an inch away from reaching the Seventh Division! Let's hear it for the Red Gobballs! Here's Kriss La Krasse, the team's Captain and Receiver, all the way from the Sidimote Moor! Forty-three victories and twelve defeats, he's a born cheater! And Mounu, the fierce ballsed up blocker! He's won twenty-three times and lost fifty-four times! Jay, the launcher! Also called, "The Catapult." He has thirty-five victories and twelve defeats! And finally, Jeram! Known as the, "Royal Canine." In each game, he's sure to break the bones of his adversaries! He's the second Blocker of the team, with twelve victories and forty-two defeats! Now it's time for the fearless acrobat, Beneji! He's the veteran of the team, and their sprinter! Seventy-eight victories and sixty-three defeats, some nice stats! Gentlemen, are you ready? You're that old Ruel Stroud! I knew you looked familiar! Ah, my legend precedes me.

I'm the kind of guy who makes people like you want to play this sport. Rubbish. My father was a gobb-baller, so I followed his path! Seeing as how I was so popular with the ladies back then, are you sure I'm not your father? To be continued… Original subs: ??? (Maybe [EF]?) Edited subs: Wallachia * Last edited by Animaniac * (Cartoon Czentral).