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(upbeat music) – Hey friends, welcome to Game the Game. Today, I am very excited to show you Wakanda Forever. Let me introduce you to my beautiful talented guests. Today we have Denise Pentoja. – Hello. Thank you for having me. – Aliza Pearl. – Wakanda forever! (Becca laughs) – Yes! Already won, you've already won the game in my heart. – True that, thanks for coming. – And B. Dave Walters! – We will not have it, we will not have it! Or something. – As I have said before and I will say again, you guys make that accent real sexy, as does everyone else, it's just a sexy accent. – It is a good accent. – I am so excited to play Wakanda Forever with you all. Now, everybody watching at home, we have a how to play video on this, there's a link in the description below.

If you don't wanna watch that, we're just gonna jump right in. But watch it though. – Yeah. – Now that you've come back from watching it, okay, first thing's first, we're gonna have to determine who's Black Panther. We will do that by rolling the vibranium dice. Whoever has the lowest amount of vibranium earned is going to get to be the first Black Panther. – Mm-hmm. – All right. Now just to remind everyone, obviously you watched the how to play video, but we are trying to defeat as many villains as possible. Each time we do damage to a villain, we get a Wakanda token. The first player, because we're playing a four-player game, to get to 45 Wakanda tokens, and become Black Panther or already be Black Panther, wins the game and shouts "Wakanda forever." – Wakanda forever. – Yes. – All right, B. Dave, give me a roll. – All right, let's see.

(dice clacking) Four. – Take four vibranium please. Denise. (dice rolling) – Four. – Uh-oh, uh-oh. I might need a tiebreaker here soon. – Nope. – Aliza. – I believe in you, Aliza. – All right. – Roll high. – Four! – Okay, okay. It's all on me. – It's your game to lose, Becca. – See, I gotta roll low. – Mm-hmm. – Right. – You're the Black Panther. – I got a three! – All right. – All right, you are the Black Panther. – The Black Panther. – Wakanda forever! – Mm-hmm. – Nailed it. (laughing) – 100%, we're done here. – All right, so I take the Black Panther totem and the red Dora Milaje die. And I will get to roll additional damage die when fighting the villains. – Nice. – Okay. Now it's time to earn tech die. The way we're going to do that is, on the inside of you player shield, your tribe shield, you will see, if we bid one vibranium under our secret little cup here, then we're going to get one extra tech die. If we bid two, we get two extra die, if we bid four vibranium, we get three extra die, if we bid six, we get four extra die. So we're all going to secretly bid some amount of vibranium in order to get more tech dice. – And the more damage we inflict is the more points we earn which gets us that much closer to winning the game, correct? – Yeah, nailed it! – It's true.

(women laughing) – Okay, so, I'm going to reveal what's under my cup. You three do not have to reveal yet, so, I'm gonna get the purple battle die. My Dora Milaje die because I'm Black Panther, and I'm gonna spend one vibranium to get one tech die. Now I will roll, fight the Red Skull! – Whoa! – What? Can we get an extreme close-up on these dice 'cause it's insane! – It's very impressive though. – Holy moley! – A better Black Panther, impressive. – That is seven damage, so that's gonna be– – What, seven damage? – Seven Wakanda points. – Take the five here. – Oh, you can, a five– – I got a five and a two. – You good, you good you good? – And a two single. – Can we stop helping? – And then I will knock Red Skull down for 18, which is their starting value right here, and put them from 18, what do I got, seven? – Yes. – Ability seven. – To be 11. – Now we passed over, going down all that damage, we passed over this extra Wakanda point– – Ooh! – Wakanda token. – So I get to take that, too.

And you know what we forgot to do, friends? Is the Red Skull is attacking. – Oh. – Oh, yes. – And the Red Skull is attacking – Oh, no. – Oh, no. – The mining tribe. – Oh. – Now– – We will get him. – Now, don't worry. It's gonna– – We will get the thing. – Yeah, he's going down. In the mining phase, which will happen at the beginning of the next round, it doesn't happen in the first round, we're each gonna roll the vibranium dice and whoever's being attacked only gets to roll one dice, not two. – Oh, that is tragic. – Yeah, but the mining tribe has a power that makes it all work out. – I do have a power. – Do you wanna tell us? – Yes, I gain an additional vibranium each time I roll a single vibranium on the light blue vibranium dice. – Oh. – So it's not that bad. – So when we go mining – Yeah. – I get double on a spell. – So it doesn't work out too badly for you, right? – Minimum of two.

– Yeah, it might work out okay. – It could. – Okay. – Yeah. – Um… – Next time blow. – I'm the river tribe. I instantly win all ties of any kind, including if I'm trying to usurp Black Panther from somebody else. Not too important now, because I am Black Panther. And I also get a silver tech upgrade die for free in the ceremonial one v one battle if I'm the challenger. So river tribe loves to just to fight to be Black Panther. – Mm-hmm. – Not really be Black Panther. – All you do is win. (woman laughs) – Yeah. – All you do is win, win, win. – No matter what. (Becca laughs) – Yeah, got it. – What about the border tribe? – A very strong blow, my king. My power doesn't matter until I'm Black Panther. I get to take two turns when I am Black Panther, so we'll revisit that when I have taken the throne. (women gasp) – A challenger to the throne. – When, he says.

– For now, I need to reveal how many I've bid, correct? – Yeah, but let's actually hear Denise's merchant tribe power real quick since we're on a roll with the tribe powers. – I get double the vibranium and when it is rolled on any silver tech upgrade die. – Hmm. – Got it. – Nice. – That'll come in handy… – It's very good. – Pretty soon. So I'm gonna take my Dora Milaje. B. Dave. – Yes? – Reveal your vibranium. (gasping) – Ooh. – I have revealed two additional dice. – But, you've got to pay that. – No. – You've got to pay that. – Sorry, is that what I have to do? (women laugh) – Pay it! – Trying to cheat? (dice rolling) – Never. All right, I will attack him. For two. – Ooh! – And you know what? He was never above 20, so he didn't even need that there.

I'm gonna go down one, two… And it looks like you get two Wakanda points, and one vibranium. – Vibranium. – Boom. – That is for me. – Beautiful. – Well done. For the tribe. – Thank you, mighty tribe. – Merchant tribe, what do you got under your cup? – Ooh! – Two tech dice. Boom, for you. – Okay, okay, I can do this. – And you just got– – You can do this. – To roll the dice. – Ooh! – Three damage to the Red Skull. And from nine to six. And that's three Wakanda points for you. – Okay. – All right. – So now I reveal I've bid two vibranium. – Ooh. – Start mellow. – And… – There's a theme. – Now, I only, wait, are we mining? – We're attacking. – No. You're attacking, so you'll roll all three of those dice. – Oh, okay, great. So then I have these three.

– Do all the damages. (dice clacking) – Let's do it. One attack hit, and one vibranium. – Here's your vibranium. – You know what, I will take it because I also get another victory point, too. – That is true. – So I get two of them. – Nice. – Set it down, Red Skull. – I am okay with this. – Now, we have all had a turn rolling the battle die. Now, we see if the Red Skull is defeated. He is not. – Not. – Mm-hmm. – So, we will move on to voting. – The voting. – I need to know whether y'all thought I was a good Black Panther… – Hmm… – Or maybe… – Maybe you wanna be loyal. – Mm-hmm. – If you wanted to you could challenge my authority and perhaps we'd have a one v one battle. And you could potential take Black Panther. (B. Dave chuckles) That's how it works. – Okay. – So you've obviously very quickly put out your loyalty. No thought necessary? – We will see, my queen. (group laughs) – All right, let's see.

.. Yield or challenge, three, two, one. – Oh ho ho! – What? – You struck a strong blow. – Yes, you are a good Black Panther. For now. – A good Black Panther. – For now. (Becca laughs) – For now. – For now. – Thank you for respecting my leadership. (group laughs) – See, that is hard, you're right. (group laughs) – Okay, now you each will get one Wakanda point. – Forever. – Yes. – For choosing to be loyal. – Thank you. – Thanks. – Wakanda forever. – Wakanda forever. (Denise giggles) – Now if there were a new villain, we would reset their stats. That is done, because the same villain. So, we're moving on to the mining phase. So starting to the left of Black Panther, if you would like to roll these vibranium dice and take that vibranium. (dice clacking) – Three. – Three. (clacking) (Denise giggles) – The border tribe is prosperous. (dice clacking) – Three. – Three.

– All right. – Now, this is where I just roll one. – Yes. – Yeah. – Because I'm being attacked – We are under attack. by Red Skull. – We will rescue you, my queen. – Thank you. One. But two. – But… – Yeah. – Yeah. – Because of my special tribe ability. Thank you. – 'Cause the mining tribe – Wrecks it – Yes – In those mines. – Roll it. – Yes. – We will come to your aid. – All right, now this is the part where Black Panther does not have the chance to mine because I'm so busy… – It's true. – Saving everybody from Red Skull. – Thank you. – But I will take three since y'all were happy. Next round. Time to bid on our tech dice. – Mm-hmm. – Okay. And you can take back your voting disc now, since– – Mm-hmm. – Ready? – And only you reveal, though. – Oh, yeah. (women laugh) Thank you. I put two down, so I will roll these four dice. – Okay.

(dice clacking) – One, two, three, four. Not quite. (Denise gasps) – Wow. – Ugh, so close. – I should have put an extra die in there, but I will take one vibranium because I had one vibranium die face. – Mm-hmm. – Now it's down to one. – Very well done. – Well, you're welcome B. Dave. Go ahead and reveal– – Did you get your four hit points? – Thank you so much, that's important. That's how I win. – Mm-hmm. – That is. – Mm-hmm. – Okay, I'll take it. – Oh, I shouldn't have said anything. – No you should. – Fair is fair. – I was just disappointed I didn't get these ones, but there's a great prize to be had. – That is (mumbles) I will ensure we defeat the Red Skull. – Whoa! – You just spent all that. – Honestly– – You won't get that back.

– I thought you were gonna kill him, and I thought I wouldn't have to. But now I'm guaranteed… Well, I'm not guaranteed. I could roll… – You spent four… – All snake eyes. – So you get three dice. – That is true. Okay, so return those. – B. Dave is just fulfilling the ultimate prophecy here. – Mm-hmm. – It's true. – We will not have it. We will and I only got two out of it, but I'll take it. – Hey. – 'Cause it's all I needed. – All right, well good job, then. – Yes. – And you get one more for that dealing the final one point of damage. – I do. – As well as the three that were on the zero space there. – I do. – Now, you receive those three Wakanda points for defeating Red Skull, but the player who is currently Black Panther gets the power of the defeated villain. Red Skull says, gain one Wakanda point whenever you vote to challenge instead of, or in addition to, voting to yield.

And it says when you vote to yield, gain one vibranium instead of a Wakanda point. – That's pretty powerful. – Yeah. – Could be, yup. – But then it encourages me to always challenge. – Mm-hmm. (Denise laughs) – That's Red Skull. – That's Red Skull. All right. Okay, so we've defeated the villain which means we go immediately to the voting phase. – Ooh. – Oh, wow. – All right. So, since you two did not get to fight this round, you actually get to take that vibranium back. – Ooh, thank you. – Yup, didn't use it. – Will do. – Okay, so now we go onto another voting round. – Mm-hmm. – Mm-hmm. – You know Red Skull got defeated, we're all feeling pretty good, I don't get to roll these vibranium dice, yet I've been a good leader.

.. – You sound just like a politician. (Denise laughs) – It was the border tribe that defeated the Red Skull. – So, everybody use your voting disc either to your yield side, which is the Black Panther symbol, or to your challenge side, which is the Klaw. Three, two, one. – Ooh. – For your loyalty friends, I give you each one Wakanda point. – Thank you. – But you. – Yes. – Mining tribe. – Challenger. – Yes. – You have chose to challenge me. – The Red Skull attacked me. – It is time for a new Black Panther. – All right, we'll see. We'll see if that's true. Now, similar to when we are bidding vibranium against a villain, we are going to bid vibranium to see. So, we're each going to get two automatically roll the battle die. Not the Dora Milaje for me because Dora Milaje sits out of these tribal matters.

– Mm-hmm. – That's not what they're there for. – And you have had the power of the Black Panther stripped away. – Stripped away. (Denise laughs) – Let's see. (B. Dave chants) – Okay. – Okay, three. Yeah! Let's hear it. – No. (women laugh) (B. Dave chants) – Three, two, one. – Oh ho. – Oh. – Spend your vibranium – I am in it – all you want – to win it. (Becca laughs) – Ooh! – All right, so Black Panther gets to roll first. And just rolling the purple die. And I rolled vibranium, which I don't get to keep in a challenge. – All right. – Go right ahead. – And now I spent four, so I get, I'm sorry, I spent– – Oh, you get three dice. – Four, I get three dice. (dice clacking) All right. Big vibranium, big… Or no, big, big Panther. Big Panther. – No whammies.

– Just two. – One, two. – That's good. – That's better than nothing. – Yes. – Okay. – Does that mean I'm… (B. Dave chants) – That means you say something, and we all repeat it. – Wakanda forever. – Wakanda forever. – And there's one additional thing that happens when you win a challenge, whether you are the current Black Panther or you're taking Black Panther. You get to steal a vibranium from the other player. – Thank you. – All right, so you can take your disc back because that loyalty don't matter no more. – But… – All right, so Serpent Society is attacking the Jabari tribe (Denise gasps) who is not in our game. – Ah. – So Serpent Society – Is taken out of the game. – Ah. – Ah, boo.

– Let's let a new villain in. (dramatic music) It's not gonna be Ultron. We'll get to that. – Mm-hmm. – Klaw, who's coming after blue, which is the border tribe. – Oh, he saw what we did to Red Skull. (Becca laughs) – So let's deploy one more villain. Madame Hydra. Okay. Now Klaw has a health of 18. And whoever is Black Panther when Klaw is defeated will get the power that says gain three vibranium when you become Black Panther. – Ooh. – Hmm. – Cool? So now we're going to set up all these little rewards. – I will help you. (dramatic music) My sister. – One more. – Okay, there we go. Klaw's all set, now it's time to mine. Because I'm left of Black Panther, I'll roll first. (dice clacking) – Ah. – Ooh! – Wow. – I got five. – A very good roll. – That is a very good… – I'm not mad at it. – Very good.

– Border tribe. – Yes? – You only get one vibranium die. – Yeah, I'm under attack. – That's tough. – Ooh! – Three. – Oh! – Beautiful. – The universe provides. (women laugh) – Thank you. – Okay. Merchant tribe, this isn't when your ability comes into effect. – No, it's just with the tech die. – Ooh! – Mm. – Look who's – Wow. – Practicing their rolls now. (Denise giggles) – Wow. And I do not because I am the Black Panther. – You're in luck. – That's right. – And because you just became the Black Panther, you don't get any for loyalty in the previous round. – Okay. – It's tough, it's tough. (Denise giggles) – Okay, well looks like it's time to do some fightin'. – To do the Black Panther. – Black Panther, here is your battle die. – Thank you. – Oh, but first we all have to bid vibranium. – Yes. – Yes. – Wait, am I ready? – Yes. – So Klaw is at 18 health. Their starting health. – Do I do this as well as the Black Panther? – Yes.

– Yeah. Bid that vibranium. Aliza. – I have bid two vibranium. – Two! – Solid choice, solid choice. Here you go. – And now, I shall roll to defend Wakanda. – Forever. – Against Klaw. (dice clacking) – Three damage. – That is not too bad. – Three victory points. – Mm-hmm. – One, two, three. – Ooh, and you get that fourth one. – Yes. – Here's the other three. – Thank you very much. – All right, my turn. (dramatic music) – The river tribe. – The river tribe. – Two vibranium. – Two vibranium. – Oh, there's your Dora Milaje. – Thank you. (women laugh) – They fight for Wakanda. – So used to having it. – Just two. Not great, okay. – Every bit counts. – It all counts. – Yes. – You know, that's some points. I ain't mad at it. What you doing? – The border tribe. It's two. – Nice. – It's an efficient use– – It's true. – Of vibranium.

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– It's maximum value. – Yeah. – Yeah. – We need less in overtime. I've only got a vibranium and a big ol' 10 points damage. – He's at 11. – Mm-hmm. – Here's two victory points. – I will cash in five for a five chip. – Oh, showing off, I see. – Oh. – Denise. – Two. – Two. – Okay, we all found the maximum value. – Mm-hmm. (Becca laughs) – It's true. (Aliza gasps) – Three damage. – Okay, here's three Wakanda points, and one vibranium. And then one, two, three… Klaw's down to eight. – Yes. – Okay, we have all battled, now… – It is done my queen. – Thank you. – Now it is time for us to determine what we think of the current Black Panther's reign. – I cheer you all on as we fight Klaw. We are working together with my leadership. Please just remember that. (B.Dave mumbles) – Great speech giver. – I like your speech. Very good. You have led with strength and wisdom.

– Three, two, one. – But we will not have it. – Oh! – We will not have it. – What does that say? – Oh, you dare to challenge the Black Panther? – And have your powers stripped away. – Here's the thing. – Mm-hmm. – First, let's give one Wakanda point to the loyal tribe. – Thank you. – And then one Wakanda point to the river tribe because Red Skull says that's when we get it. When we challenge. It depends, only one person can battle Black Panther in a one v one challenge. So it depends, which of us has the most vibranium – Yes. – Behind our screen? – Yes. – I got six. – I have less than six. – Mmm… – Anybody wanna see? – Oh. – No. – I have less than six. – Okay. – So you want the mantle of the Black Panther again? – I'm coming back for it. – Well, let us see.

– Okay. It's very tempting to not do the accent the whole time. – Use it sparingly. – Or do, or do. – I don't know. – Just saying. – I don't know if I'm allowed to. – You are, I'm here, we're verifiably – Mm-hmm. – And check with the focus group. We say it's fine. – Okay. Okay. (group laughs) – You saw the movie, you listen to hip hop, it's fine. (group laughs) What do you bid, Black Panther, to retain your throne? – Three, two, one. (Becca laughs) – I can see how this is going. – You learned my tricks. – Mm-hmm. – Well that was definitely a waste of vibranium, but I'll take it. – I mean not if you get to be Black Panther. – I am Black Panther. So I am gonna instantly win ties of any kind, and the river tribe gets an additional tech die for free in the ceremonial one v one battle if I am the challenger. – Right. – So I'm gonna get.

.. I paid for three and I get one for free. – Wow. – And then that. – Wow. – It behooves you to fight for it. – She is coming for my throne. – There's still a chance, so go ahead and roll. – You never know. – Okay. – She likes that power. – It's true. The ancestors pray for you. – Wow. – Okay. – More than one. – I'm on the board. I'm on the board. – I'll be blue. – A number of ancestors pray for him. – I got four. – Okay. – Mm… – I got a little nervous there – The treacherous power of the Red Skull. – Well, the joke's on you because I have no vibranium to give you. (women laugh) – All right, all right. Well, you know what I say to that? Wakanda forever. – Wakanda forever. – I will take Black Panther and the Dora Milaje. – Mm-hmm. – Now, first we quickly check to make sure that there's no villain that needs replenishing and then the mining phase. – Yes.

– Klaw and I only roll the one because we are under attack. Oh! – One vibranium. – Okay. (dice clacking) I said two and I filled up on vigor. (Becca laughs) – Isn't this your power– – Two. – Gives you extra? – Only with the– – Mining tribe. – Right, it's yours, got it. – Silver tech upgrade. – Let's see if I can get something good. Oh. – Five. – Oh my. – Five. – Pretty good. – A significant roll. We suffer greatly under Klaw. – Yes. (Becca laughs) – All right, we did good. Okay. (dramatic music) Now, it is time to bid for tech dice. – Okay. – Ready? – Sounds like there's stuff in there. (B. Dave and Aliza murmur) – There's not stuff in there. (Denise laughs) All right, I'll go first. Fwabam! Two for the two dice. – Mm-hmm. – And I shall roll to defeat Klaw. (dice clacking) – Oh, what? – Oh. – Hmm.

– Pretty good. – Wow, Becca. – So I'll take two vibranium. That's good, that's good, I needed this. And four hits. One, two, three, four. – Wait, did you roll with the Dora Milaje? – Yeah. – Yeah. – Oh, I didn't see it. – Yeah, that's three hits. So I'll take one that was there and then for my four hits I'll take four points. – Wow. – And you know what? This is five, I'll trade it in for a five token. – Mm-hmm. I'm gonna trade in two fives for a 10. (Aliza gasps) – Oh my gosh. – What? – Wow. – Here's… I'm just gonna do one more of this. Make that change while we're at it. Okay, don't even worry about that. Don't even worry about that. – Okay. – So, that's me. Take my Dora. All right. – Oh, wait. – Reveal yourself, border tribe.

– I will spend nothing. We suffer greatly defending Wakanda. The border tribe bleeds for Wakanda. Vibranium. – One, little vibranium. – And no damage. – No damage. Look at my vibranium, though. – All right, merchant tribe. – I like my two. – Two's good, two's solid. – Two's good. (dice clacking) – Let's see if I can– Oh! Okay. There's a lot of throwing going on. – We'll count that guy. – Ooh! – Five damage. – Merchant tribe. – All right, nicely done. Five points of damage, but Klaw only has four points of health left. So you're gonna get four points for the damage you dealt, plus the three for finishing off Klaw. So that comes up to seven, we'll just do a little change making. – Ooh, I got a five! Thank you. – Nicely done.

– Thank you. – Klaw has been defeated. – Boom. – Mm-hmm. – Klaw goes to the current Black Panther. – Oh! – Oh, man. – 'Cause you got to quit letting me do so well on my show. – Serious, someone else challenge her. – How do we stop this? – Don't worry, Klaw's power doesn't help me right now. It says gain three vibranium when you become Black Panther. – Okay. – So that'll help me if you take Black Panther away and then I get it back. – Oh my gosh. – All right, all right. So because Klaw has been defeated, Aliza you get to take back the vibranium you bid. – All right. – And we move straight to a voting round, performance review? How'd I do? How'd I do? I feel pretty good about it. – Mm… (Denise laughs) – So…

Let's see if we're gonna challenge or if you want a Wakanda point. I have that to offer, I don't know if you're interested. – Sounds like a bribe. – Yeah. – No, no, no, no. Just a perk. Just a perk. Benefits. – Mm hm, a feature not a bug. – Mm-hmm. – Mm-hmm. – Three, two, one. (Denise and Aliza laugh) Nobody wants their Wakanda point, I guess. So, whoever… The person who gets to fight in this one v one battle is gonna be whoever has the most vibranium behind their shield. So… – It's gonna be… – Who thinks it's them and wants to say? – You're gonna be spending much, it's gonna be you. – If you don't think it's you, you can– – I don't think it's me. – Gracefully bow out and not– – I will gracefully bow out. I think it's not me. – I have more than six. – All right, it's not.

.. – That's a vague… – I will bow out. – Okay. Now technically, we can ask that you reveal, but if you guys… – It's okay. – It's a gentlemanly game. – And I can reveal if you would like. – No, don't even worry about it. We believe you. – You keep your secrets. (women laugh) – So now we will bid vibranium in order to win the challenge. Three, two, one. – Sounds like a big ol' nothing. Yeah, you don't even care about being Black Panther. You do not deserve the mantle. – Yes. – So you spent three. Spending three doesn't actually get you… – Dammit! – Any more dice – Than spending two, but… – That's why I stick to the two. I totally forgot. – You paid your taxes to Wakanda. – Fair enough. – You are so loyal to Wakanda. – I am not the challenger so I don't get my plus one. I just roll the vibranium symbol which means nothing right now. – Okay, go right ahead. (dice clacking) – Ah! – Whoa.

– That's a good roll. – That's a strong blow. You've been thrown off the waterfall. – Yes. (Denise laughs) – What do you say? – Wakanda forever. – Wakanda forever. – All right. Don't worry, I'll be coming back. – This is not the Wakandan way. – Hmm? – All right, so, now… We're going to reset the villains. Next up is Ultron, but Ultron attacks the tribe that is not playing right now. So it's gonna be Madame Hydra, if you'd flip two more coins. – Another day, Ultron. – Hm. – Mm-hmm. – Madame Hydra is going to attack the red tribe… – Oh, no… – The mining tribe. – That is me. – No, no. How does that river tribe continue to prosper? – Then, we're gonna need to set one vibranium here. And then put some coins down. One, two, three, four. All right, all set. Her power, for whoever wears the Black Panther when she's defeated, says while attacking the villain… Actually, could you just please read this? – While attacking the villain, re-roll all dice that landed on a blank side if you get a total of one hit or less. You may use this power once per turn.

– Dope. – That is a dope power. – That is dope. – Mm-hmm. – Many go to damage. – Cool cool cool. – That's so dope. – So dope. (Becca laughs) – Very, very dope. – The dopest. – All right, so now we mine. Aliza, you're going first, but you just get one die because Madame Hydra's coming for you. ♪ Under attack ♪ All right, I get two. – Her treachery will not go unpunished. – You do, because your mining tribe's power makes every one face a two. – A two face. – A two face. – The two faced mining tribe. – Ooh, I got five. – Five. – Wow. – I needed them. – Most impressive. – I was hurtin'. – She's a dice rolling monster. – Yes you are, Becca. – Three. – Very good. – You know, games of skill, not so great. Games of dice rolling, I crush it. – Complete chance, yes. – And then Denise, you get one for loyalty in the previous round. You were not Black Panther… – Right, right. – So you're stuck with the vibranium you got. – That's okay.

– But now, it's time for you to do battle. Oh, right after we all– – Bid. – Bid vibranium dice. – Bid vibranium. – Okay. Interesting, okay. – Oh, well it's Black Panther first. – Okay. – Oh, okay, yes. And two. – If we're not using walls… – Not three this time. (group laughs) – Two. – For Wakanda. (dice clacking) – Oh, boy. – What happened? You got one. – One, two. – Oh, no, crap. – Two. – Yup, yup. – I flipped that one over by accident. – Wow. – Twos. – I'm so glad I spent that money. – Two damage gets you a vibranium. – Thank you. – And two tokens. – Perfect. – Beautiful. – My turn. – Yeah. – I will bid two. – Ooh! – And so you take that back, and I take these. (dice clacking) – See, all we do… (Becca groans) – Ooh. – I see now why I am not the Black Panther anymore. (group laughs) – It's all about that dice rolling skill.

– We're running low on these guys, so I'm gonna trade one. – Oh, there are some – Perfect, perfect. – On the other side. – Yeah, we got more. – You know, it's easier to count. All right, ready for this? – Yes. – Whabam! Nothing. – Nothing. – Guess why? – Cold. – That Madame Hydra power is impressive. – Two. – Two. – Take two points. My dice rolling skills have delivered once again. – How do you do it? – Thank you, I don't know. – The border tribe has bid two. – Nice. Here you go, here you go. – Thank you, thank you, thank you. ♪ Here I go, here I go, here I go ♪ ♪ What's my weakness? ♪ – Hydra. – Uh, Madame Hydra. (group laughs) – Then three points. – Ooh, one, two, three. So you get those points and one off the board here. – Yes. – Good. – Beautiful. – Very good.

– Okay. – Very good. – We have ended yet another round, and now it is time for the performance review of the current Black Panther. Three, two, one. Oh, two challenge. – I get a Wakanda point. – I'm through. – I remembered your loyalty. – I offer a new loyalty. – Thank you. – I get a Wakanda point because of Red Skull. – Red Skull. – Now, because I'm sitting next to you I kind of have a feeling I don't have as much vibranium as you do. – Do you have more than six? – I don't have either more than or less than six. (women laugh) – I have more than six. – Okay. Great, then you can have that challenge. Okay, so bid for this one v one challenge. – For the power of Black Panther. – Panther. (B. Dave laughs) Three, two, one. – Ooh! – I have bid six. – Okay, that's gonna get you– – Again, the border tribe has suffered and no one cared about our plight. – Damn.

– Nice. – Okay, so you put two in Denise, – So I have, yup. – so you roll first. – Okay. (dice clacking) – Okay. – Two. – Two. – It is a strong blow. – B. Dave, you are just maxed out. – Yes, it is important to me that we win. We will see. If the the ancestors– – Oh. – Two v two. – A tie off. – It's a tie. – So what happens? – I'm gonna say a re-roll of everything. It's not explicitly stated, so we can house rules it, but… – It is fine with me. – Yeah, I think that's a re-roll of everything. – A re-roll is fair. – Okay. (Denise laughs) – Whoa. – Let's go ahead and spend these. – True, the points are spent. – Ooh! – Oh. – Nothing. – There is no guarantee that I will be victorious as the Black Panther. (dice clacking) The power will be stripped away – Away. (Denise gasps) – Say it.

– Wakanda forever. – Wakanda forever. – Point of order, my border tribe power is when I am the Black Panther I take two turns. – Oh. – My second turn is taken after everyone else goes, and I can only roll the red Dora Milaje and the purple die. – Cool. – Mm-hmm. – Cool, cool. – I feel like that side of the table's weighted a little bit. – Yes. – Uh huh. – I don't know about you… – We do weight the table, – That's true. – I am a large person. – It's magnets. – Vibranium just gets attracted to over there, too. – It's true. – Yeah, but we make it rain vibranium. – No matter what, you're probably gonna get that Madame Hydra power. Maybe I should have helped Denise one last time.

– Ah… Look at that – We'll see. – We will see. – We will see. – Okay, now it's time for a little mining. Denise, you go first. – Miner time. – Ooh, and– – I'm still under attack. (dice clacking) – Ooh, four. – I did good, I did good. – One, two, three, four. – Thank you. – And I will roll one. Two. One, two. Whoa, whoa, whoa. – Wait, don't you do double? No, yes, no? – No. – I'm already attacked. – Only a one gets– – Oh. – Doubled. – Oh, right, right, right. – Yes. – Oh. – And I don't get any because there was no loyalty because I am the new Black Panther. – That's true. Okay, here we go, I got… Just three, just three. Just a little three. No big deal. All right, let's bid some dice. – Mm-hmm. – I doubt I'm gonna get to roll because I'm last. We'll see.

– We shall see. – So, you go first, right? – I go first. – No, he goes first. – I'm the Black Panther. – Oh. – He stripped me of my powers. (B. Dave laughs) – Oh no! – It was stripped… – Away. – Away. – B. Dave. – Okay. I have bid two. – Ooh! – I will show the people the bravery of the Black Panther when he comes from the border tribe. – Border tribe. (Becca laughs) – Ooh, one vibranium. – I don't know what that accent is. – The vibranium. – There were extra letters in that word. – And four which is not enough! – Four damage. – It's like a Boston Wakanda accent. – True. – Bahder tribe. – Four points. – The bahder tribe. – We're from the bahder tribe – Eastern Wakanda. – You don't know what they talk like in the lower east side of Wakanda. – Denise, reveal your vibranium. – Two. – All right. – Ooh! – Vibranium is spent.

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– Oh, oh, and I keep the Dora Milaje die. (dice clacking) – See if I roll zero again. – I believe in you. – Ooh! – Oh snap. – You had to roll a one, and you rolled a two. So you're gonna get the three points for defeating Madame Hydra. – Impressive. – Yay! – The one for the final blow of damage. – You know what? I'll jus turn that in for… – Ooh, yeah. – A five. – A fiver. – Look at that. – There it is. – There you go, fiver. – Nice. – Thank you. – All right, now Madame Hydra's power goes to– – The Black Panther. – That's right. – You wanna read it one more time? – While attacking the villain, re-roll all dice that landed on a blank side, if you get a total of one hit or less. You may use this power only once per turn. – Well, if you get a total of one hit or less. I thought it meant one hit or less per die. Okay, so only if you get just a one or less.

– Still pretty cool. – It's still pretty good. – Yeah. – It's still pretty good. – Re-rolls are good. – Basically, it's not possible for me to only do one or zero. – Correct. – Mm-hmm. – I thought it was totally OP, and it's just like… – Mildly OP. – It's good, it's good. – Mm-hmm. – Okay. – Got it. – So, we leave that there for now and we go straight to voting. – Ah. – Performance review. – I… – Mm-hmm. – Believe I have led Wakanda with strength and wisdom. The border tribe has bled for Wakanda. – Okay. – Three, oops. Ready? Three, two, one. Two loyalty. – Oh! – Aw, thanks you guys. – You got me with that last thing you said. – Thank you, guys. I appreciate it. Thank you. – You touched my heart. – Thank you. – One Wakanda point – Thank you. – For your loyalty. – Right.

– One Wakanda point for my disloyalty. – Ah. – On behalf of the Red Skull. – I don't even take it personally. It behooves you to continue to try. – It's in my nature. It's in my blood. – I understand. – I understand. – We're gonna do a little one v one battle. – We are. – And each of us will get the purple die. – We will. We need to reveal what we bid. – I haven't bid a thing. – Mm-hmm, I'm not looking at your bidding. – 18. Mm hm, you're like, "I bid 25." – You are not allowed to have more than 15 vibranium in your possession. – Oh, really? – You max out. – I never told ya. – You didn't. Hasn't really been a problem. – I don't think it's been an issue. Do you have more than 15? – No.

– No. – Okay. (group chuckles) – As you subtly like scrape some onto the floor. (laughs) – What are you talking about? – Y'all like to chat. – Not at all. – Just put a handful of like five back. All right, come challenger. – Ready? – Yes. – Three, two, one. – Ooh. – Okay. – Yeah. – Wow. – Black Panther you roll first. You paid two? – I paid one. – You paid one? – I paid one. – So one silver die. (dice clacking) – No! – Uh oh. – I think I can beat it. – I think I can beat it. – I think you can. – So… – We were rooting for you. – Ugh. – This is act two transitioning into act three. – So, I paid four vibranium. That's gonna get me three silver dice, tech dice. And one tech die for the river tribe's power. – Wow. – And this one– – Shouldn't be too hard to top. A hit. – I got a three. – Yup.

– Are you Killmonger? – No. – Ah. – Is that what's happening here? – Hey what's up? It's me Killmonger. I just wanna say Wakanda forever. – Wakanda forever. – May I have one of your vibranium for defeating you. – You can't because I spent them all. – Ooh. – You! – Whomp whomp. – Smart move. – Well done. All right, so… Klaw's power says gain three vibranium when you become Black Panther. We shall do so. – Oh dear. – So you get benefits to try and you get benefits to win. – Yeah. – Wow. – Yeah. – Time to move on to– – Wakanda. – She's so good. – A new round and a new villain. – New round, new villain. – Hood, who is coming after me. – Finally. – Keepin' it hood. – Luckily, I don't get to mine as Black Panther anyway, so it's not too much of a deterrence. Who ever wins Hood, it says, while attacking the villain gain one extra vibranium. while attacking the villain gain one extra vibranium if at least one vibranium is rolled on any of your dice.

– Okay. – Pretty cool. – Cool. – What up, Hood? All right, so 16 is the health total. – I'm glad we're keeping it hood. – Keepin' it hood. – Yup, keep it hood. – All right. – Defend us Black Panther. – Well, time to mine. – Oh, we have to roll. – Mine. – The mine. – These are much needed resources for the border tribe. – Beautiful you got six. – Six. – So, one, two, three, four, five, six. – Real talk? Hated it. – Cleared my hands. (group laughs) – There we go. – Vegas rules. – True, right? (dice clacking) – Oh wow. – Six. – Also six. – All right, all right. – One, two… – There we go. – It is a prosperous era for one time. – Please, panther god. (group laughs) Let me have some of this juice. (dice clacking) Okay. – Oh. – Oh! – Well you get two… – Well, that's four. – For your thing. – That's four, yeah. – Cool power, cool power. – Not bad, not bad. – Great.

– One, two, three. – And four. – And four. – I roll nothing, and no one was loyal to me because I wasn't – No loyalty! – Black Panther. – You have aligned yourself with our enemies. – You get it. – All right, I shall reveal four vibranium. – Whoa. – 'Cause I'm out of control. Uh oh. – Fighting hard to remain– – Just throwing stuff all over the place. – Black Panther. – Not even, I just want the kills. – Mm-hmm. – Okay. Rolling five dice. (dice clacking) – Okay, let's go. – Dora Milaje. That is five. – That's very good. – That is five. – Okay, so I'll take a five pointer. – So you do… One, two, three, four, five – Take this one. – 11? – 11? – Yes. – Okay. – Took six points because mine was on the board. – Okay. – Now it's me. – Okay. – Two. – The border tribe bids two. (dice clacking) – Two, okay, but if I.

.. Okay, so if my Madame Hydra power does not count, but I get my two points. – Do points and a vibranium. – I will cash in for a five. – Shiny little vibranium. – How may you got? – Two. – Two. – Nice. Get that value. (dice clacking) – Ooh, re-roll, that's cut. – Re-roll. – Man. – That's a good one. – I know. – Okay. – Two. – Again a strong blow. – And a vibranium. – Yup. – Two and a vibranium. – Hood is at seven health. – And did you get your points? – He's keeping it less hood than before. – I did not get my points. – Thank you. – Okay. – Thank you! – And I have bid two. – Two. – All right, popular bid. – It is the best value. – That's true. Oh, no, that doesn't count right? – The power went to my head. No, no, no. – I wasn't ready to roll.

– It doesn't. – Thank you. Thank you. – It kind of could've been like a crit? – Yeah. – I, yeah, I get it. – And one? – Players favored. – Mm-hmm. – A bloop. Did we move this yet? – No. – No. – All right. – One hit, one point, two vibranium. – Mm-hmm. – All right. Ooh, back to me. And I don't get a second Black Panther turn. I'm not a border tribe. – You don't, but now we have to vote. – But now we have to vote. – Okay, so how'd I do? Y'all should come after me, just sayin'. All right, reveal. Three, two, one. – Two fighters. – Oh. – Okay, okay. Well, your loyalty is noted. (Denise laughs) – All right. – Okay. – Denise, Aliza. – The border tribe. – It might. – Who's got more vibranium? – Well, it might be me or it's close. – Does anyone have more than six? This is a simple thing. – Yes. – Both more than six? – Mm-hmm. – More than eight? – Yes, 10. – I have more than that.

– Ooh! – More than 10? – You got to reveal. – More than 10. – Do I? – I mean… – Do I have to, do you want me to– – You can reveal it to… – I don't mind. – I have 12. – I have 12 over here. – Okay 12, I'll take it. – Boom. – Oh my. – All right, fair enough. – That is why – It's Mortal Kombat. – I am the mining tribe. – The challenge. – Ready? – Yeah, even numbers. – Three, two, one. – You said you had 12. – You don't even care about the mantle of the Black Panther. – I wouldn't use all 12. – You wish to sow discord amongst the people of Wakanda. – Was that your roll? – I rolled nothing. – Okay. – Beat nothing. – The ancestors do not– – If I can't beat nothing then I should not be Black Panther. – I really shouldn't. – Yeah she wins all ties. – One. – All right. (cheering) – And I will take a vibranium, please. – Yes. – You may have a vibranium. – Thank you. – I should have just spent them all.

– I am the Black Panther. – You are the Black Panther. – Wakanda forever. – Wakanda forever. – Time to roll for mining. I just get one little die. – Okay. – But I rolled a two. – Sweet. – Mm-hmm. – And then the border tribe will receive four. – Pretty good. – Much need resources. – Yes, yes. (dice clacking) – Yes! – Three. – Three. – Okay. And I am too busy defending our country. – Nice. – Where are we? – Oh yeah, we have to bid. – Yes. – Okay. – The Black Panther. – Is everyone ready? – Ready. – And… – But you don't– – Oh. (group laughs) – Don't let, the Black Panther has to reveal. – So used to being, yeah. – Ready to stunt on 'em, I get it. – So there's two and I will do one, two, three, four. I love this Dora Milaje dice, I'm just saying. – It's nice. – It is very, very fun. – It's good. – Yes.

– Five– – They are strong. – All right. – Woo, seven. – Nice. – Seven. – Did I just take him out? – No, he had eight left. – One, two. – He has six left. – Oh, he has six left. – Three… – You have finished him. – Four, five, six, seven. – No you only get six because he had six health left. – Just kidding. So I'll just do this. Six, right? – And then another one, two, three, four– – Right. – Plus one. – One, two, three, four, five, six. Yay! – Oh my gosh, you cleaned up. – Yup – Yes. – Thank you. – All right you are currently Black Panther, so you now get the power of Hood. – All right, which is… – You already had the power of Hood. – While attacking, I get the power of Hood, right? Thank you, New York represent, what? Okay, while attacking the villain, I gain one extra vibranium if at least one vibranium is rolled on any of my dice. Great, cool, great, great, great. – So keep that on the outside so we can all see how powerful you are.

– You are a great and powerful panther. – All right, now it immediately goes to voting. – Ah, well, I mean… – Everybody take back any vibranium you spent. (Denise laughs) Decide whether or not you're happy with the current administration. – I just got in office… – In Wakanda. – I need a little more time to establish, but also I just took out Hood. – You did. You totally did. – He was a menace to you might I add. – Absolutely, absolutely. Yeah. Three… Two… One… We all have challenged. I will take one Wakanda point. – Y'all just greedy. – Red Skull. Red Skull loves to fight, it's in me, there's nothing I can do. – At this point in the game there's no rewards for loyalty. – It's true. – That's true. – Here's one, two, three, four, five points. – Okay. – I have less than 10. Do you still have more than 10? – I have less than 10. – Yup. – Oh! – Less than nine.

.. – You have more? – More than 10. – Yes. – Okay. – Ooh, rich. – The merchant tribe is very rich. – We have done well. – You cannot purchase the mantle of Black Panther. – Yeah. – We will not have it. – I remember good things happening during my reign. – I was loyal to you then, but now… (B. Dave laughs) – I was also loyal to you. – It's true. – Uh oh, so bid vibranium for your tech dice. – For the good of Wakanda. – Okay. – Okay, three. Oh wait, yeah, three, two, one. – Oh. – Dun, dun, dun. – Dammit. – Did it again! – Jeez, again. ♪ Denise doesn't know how to play the game ♪ (group laughs) – You know the best part about all of this? It's literally written in front of us. – I know, I know. – It's not even like you have to keep track of it in your mind, it's right here.

– I love it. – Aw. (dice clacking) – Watch Denise bid three vibranium every time. You overpay because you are a good customer. – Yes. – Yes. – I am about the country. – Yes. – A single blow. – A single blow. – So you get one extra die. – Okay. – And beat a one. – Beat a one. – Need a two. – Did it before, so I'm gonna try it again. – You lost. – You did not beat a one. – Oh my goodness. – You are unworthy of the title of Black Panther. – I can't hold onto this Black Panther for nothing. I've had it twice now, three times, and I always lose it. – You got the power, that's cool. – Congratulations. – Thank you. – Well, what do you guys think? – Well earned. – Wakanda forever. – Wakanda forever. – Dope, dope, dope. And one vibranium goes to the winner. – Ugh. – At least one of these – Is gonna be a GIF. You're not though? – But that's just someone that you, you know, gave away. – Right.

– There you go. – Donated. – I got it back. – The universe provides. – Now it's time to reset the villain. – Okay. – So we have Ironmonger, that will target the border tribe. – Arg! – Oh my goodness. – Killmonger and then Wrecking Crew is after. – Okay. Ironmonger: when you win a ceremonial one v one battle steal a total of three Wakanda points from the loser. – Ooh. – I wanted that one. – This is a way for your Wakanda points to go down when you lose the mantle of the Black Panther. – Three is a lot of points to lose. – Mm-hmm. – That's true. – Ironmonger is trouble. – And these two have a lot of Wakanda points. – I don't know what you're talking about. – We have fought again, the border tribe has fought bravely for Wakanda. – Time to roll. – Not saying you didn't earn them. – Thank you. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure. – Mining? – Time to mine. – Time to mine. – Who's under attack? – Me and the border tribe. – Oh, you've gone through a lot. – We have suffered greatly.

– You have suffered greatly. – On the borders. – You keep saying. – Defending Wakanda. – Okay, I get four. – Yup. – Oh, yeah, cool power. – Cool power. – That is a cool power. – Just will never ever be Black Panther again. – No, that's not true. – There's still time. – I have faith in you. – Three. – Three. – Not great, but not bad. – We must roll a single die. Two. – Okay, just two. – Just two. – I abstain to keep everybody safe. – For sure. – Sure, noted. – Let's all bid on our vibranium. Too bad I'll Ironmonger. – Don't bid three, Denise. – Or do, feel free to. – Okay. – You can if you like. You're right, you're including your gratuity. – I bid two. – It's a gratuity. – All right, two. – Boom. – Okay. – So we take two of these. – Two. – And this. Okay. Three is a magic number, I think maybe. – Got something to do with it? – It's just.

.. – Because one is, in fact, the loneliest number. – Oh. – Oh. – One, two, three, four. – A strong blow. – And a vibranium. – Ooh, then, I double my vibranium on a silver tech upgrade dice. – Ah! – For the merchant trade, yes. – Nice. All right, so. Four points of damage brings Ironmonger down to 10, and you get this extra vibranium. – Ooh, you cleaned up girl. – I'm a little worried about Black Panther having so much vibranium. – You really are thinking like a super villain now. – So you took four points? – Yes. – Yes. – And yeah. – How many points you got over there? – A lot or… – I'll let you know when I need to let you know. – Okay. – Two. – I am doing two. – For a second I thought that was one, and I was like no. – At least it's not three. – One, two, three. Yeah, that's true. Sorry, Denise. – I'm not. Hashtag, sorry not sorry. – Oh no.

– Okay, two and two. – A strong blow. – Two vibranium and two attacks. – Nice. – One, two. One, oops, wrong accent. Sorry. – Or, or not. There can by Sicilian Wakandans. – Thank you, thank you. I'll get the two vibranium. – While attacking the villain, gain one extra vibranium if at least one vibranium is rolled on any of your dice. – Look at you, looking out for me. – It's like a Sicily on the outside. – It's true. – I got two. – It's true, bottom of the boot. Bottom of the boot. – Two. – Thank you. (dramatic music) (dice clacking) – All the damage. – One damage. – Or not. – Just one. – Or one. – Maybe that's all that – A portion of the damage. – We talked about my– – A significant portion of the damage, yes. I have bid, but one. (dice clacking) Again.


– Not bad. – Take it back. – One, one. – One hit, one point. – Yes, yes, yes, yes. – Well, you've already rolled, so I've gathered. – I have. – So, now, we will move onto voting on how we think you did. – Ah. – I hope you have felt safe. – Yeah, well… – We are under attack. (women laughs) – Three, two, one. – Oh. – Oh, that's a lot of attacks. – Does anybody have less than 10? – Yes. – Yes. – I have more than 10. – Okay. – Well, I'm gonna take one for– – I withdraw my challenge. (dramatic music) Yeah okay, oh. Okay, so time for you two to bid on your one v one battle. Three, two, one. – Denise is… – Whoa. – Somebody wants to win. – Okay, so you're gonna get all the dice, but first Black Panther will get these three. – Hey, Black Panther was victorious as the underdog before. (Becca laughs) – It's true.

And I believe in our kind. – Oh, wow, one again. – One was enough last time. We'll see. Will it be enough again? No! There was no loyalty and now we're rolling for vibraniums, yes? – Yes. – You are so right. – It's going really well… – What? – Wow. – Okay, can you quit it? I think you're winning over there. One, two, three. – Very rich, those merchants. – Makes sense. – Well you cannot win without the Black Panther. – Oh, wait, you have been paying taxes. (dice clacking) – I have. I got four, because it's my bonus ones. – It has been an unstable time in Wakanda. There is no loyalty. – Ay! – Super rough. – One, two, three, four points. – Hmm I think maybe you're winning. – Mm, I don't know, I don't know. – Okay, Black Panther, you're already ahead. Okay, great. What are we gonna do today? I don't think it's gonna get to me. – Are we bidding right now? – Bidding.

– Let's do it. – I only have to reveal, though. – Okay, Black Panther, you're confident. – I have put forward four. – Oh, boy. – To defend the people of Wakanda. – Nice. – So, yes, that this three additional dice and this dice, and also the Dora Milaje. (dice clacking) – Milaje. – Milaje. Milaje. – One, two, three damage and one vibranium back at you. – Yes. – So another… – One, two, three. – You will get four points total. – It was not enough to defeat him. – And you got your vibranium? – And I got my vibranium, but I also will cash in a 10 and a five for a 10. – Ooh, okay. – Take that back. – Black Panther. – Black– – Reveal your vibranium. – Boom. – Sweet. – Two. – Sweet. – Not three. – Not three this time. (dice clacking) – Oh. – Three. – I believe you…. – I think that's enough. – Yeah. – One, two, three.

– I thank you… – You have defeated – For bestowing me power on the Black Panther. – Yeah, that's really a great power. – I wanted that one. – I'm really a great Black Panther. – Oh, shoot. Where were we at? Oh, darnit. – We were three away. – Yes. – Got it. – So you got three for killing Ironmonger. You get three more for those three hits. – That is a number of points you seem to have accumulated. – Oh, thank you. – So, Ironmonger… Will you read him one more time? – When you win a ceremonial one v one battle, steal a total of three Wakanda points from the loser. So if you take a shot at the king, make sure you don't miss. – What? – This stuff is getting really good. – Oh, yeah, that's right. – But these are spent, yeah? – Those are. – Okay, lets get those far away from you, – Taking back mine, far far away. – And now you're voting on my ability as Black Panther. And I would just like to say I'd love it if I got through a round of Black Panther.

That'd be cool, right? – Wouldn't we all? – That's true. – You know what? – I pledge my loyalty because you said the last time… – It's true, I understand. I'm not here to emotionally manipulate, I'm just saying. (dramatic music) – Three, two, one. Challenge! – Yeah, we're at that point in the game. – I take one for Red Skull. – Okay, so what's? – I got a lot. – How many? – Over 10. – More than 10? – Over 10, as well. – Anybody over 12? – Yup. – No. – We have one over 12. – I withdraw my challenge. – You have over 12, Becca? – No. – All right, come on Denise. – Come on, Denise. – You know what? I don't take any of this personal, it's just business. – He's gonna… – Wait… – He has the ability to steal your Wakanda points. – Do you have more than 12? – I counted… No, no, I'm fine.

– Okay. So, time to party. Bid your vibranium for this one v one battle. – Mm-hmm. (dramatic music) She may be close to winning if she can take mantle of the Black Panther. – Three, two, one. – Ooh. – Okay, Black Panther rolls first. – I did it right the first time… – I mean, yes, for the… – Yay! – It is not the fist time. Yeah, right. There have been a number of attempts. No, the ancestors have forsaken me. – I didn't even mean– – That's only when– – To bid that many. – Attacking a villain. – Nope, you didn't. – Well… – Well, maybe. – Maybe, that's true. – It was safe. – It was safe to do so. – It was a good move, good tactic. – It was an intimidation tactic. – That's true. – The dice felt it. – The ancestors have forsaken me. – Oh! – Yup. – That's the new Black Panther. – Snaps. – That is the new Black Panther. – And three point.

.. – That's important. – That's true. Oh, and I have to give you one for losing. – Boom. – One for losing. – Oh, thank you, so much. – So what do you say? – Wakanda forever. – Wakanda forever. – Now it's time to reset the villain. We've got… – Oh, no. Oh no! Killmonger. – Mm hm. – Killmonger is coming for the mining tribe. – He's 23 hit points, that's a significant amount. – Holy… – Yeah, it's going to take a while to take down Killmonger. – Okay. – The power is one time immediately after anyone's turn, you may claim your blood right and fight the Black Panther for the throne without a vote. Discard this after use. – Whoa. – Wow. – Only once, though, you can take that power. – Okay. – That makes a lot of sense.

– That is a good integration of the story into – Ability. – Most impressive. – All right, let's reset this board here. We've got three on the final kill, one on number five, one on 15. Now there are two vibranium on the board. Okay, and Black Panther goes first. – We're mining. – Oh! – Mining. – Just… – That excited. – I just do one. Come on… Three! – You're partying in the streets – That's what I wanted. – You're returning the mantle to the Black Panther. – Five. – Hey, five. – I cannot take my last one. – Aw… – Must be real rough. – I feel so sorry for you. – But I don't though… Six! – Ooh. – Wow. – Thankfully. Much needed resources for the border tribe. – That's it, now we bid. – Okay, I bid two. – Mm-hmm. – Not three. – Remember the Dora Milaje fight you, Black Panther. – Thank you. – Oh my goodness. (dice clacking) For these two points. Ooh! – One? – One. – Oh my gosh. – Just one hit.

– Sometimes it happens like that. – That's true. I mean, ouch. Ouchie. – Yeah, yeah that was rough. Okay. – Okay. – My power would have come in very handy there. – Yeah it would have. – Now I get two. Right? Yeah, two. – Dos. – Come on. Okay, okay. – Killmonger is quite a foe. – You get one vibranium – And two hits, so one two, gives you an extra vibranium. – Boom. Thank you. And two hits. – There you go. – Thank you. – Two points. – I also bid two. – That's a good roll. – That is a good roll. – One, two, three, four. – Killmonger's at 16. I'm gonna pay one and take a fiver. – Stop me if you've heard this, I also bid two. – Wow. – I know that one. – What a surprise. – We are a very shrewd tribe. Ugh, got a one, but it is enough to get the extra point. – Mm-hmm. – Nice. – We did good damage to Killmonger. – We did, we wounded him.

That is a full turn, correct? – And now we vote? – Now we vote… – Oh, I am– – On the performance of the Black Panther. – Yeah. – Killmonger rampages across Wakanda unchecked. – Okay, three, two, one. – That means I'm serious. – Oh! – Look, it's loyalty… – For the border tribe. – Let's continue the conflict… – We got a lot of vibranium here. – I'm not gonna win, so I'll just take what I can get. – I think, well. – I got 13, because I was maxed out and I spent two. – Well, I have more than you. (group gasps) I will challenge. – That is impossible… Oh, but you earned one. – She can have 14, – And 15 here. – Yeah, you earned two on your turn. – 14 and 15 are numbers that exist. – Dang it, dang it. I should have bid nothing.

– Ready? – Three, two, one. – Okay. – Whew. – Okay, so Black Panther rolls first, and you've got… You spent two, that gets you two dice. (dice clacking) And three points. – Ooh, that's a good roll. – Yeah, you get one additional die because you spent four vibranium. – Okay, come on. Oh, please mining tribe. Something, panther god. – It's true. The ancestors forsook me last time. – Oh! – Three for three. – That's a full on re-roll, right there. – Okay. – Okay. – Unless anybody has a tie breaker. – No. – No. – Only the river tribe. – Okay. – Two. – Two. – Come on, I can beat it. – This could be your time. – Denise has been winning on the under card here. – Oh! – Yup, that's four. – You did it. (B. Dave chants) – I promise to try to hold on this time. For all of us. – What do you say? – Wakanda forever. – Wakanda forever. – I am honored to pass the mantle onto you.

– That is true. – Thank you. – And one vibranium. – And thank you. – Oh, yes. – You're like, the mantle and… – Mantle and some money. – Slide me that skin. – I know. – Slide me that skin. – All right. – All right, now we mine. – Well, at least I can earn some money now. – Reminder, when you get to 45 points and a Black Panther, you win. – Are you trying to say that you have 45 points? – I'm just saying it's a reminder that we're on the back nine of the game. That's all I'm saying. – Okay, rolling for mining. I'll take four. – Four. – All right. – Oh, I cannot take four. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12… – You will take three. – Just two. – You'll take two. – I will also take two. Throw them on the– – Time to make money. – Time to mine. – And he's three, and just a little bit of spit on the table. – It's true.

It's lucky. – I missed the dice, though. – It's a lucky goober. – Thank you. – And I do not, because I will defend. – Mm-hmm. – Proudly. – Go Black Panther, fight. – Go for it. – Well, everybody bids. – Oh, yes. – Oh. – Oh. – 16. – Three no. – Just me. – Four, the Black Panther will fight for us. – I will fight for you all until the death. Okay, so four is three, and that, and that. – Yup. – Oh, snap. – Yes, snaps, that is correct. Snaps. – Snaps. – Yes. – Five points of damage. – Five. – Right. – It's a fiver. – A strong blow. – All right, thank you. – And we go from 15 to 10 and you get this vibranium. – Beautiful, thank you. – Mm-hmm. I'll go ahead and take a little… – It's a pretty good hand there. – Oh, impressive. – Whoa. – Six, for sure. – Made sure. – Take four dice. – Big money, big money. – Mm-hmm. (dice clacking) – Give me all the hits. – No. – That's a, that's a big ol' whiff. – Ooh. – Ancestors have forsaken you.

– That's a big ol' whiff. – Oh my gosh. – You got that vibranium. – Oh, baby girl, that hurt. – It only cost you five. – It just cost my five to get one back. – That's true. – That's cool. – That's true. – That's cool, and then I won't win Black Panther, that's cool. – That's cool. Well, I only did two. So, I have two extra dice. (dice clacking) – Ooh. – A five. – That's a good one. – One, two, three, four, five. – That's a three right there. – That's four. – Oh, and that's four. – And that's four total. – Oh, it's four total? I'm sorry, I'll move back one. Sorry. – You're in the six. – I also cannot do counting. – Did you get your four points? – I don't think you did. – I will give one, and take five. – There you go. – I'm giving one and taking five. – Okay, Denise. Go ahead.

– Two. – Sweet, let's do it.. – Sweet. Two. – Two hits… One, two. And here's your extra point. – Yay. – Here's all three. – Thank you. – Careful. – Okay, that's it. – I know. – Time to vote. – That's it. – Yes. I will not try to influence your decisions. I don't know if I can. – You're a great ruler and I really appreciated being near you. – Aw, thanks. – Three, two– – But, is there a but? – There's a but. – There's a but. – Okay. – There's a but, and that but is, please take one Wakanda point. – Oh, thank you. – Keep my loyalty. – Yes. – Thank you. – Ready? – Challenge the Black Panther. – Black Panther, I challenge you. – Oh. – Yes. – Three, two, one. – Oh. – Oh. – Four v four. – Here we go. – Well, here's the thing about the river tribe, if we're the challenger in a ceremonial one v one battle, we get one extra tech die, so, that's actually gonna be a little more bang, but don't worry..

. I wasted all my good rolls early in the game. So Black Panther, you go first with three dice. – All right, defending the Black Panther. – Two. – Three. – Oh, there was a glare. (group giggles) Okay. – Three. Strong. You need one more die. – She took it. – Oh, okay. (dice clacking) (Becca grunts) Five. – I wish I got that vibranium. All right, so that is spent. – Although, you do get one from her for wining. – Please. – You are very… Yeah. (group laughs) – My answer to that is Wakanda forever. – Wakanda forever. – I was gonna say you're persistent. – Thank you. – I respect that. – It true. – I like it. – I will rule with grace. – Three. Nothing but aggravation at the border. – Oh five, please. – That's nice, that's nice. – Dang, all right. – You know. – One, two, three, four, five. And I roll one. – Two. – Two. – Okay.

– I feel like you've got to be close and defeating Killmonger to win the game would be very dramatically apropos. I'm actually hoping you can do this. I'm actually hoping. I believe in you. – Let's see what happens. Anything could happen. – Anything could happen. – Anything could happen. – Okay, bid your vibranium. As Black Panther… – Yes… – I will put forth… (B. Dave gasps) six vibranium for four dice. – This is to strike a strong blow against the Killmonger. – I must get four hits of damage. – You have six dice, I believe in you. I believe in you. – Oh. – I did it, I did it. – I did it, I did it. – Exactly fell five. – I did it, I did it. – You got five. – Guess what, guess what? – What? – I had 39.

– What? – Right there. – By defeating Killmonger, – You've become Black Panther… – Black Panther… – Forever. Wakanda forever. – Wakanda forever. – Yay. And, as Black Panther I would like to say that everyone is now Black Panther. – Oh. – Aw, we all get to be Black Panther. – Everybody gets a suit. (group cheers) – You're gonna see, everybody get a suit. – Oh my gosh. – I was so close. – Wait, wait, wait. – What were you doing back there? – 20, 30, 40. – Wow. – I'm at 34. – Yeah, I'm behind everyone. I have 29. – To be fair, a lot of the villains were coming after you giving you less vibranium, less chance to get Black Panther. You got to get the dice on your side. You gotta talk to them, you gotta whisper. – I didn't do that, but I had a lot of fun. – That's my grandpa game.

– I had so much fun playing with you guys. I love shouting Wakanda forever. – Yeah. – Yeah. – And thank you for doing a beautiful accent. Well, thanks to you guys at home for watching. We'll see you next time on Game the Game. Bye bye. – Bye. – Wakanda forever. (upbeat music) (playful music).