/Voice Cracking? Here’s How To Stop It! – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Voice Cracking? Here’s How To Stop It! – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Video: Voice Cracking? Here’s How To Stop It! – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy


I crack when I sing! What do I do? Just Say No To Crack! No, I’m kidding! Sorry… Hi guys, Ken Tamplin, from Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, where the proof is in the singing. I want to start off with a couple of things. and the very first thing is I want to reassure you that everyone cracks at some point, okay? So, start there, don’t think that you're some oddball, and, you’ll never get it. That’s not the point of this. What we want to do is minimize that, by building endurance. And the more endurance we can build, and the more strength in the sound that we can build, the less we’ll crack! Okay? Now! Literally, you want to go back to my video on diaphragmatic support. And I know I keep saying this, but go to my video on diaphragmatic support, and really develop a nice, strong, abdominal cavity structure.

Because a lot of the other guys that sing really light, like ah… And have no strength in the sound, they're way more apt to crack than a guy that has a nice robust sound and has built-up this muscle structure. So start there. The next thing is we want to build good Open Throat Technique so that the throat doesn’t spasm and close down, so we keep our open throat vowels. And by the way, I cover all of this in my singing course called How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else. I know these are short tutorials, but if you want the Full Monty, it’s there. But what we do is, we keep these vowels open, and we literally arrange the muscles in the throat to maintain good open throat technique. Now, there’s more than that, because the higher up we go, we need to modify those vowels in a way that they’re not too big and they splat, or become top heavy and get away from us. And that’s another part to this whole thing.

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Just be assured that everyone cracks, and when you do, just stop for a second, take five, 10 seconds… Try it again. See if you crack again… Do you crack in the same place? Are you really concentrating on your abdomen? Are you really thinking about relaxation response in the chest, neck, and throat to where the abdomen does all the work? If you do crack in the same place, back it off one note lower, where you didn’t crack, and develop that, the endurance to that… Keep developing that. And then try to go back up to the next one and do it again. Well like I said, this is how we build songs. We actually build the whole song structure, you know, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, you know bridge, and then out. Right? And then even in building live sets. If it’s an hour long set, we pace those songs in the same way, so that we have enough endurance to be able to pull this stuff off.

So, anyway, like I said, I cover all of this in my singing course How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, where the proof’s in the singing. Peace. Out. Hey guys! If you like what you heard, please like and subscribe to my channel! And if you want to get notified when I have a new cool video come out, you need to go to my channel and click on this little bell icon, and it will actually notify you every time I have a new video come out. Thanks guys!.