/Valve makes new Fortnite competitor

Valve makes new Fortnite competitor

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Ehhhhhh… Central Pahk Man what a week to launch the show, Eh? There's Microsoft Build 2018 and Google kicked off IO 2018 with a huge batch of news So we better get to it. First off, we've got some details about Android P which stands for (Linus) P… penis No, that's inappropriate P will have new navigation gestures that make it behave a lot more like the iPhone 10 and Samsung's Galaxy S9 Some people are calling Google out for copying but apparently Palm did it first…

Palm did everything first P will also have AI assisted adaptive battery technology, New app and search predictive abilities called actions and slices, And the ability to set time limits in certain apps so that once you reach the time limit The apps icon will be grayed out and you'll be unable to use it We're that pathetic, Google has to save us from ourselves Now for the real mind blow Google assistant is getting more natural with the ability to fulfill multiple requests at once so you can say "Hey Google, navigate home and play my driving playlist" It will also have a wider range of voices to choose from including John Legend If you… want to hear his voice all the time rather than only when you're drawing up a luxurious bubble bath What? You don't do that. My p is blown. Oh, that sounds terrible I don't even want to repeat it but not only that Google assistant will be able to make actual phone calls by itself to book appointments and make reservations for you and It's kind of creepy and amazing at the same time Just listen That was a real call you just heard.

What??? Those people don't even know they're talking to a robot This is how the world ends with some ohms and oz. Okay, we gotta go fast now Linus you're slowing me down There's a lot of stuff to get through I've been doing anything Oh This isn't making it faster Gmail will basically just write your emails for you now with smart compose if you just want to finally accept your status as a shell of a form of human google Lens will be embedded in the default camera app of certain phone models and will be able to copy text from images and find objects With similar styles in real time. Google's AR core platform can now be used to have multiplayer experiences in AR 3d tic-tac-toe is here. That's how you know, it's the future. No one can find my style If you were on lens no one would be like what is this I don't know how to interpret it socks and sandals no one. Maps is getting lists group event planning features a for you tab with recommendations and augmented reality walking directions using Google's visual positioning system or VPS Chromebooks will be able to run native Linux apps with the pixel book obviously getting in the feature first and Google announced the 3.0 version of its tensor processing unit with over 100 peta flops of power I'm not sure how peta flops translates to gigawatts.

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What do you think doc? I just want to know what the animal rights activists are gonna think of this because peta flops I Get it One thing we didn't get to cover from Microsoft bill 2018 yesterday was the upcoming window sets feature Sets will essentially use Microsoft edge as a browser for your entire PC when you open a new tab You'll be able to not only open webpages but also files and applications This will allow you to keep separate windows with tabbed pages from multiple apps It'll also work with timelines So you can pick up using a group of apps from your laptop Android or iOS device and all tab between the tabs in one window. It seems like a pretty drastic design change so Yeah, you can crash whatever you want all at one time It seems like a pretty drastic design change So we'll have to wait to see when or if it makes it to the main release in the meantime you can use these separate desktops function in Windows because that's essentially what that is, so It's time for quick bits my favorite and Linus hates it and today they're being brought to you courtesy of our Bros at D brand they've got awesome vinyl skins for laptops phones tablets consoles controllers and pretty much anything else You'd want a skin to be on top of they use high quality Authentic, true textured 3m vinyl on every product and feature unrivaled precision In fact, they work for over a year with 3m to research and develop skins for the Nintendo switch They use a unique adhesive to protect the console and joy' cons without damaging anything on removal They got really close with 3m during that year and they're gonna go on a retreat this summer Actually, it's gonna be wet and wild with affordable pricing and worldwide shipping.

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They'll make you say, oh boy Do I want one of those deep brands to be my friend? Check it out. Hit the link below Onto the quick bits Nintendo has finally released details about how it's a Nintendo online service is going to work Well, it will enable online play cloud saves and offer access to a selection of classic NES games It will not bring the Virtual Console with it So if you want to play the original versions of some GameCube and Wii games eBay and Craigslist will welcome you with open arms dirty sometimes sticky But they're open Dota is adding its own battle royale modes sort of with a new mode called the under holo Where multiple teams will quest through a dungeon fighting NPC monsters and each other before the labyrinth collapses Maybe it'll end with you jumping on a bandwagon and riding out of there to safety (horse hooves noise) That's not bad flying cars are a cool idea but it seems like as a society we're just gonna settle on making small planes drones and calling them flying cars or at least uber will the company showed off their latest decidedly, un car like design Recently and sure it's cool It's just not a car.

It's a plane helicopter bus thing Which Linus likes to call? I got nothing He's got nothing. a plane helicopter bus thing we can just call it that. Nvidia claimed high refresh rate 4k monitors with g-sync and HDR would be launching soon And now it appears that the first one the acer x27 will finally be launching in the next few weeks So buckle up boys and a german service called games from space Promises to get you free games if you only let them mine cryptocurrency on your GPU This might be a bad idea for a number of reasons Primarily because electricity cost money and you might just end up paying more under hydro Bowl and secondly We know the games aren't from space guys You think games are just floating around up there. They're not. Yeah, there's like nebulous comets? Get on with it, there's lots of stuff and that is it for the second episode of Tech Linked.

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I am so excited to be here guys. It's kind of surreal I was on the outside for so long that I feel like some kind of secret informant or something. (background linus interuption + laughing) (Linus: You pimp that stuff on your own time.) Oh, I'm so sorry. I just felt the emotion. Anyway, you guys have been so nice to me on Twitter and stuff, But there will be many more episodes for us to reminisce and chat. Thanks for watching. We're working on t-shirts and stuff So stay tuned for that subscribe to tech linked hit the notification alarm-bell thingy So, you know when we go live, Love you so much and I'll see you later guys See ya!.