/Using Guarding Vision as DDNS

Using Guarding Vision as DDNS

Video: Using Guarding Vision as DDNS


I recommend using Guarding Vision to achieve the functionality of DDNS. To do that, you need to: First, Enable Guarding Vision Settings on NVR/DVR Second, Enroll NVR/DVR to your Guarding Vision account To enable Guarding Vision on NVR/DVR: You need to open Menu -> Configuration -> Network -> Platform Access Check the enable box Check the prompt and click the OK button Now you need to assign a verification code, at least 6 digits and click the Apply button You will now see status shows online after refreshing tab.

After status shows online, you can use your phone to enroll this device to your Guarding Vision account. First, you need to open the Guarding Vision app Then, click on the + icon at top right corner and click on scan QR code With that done, you can scan the QR code on the display and the Guarding Vision app will find the device Click Add Wait for a few seconds Then you will need to enter username and password for NVR/DVR, click the Finish button Now the device is enrolled in your account To check the device’s WAN IP address, you can visit guardingvision.com Login your account And you will see your device WAN IP and port number Please note, if you haven’t enable UPNP or port forwarding, you won’t be able to login to your device But you can still see the device’s external IP address and its status..

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