/Using Bad Moon the RIGHT Way in PvZ Heroes

Using Bad Moon the RIGHT Way in PvZ Heroes

Video: Using Bad Moon the RIGHT Way in PvZ Heroes


Your loss is here HAHAHA *Screaming* Let's START the PARTY BOIS Happy birthday, PvZ It's been 10 years *yay crowd* Alright Today I… Stop the party have a rng deck for y'all, this time it's not a winning deck But a deck for you to have FUN! You can also add brain vendors to this deck Also there is a special treatment for this video There is going to be animated trailers at 60fps (smooth) instead of 30fps at the end (8:35) What is that big potato doing goo goo gaga *hasn't showered for 25 weeks* What is that gonna do, dirty potato WOw OoF *system crashed* Round 2 Epic comeback.mp4 Perfect Card COmbo *scary* Love hehhe Wow it really Works!! GOdbot 1000 *spinning* Heavy robots Bad Moon Rising is very naughty It should be removed from PvZ Heroes XD Only Turn 5 and all of this happened This is complete craziness All Kaboom hero's Secret power Please don't get another one Thank God Testing Please no super phew! Ok now the trailers, make sure you play this video in 60fps for the full effect instead of the official choppy video by PvZ.

ENJOY!! Realism No previous battle no other moment indeed nothing this Colosseum has ever seen can match the gravity of tonight's event Now we witnessed the world's mightiest heroes gather for the honor competing on this legendary 2009 You.

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