/Upgrading Firmware on InCommand® Displays

Upgrading Firmware on InCommand® Displays

Video: Upgrading Firmware on InCommand® Displays


In this video, we will go through the process of upgrading the firmware on the InCommand display. Keeping your InCommand display up to date will make sure you have all the latest features and enhancements to get the most of your Ag Leader investment. To begin the upgrade process, we will begin on the computer to download the firmware upgrade from the Ag Leader website. A USB Drive will need to be connected to the computer. Open a web browser and go to: www.agleader.com.

On the upper right of the screen, hover your mouse over Support and a dropdown will appear. Then click Downloads on the dropdown. Click Display Firmware. Then we will need to click the appropriate display. For this example, we will upgrade an InCommand 1200. Then we will need to click the upgrade file and it will begin downloading as shown at the bottom of the display. Once the download is complete, click the arrow next to the file name, and click “Show in Folder”. This shows the upgrade file in the folder on the computer where it is downloaded. We need to click and drag the upgrade file to our USB Drive on the left and it will copy the file to the USB Drive. Once the copying has completed, we can click the name of the USB Drive to view the contents. Here we can verify the upgrade file does show up on the USB Drive. We can now take that USB Drive from the computer and insert it in the USB Port on the side of the InCommand Display. From the home screen, tap the AgFiniti Status, Device Status, and Satellite Status Indicator icon in the upper right.

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Tap Data Transfer from the dropdown. Then tap Upgrade Firmware. A window will open with the USB Contents. Tap the upgrade file that we downloaded on the computer and tap the green check. The display will begin processing the upgrade file. The display will prompt you that the upgrade is ready to install and verify you would like to continue. Tap the green check. The display will begin installing the upgrade file. Once complete, the display will restart. Once the display powers back up, you are ready to begin operating in the field. If you’d like to see more short tutorials from Ag Leader, please subscribe to our YouTube channel..