/Unlock more in Adobe Lightroom with this single key

Unlock more in Adobe Lightroom with this single key

Video: Unlock more in Adobe Lightroom with this single key


I hope you're enjoying summer as much as I am I've got the farmer's tan going full force right now Today I'm inside even though it's gorgeous out to show you a lightroom tip that I'm hoping you haven't seen yet. [music playing] I think everybody kind of navigates Lightroom in a way that they kind of know what they need to do and they don't really go outside of that this is a tip that someone showed me years ago that I use all the time. and that is holding down the Option [alt on Windows] key to unlock hidden features I have a photo open of Sarah Edwards she is a jet dragster driver which is..

.I've tried about five times to say that right she basically races a jet engine strapped to four wheels. So normally starting a photograph like this I'd probably go in and adjust my crop a little bit get that straightened out a hair. I like to set the ends of my exposure first so my white and black points so I know where the whitest white is and the blackest black is first before I start shoving around everything in the middle Normally though people would grab the whites slider and kind of just pull it left or right and maybe we look up here at this histogram but, in general it's just kind of by feel by holding down the option key [alt key on windows] and then sliding or grabbing the option key while sliding we get this kind of crazy display with white and black pixels Now what this is is it's actually showing us the pixels that are blown out or "clipped" would be the proper term meaning they display above pure white so what's nice is as you go in here we can look at where that background her shirt and her leggings are all blowing out now that might be a desired effect, something you might want.

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but you want to know where that startsv we grab that one and we pull it back just a little bit so only the shirt is white then we go down here to the blacks slider and we can pull it up so just those leggings have a little bit of black in them we can go in here and pull our highlights and use the same tool if we want to same thing with shadows we don't want to get rid of those, if we go too far but we want to keep some of that now we can go back to our blacks and whites compared to the start, we kind of get a little more dynamic range without sacrificing highlight or shadow detail so probably the most important use of the option [alt] key outside of exposure, is on your sharpening tool Now you can use it on all four of the sharpening tools amount, radius, detail and masking however the most important one is masking by holding down the option [alt] key and sliding the masking slider right or left it will adjust the amount of sharpening that is applied meaning, it will only apply it to the areas that now show up in white now tell me using that sharpening masking is in anyway useful now that you know you can hold down the option [alt] key and modify it I mean you're flying blind and now you can see exactly in bright white, where that sharpening is going on total difference but in addition to using it on the computer we can actually use it on our phone.

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if you go into the lightroom app and then make an adjustment but then while you're making an adjustment hold on the screen with your second finger on another hand you can actually get a similar effect so we can go in here and see where those blacks and whites are coming in hey that's it for this one if you want to check out Sarah, her Instagram and a video my buddy Zach and I made for her are linked below leave a comment with what you want to learn next from Lightroom of course hit that like button and hit that subscribe if you want to see more great content like this I'm on Instagram @brettinreallife thanks so much for watching Have a great afternoon! I have no idea when you watch this, it could be two in the morning Have a great two in the morning Thanks so much for watching guys! See you next time.