/TSP’s Baap Baap Hota Hai | Baap Ka Janamdin

TSP’s Baap Baap Hota Hai | Baap Ka Janamdin

Video: TSP’s Baap Baap Hota Hai | Baap Ka Janamdin


Last night I saw you in my dreams without horns. With a pineapple cake, it also had a cherry on top. That's when I knew that you were taken from hell and thrown into heaven. I woke up from my sleep and saw that it was midnight. You were the first person to wish me, as always. But I don't know why you had brought handcuffs as a gift. Have you started to hate me? or love me a little too much? I threw a surprise birthday party for dad last night in my dreams. Even you were there for it and you looked beautiful. You can only make me meet your dad in dreams. If I truly come there, you'll say I'm a beggar and chase me away. How can I chase you away like that? How can someone chase away a beggar like you? I'll first ask why you need the money.

or if you're just lying about it, like me. – Hello? – Hello? Look, Verma, I know you're being a smart-ass. You've called me after seeing your Facebook notification, haven't you? That's not true, Jha ji. It's the only day I get free booze, I have to pay my wife on other days. Yeah, I know. Even I had to pay her. Okay, come over in the evening. We'll have a drink. Didn't I tell you I'll give you a treat tomorrow? Thank you. Okay, suppose it's the day of 'Durga Pooja', how much charity will you give me? I'll give you 100 bucks. I won't give you anything as good omen. instead I'll take something. A kiss! I was fixing my moustache, dad. Haven't I told you a million times not to go to the bathroom with the phone? If you drop it in the water someday, I'll light your phone on fire.

– It's waterproof. – It isn't fire proof, is it? What's this doing in your hand? It's playing, just like you do when I catch you. Touch my feet atleast today, will you? Will you touch them or should I touch you with them? Dad, it's not like it's my birthday to touch your feet. I bought it for Priyanka's parents 'cause it's their anniversary. When did move from Preeti to Priyanka? – And this is for them? – Yeah, who did you think it was for? – I didn't think of anything. – Why did you unpack it then? I simply have to do it again. I had hopes attached to the wrong person. Take 20 bucks from my pocket and get it repacked. Dad, the person is absolutely right. He'll do the job in 15 bucks. Then buy tape for 5 bucks and tape your mouth shut! – Dad? – What is it? Please shut the door after you.

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I often forget it. You forget a lot! Someday I'll forget to mention you in my will. He's not even read his Facebook notification yet. He's so sucked in to his in-laws lives that he remembers their anniversary but not his father's birthday. Mr. Jha… That's what the world has become, everyone's forgotten 'bout it, but I haven't. I'll be there sharp at 7! I feel like thrashing him with his own cricket bat. Take my wife's bat in that case, it hurts like crazy when you use it. And beat him to your heart's content. I'll also get a break for two days. Fine, I'll give you a drink this evening, you chill now. The English word 'chill', man. You hang up now, I'll go eat some lunch. Hello? She hung up so soon. ?? What do you want to eat? My hunger can be satisfied, but what about your hunger pangs? If you continue to yearn for food so much, you'll end up getting thrashed one day. – Tell me what you want me to order? – You've been ordering quite a bit these days.

Food, underwear and gifts for others. Are you breathing or is that also added to cart? You're the son of a common man, not the president's. Dad, even the president is a common man. Shut up! There's food from last night, here take the key. Go serve yourself, I'll going to take a nap. You go run behind girls more, idiot! Get more riled up and angry, this surprise will be more fun now. Pinto, dad's sleeping and I've done everything here. We have to surprise him, and if he doesn't like it, the 4 of you hold him and I'll escape from the back door. Okay? Fine, meet me there. Happy Birthday, Jha ji! Happy Birthday, Jha ji! Here's your gift. You opened it already? Fine, make me drink then. Did you buy it or did you snatch it? Jha, I'm not someone that snatches things. I stole my wife's and got it here. Your son doesn't seem to be around, Jha.

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He's gone to his in-laws place to celebrate their anniversary. It's your fault. You've been so lenient with him and now he's taking you for granted. Sometimes I wonder, who is doing who a favor between the two of them. Jha, don't be tensed. No! It's your day today. Go get some ice. I'll keep some finger food ready. – Get it. – Yeah, okay. – I'll get some ice. – Make sure it's cold. I didn't know you get hot ice. – I was joking. – You've become quite funny. Why don't you try your hand at stand-up? Pineapple? You're done celebrating so soon? Were you cutting a cake or something else? Dad, some test came up for tomorrow. So I got everyone here to study together. What are you all looking at? All the books are inside and we'll study there. Get in. Touch his feet while you go in. Come on.

You don't ever touch my feet. – I don't feel good, Jha. It's such a big day… – You don't think so much. He's got my blood in him and must be like me only. I was talking about this plain soda. If there was some alcohol to go along with it, we could've had some fun. Have patience, Verma. The fruit of patience will be bitter today. Uncle Verma, don't you work at the bank? Come alone now, we have some bank doubts. Don't go, Verma. The last time he called me for the same, 2000 bucks vanished from my account. I'm from counter 5, I'll whatsapp the contact of the guy from counter 3. – You ask him. – Don't give me the OTP. Come now. – Come on now. – Go, Verma, help them with studies. – We anyway talk so less about studies here. – You have a problem with studying as well. Are you going to ambush me? Listen, uncle… Listen to me. Look.. Listen! I'm going to bring dad in now, then we'll turn on the lights, then we'll cut the cake and sing 'happy birthday' for him.

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If everything goes well, then by God's grace, dad will be surprised. That's all fine, but what's your bank doubt? Papa, come. Uncle is not ale to solve it. You're flunking me without even taking the test! – One, two, three, surprise…! – One, two, three, surprise…! What's all this? What do you think? Aren't you surprised? I didn't even know when you did all this. How would you know? I planned it so well. Yeah, it's a solid plan. Okay, wait… Let's take a selfie before we cut the cake. Everyone come on pose with dad. Dad, this was for you only. You started doubting so I pretended. Yeah, I didn't know at all. Here, press this and listen to music. I'll go check. You? What are you doing here? Are you insane? If dad sees us he'll throw us both out. We'll have to live like beggars then. But I'm invited. – Who is it? – No one, dad.

It's a beggar. Hey we look rich, but aren't. You don't come in… Go ahead… Listen, I only invited Priyanka. You never call her anyway, do you? Uncle called me during the day and told me you were planning a surprise party. So I'm here. Will you call her in or are you going to make our guest stand out only. – Stupid nut. – Touch his feet. Touch his feet.. Touch his feet.. Okay… You knew about the surprise? Jha knows everything. Son, I can smell pineapples from miles away..