/Trik mengetahui semua isi Android pacar dari jarak jauh

Trik mengetahui semua isi Android pacar dari jarak jauh

Video: Trik mengetahui semua isi Android pacar dari jarak jauh


hi,friends Meet me again on this simple channel This time I will share the trick how to spy on someone else's Android smartphone By using this trick you can spy on almost all activity on Android smartphone that person Like SMS, Call log, last location, site ever visited… Messages in WhatsApp, Facebook and more If you want to know how, watch this video Before I continue, please subscribe by clicking the subscribe button Click the bell icon Help to share these videos and channels to your social media As a support for me to create the next tutorial okay i continue first step download Spy phone app the first step of downloading the Spy phone app on the spyphoneapp.com website click download Spy phone app click download click ok then install the Spy phone app on someone else's Android smartphone once it's installed on someone else's Android, click open Do not check display notification to hide spy phone app on someone else's smartphone click accept-next enter an email email confirmation enter the password change the name of the spy phone account to your liking click notification settings allow notification access click accessibility settings click SPAPP monitoring allow SPAPP monitoring access click check warnings click disable warnings click activate admin rights click request administrator rights click active click exit click disable warning click app usage settings click backup allow usage tracking click back click exit then open the spy phone website from your Android smartphone enter the email and password you have registered click sign in click the account name Now you can see activity on that person's Android smartphone, Like last location, incoming and outgoing SMS, call log, sites visited .

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.. Whatsapp app activity, like messages, internet calls and video calls… photo activity, facebook, video and other social media application activities In addition to seeing activity on Android smartphones, you can also control the Android smartphone that person from a distance how, click live control click again live control and this is a command to control the person's Android smartphone remotely like take picture, restart wifi, stop wifi, start wifi… send location, reset Android settings to standard … start alarm, lock Android, change notification settings to be still, vibrating or normal… last send a track location remove wipe command do not you try, For remote wipe command do not you try, because the command is to delete all data on Android smartphone that person to see more complete spy phone feature, click for more detail go to spy phone app the look of the spy phone website will turn into a desktop display these are the features of spy phone if you want to delete account spy phone click account select delete click delete account click yes you should also remove the spy phone application from that person's Android smartphone, from Android settings ..

. search the application menu select backup backup is a spy phone application click uninstall click deactive and uninstal Like that trick from me this time, hopefully can be useful use this trick wisely to test someone's honesty I am not responsible for what happens after you use this trick as usual, If you like this video do not forget to click likes leave comments and share to your social media Thank you for watching and see you again.