/Transferring Titles to an E-Reader Via Adobe Digital Editions

Transferring Titles to an E-Reader Via Adobe Digital Editions

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Hello everyone. I am Natalie, the eRead Illinois ebook trainer for the Axis 360 platform. I just want to show you how transfer a book from the eRead Illinois shared collection on to your ereader device via your computer and Adobe Digital Editions. If you own a more basic ereader device, such as basic Nook, Kobo, or anything along those lines that isn't more tablet based. What you're going to do to get books on to your ereader is transfer them via Adobe Digital Editions. When you are in the collection what you're going to want to look for under list view or on the info screen you hover over a title are books that are available as either a PDF or ePub file.

Once you find a book that you're interested in that is in one of those two formats you just want to make sure you select ePub/PDF and then go ahead and click check out. It gives you a little message letting you know that you have checked your book out and then we are able to go to My List and go to my checked out items. What you're going to look for is the Download link. You're going to click on Download and a little browser window is going to open. If you have a Sony reader what you'll likely see is the Reader for PC program. If you have anything else (the Nook Color or Reader or the Kobo) you're going to want to look for Adobe Digital Editions. Adobe Digital Editions will also allow you to read the book directly on your computer.

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So if you don't want to transfer to your device, you can read directly on your computer. Now I am going to click okay and that is going to open my book in Adobe Digital Editions for me. Now as I was saying, if you want to you can go ahead and use the scroll bar to read the book. Or you can click on the library button up here in the upper left hand corner and you'll see under Devices it lists my Kobo reader. Now the way I got that to show up is I took the USB cable that came with my reader and plugged one end into my Kobo and one into my computer. And that is what allows your computer to say that it recognizes the device. The first time you plug your device in a little screen will pop up asking you to authorize it and you'll enter your Adobe ID and password So now I want to go ahead and transfer my book from my book shelf to my device. So what I'm going to do is click on the book that I've checked out and I wanna hold the mouse button down. Then you can see that I'm able to drag the book with me.

And then I just drag the title over to where it says Kobo eReader. And you can see the little red circle became a little green plus sign. Once that happens I can release my mouse button. It will go ahead and transfer the book to my device for me. If you want to make sure it made it, if you click on your device name it will show you the different items that you currently have downloaded to your ereader. So I have been getting started guide, I have another book that I had previously checked out and then I have my new book. And 1862 I actually returned so it is no longer valid. So what I'm going to do is clean up my Kobo quickly. I can do that by right clicking on that title and doing Remove from Library. So Remove from Library will delete that from my device. And now the book is gone. Now I would go to the bottom of my screen and and look for my eject option and then tell it I want to go ahead and eject my reader.

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It will tell you that it's safe to remove your hardware. And you can see my device is no longer listed and it has taken me back to my all items shelf. And then I would just unplug my device from my computer, sync it up and I would be able to read it directly on my device. Once I'm done with the book, if I reopen Adobe Digital Editions and right click on the book that I had checked out you'll see that Return Borrowed Item is an option and I can click on that and it will ask me to confirm. Then I just click Return and it will take that item off my account. And then in about five minutes I'll be able to go in and check out a new item if that had been my final checkout. So that is how you can go ahead and check out and transfer to your ereader. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to let me know.