/Train Taxi Gameplay: Got A Train Driver Job, It Ended Terribly. – Android

Train Taxi Gameplay: Got A Train Driver Job, It Ended Terribly. – Android

Video: Train Taxi Gameplay: Got A Train Driver Job, It Ended Terribly. – Android


hello ladies and gentlemen my name is Vince welcome to my train taxi gameplay for the Android ladies and gentlemen we are playing train taxi this is a game that's making the rounds on the Android Marketplace apparently Train Taxi is very very fun we'll give it a try it looks like this game is pretty much just the game snake but with trains pretty much just don't hit yourself simple as that okay oh you're not blowing yourself up so these little villages or civilians here they put their lives in my hands and the train driver so that was their first mistake all right because I don't know how good we're gonna go here I do hope you guys to enjoy this by the way looks like the game is forcing me to rate so we're not gonna rate their game especially when they forced me to let's go grab this key to the key straight away good okay we're looking pretty good right now see look if I go right okay I we're not blowing myself up so let's go left pretty straight just missed that completely then my bad that's alright we'll come back around nice we'll pick up these last p1 I just missed it Oh brutal see what happens if you miss it everyone you completely have to go all the way around again either way we just completed level three simple simple okay alright there's a lot more people in the field right now looks like there's different trains here as well and then you get coins for the trains how do you get coins I've actually got no idea right now the game is 100% free from what I can tell I mean I haven't seen any in-game purchases just yet but maybe I'm not looking like hard enough obviously but either way let's pick up these guys that's all done doing pretty well right now everyone okay now you guys oh hang on this coins here sick man alright hang on I don't say there's coins I was gonna ask you all if you guys can beat me on this game let me know how far you can get with in train taxi I'd love to hear it and of course if you're enjoying the video please remember of course it hit that like and subscribe button okay alright next level here we go pretty straightforward so far right we haven't crashed just yet usually when I say something like that I drink myself but right now is looking pretty decent I can we'll take the left hand beautiful look at that man we haven't crashed at all guys we're doing pretty good everyone's happy there are no deaths on my train driving career which is awesome where they keep going up here they're over on level 6 big clock tower in the middle the map that's right that might mean time sticking down for these poor people's lives but I won't talk about that there we go nice done level six completed I have one key not too sure what the keys do just yet either but that's alright let's grab the next key wonderful let's go through here just really try not to die at all if I can avoid blowing myself up in this episode I'll be very happy Oh No thank the Lord oK we've made everyone don't worry all good done somehow my train jumps for joy as well when we've made it to the end which is always a good sign I mean that's even the train itself saying good job you didn't blow us up today Vince you're a legend it's a level 8 at the moment doing very well need to pick up 70 people that's all done here as well great very straightforward games so far minutes make me excited because I thought it'd be very hard but it's not let's cut up here beautiful let's cut back around what's funny is I used to love trains when I was younger as well guys did you all ever get those wooden train sets growing up they have like the little wooden wheels and the trains themselves and the tracks with trains and it was all like magnetic those things were so awesome man seriously if you didn't get them growing up I feel bad for you in a way because they will epic absolutely epic we actually have a three stars here as well Chester room it guys go check out the chest room what do we got here best reward okay what's this Chester getting fifty five gold what's this gonna give me 25 gold and what's this gonna give me forty five gold alright so sadly we did not get any of the Train there that's okay let's go get some more coins here as well from the coin mine as a game likes to call it that's all done completed lovely lovely that makes me happy we now have over 200 coins every one that should mean I can purchase a new train soon right Shirley so grab these people here are those little lollipops in the middle of the map all those balloons I'm assuming they're balloons just in a car to randomly no worries at all game level 11 completed done beautiful it is absolutely cruising through train taxi right now without any real worries in the world which is great to see still have not blow myself up at all which is very very rare guys usually all these people will be dead by now I'm not lying but somehow we're managing to not destroy anything which is reigns and speaking of the subject I have seen as other games like this is well I'm pretty sure the last one I played was the bobble – they're probably from the same developers that's why more than likely but either way Gold Rush is definitely like this like heaps man once you sure gobble – came first or if this came first but either way train taxi definite reminds me of gobble – same exact concept level 14 completed they're all good guys really just smashing this hour with no worries in the world just on a full circle there accidentally whoops let's come down here pick all these people up great it's not going to go through there so I'm not blowing myself up we should be able to cut through here yes we can awesome done level 15 completed dude I'm not I'm not dying guys we're not slowing down at all here this is sweet dude I'm gonna go through this gold white here and try and pick up everything that we can look so there's no timing on the gold line as well so there's no it's real stuffing up which is great so extra fifty five coins there so now we have two hundred and something coins can I purchase a new train now unlike a random train 250 coins here we go what do we got is that really random oh yes it is okay I was looking at the one next to me I thought that's not random surely either way we got a new train everyone it's a pinkish purple looking train I don't think it makes any difference except for the skin itself so there's not gonna be any speed differences or anything like that it looks like no worries it's cut through here here we go this is where the game starts get a little bit harder see you guys if I make a wrong decision or end up blowing my whole train up which I don't want to do that was a wrong decision but technically I should be able to pick these people up before I die yes nice alright good that was 16 completed kinda looks like the levels are repeating themselves here as well was that that statue racing that one before oh wow that's close look at Chloe where to blowing ourselves up there dude all good all good don't you worry we'll keep going here gone very well let's try and cut up here if we can nice I'm dead oh we didn't die do it look at this i glitched the game out no way everyone look at this we didn't die we didn't actually blow up now the games aren't in this loop of course of course when I play these games or end up breaking them dude seriously what is this you know I can't get out of it I have to restart the game here we go everyone let me just restart the game quickly buddy al so I made my first mistake and instead of blowing up people got stuck on an endless loop of a track those poor poor people I feel very bad for them either way let's cut through here now unbelievable I don't know what happened just then we should be able to ace this level though surely let's cut back up nice let's go straight up now done all done everyone look at that level 18 beating this time around I only have one of the three keys though which is quite frustrating that's alright let's try and cut up here nice and I'm oh I didn't die wow that was close other let's say and I'm dead but no not today beautiful the train gods are being nice to me today everyone this is very good for us it's cut through here this is level 19 by the way we don't pretty decent done beautiful level 19 completed now run level 20 cut it through this whole area try not to blow myself up again try to pick up this one civilian there that I keep missing let's try and cut around there we go got a nice let's do a full circle here or square technically cut through here done sorry level 20 completed let's keep going really just having a fun time in this game so far set for that one crash see I don't really understand the appeal of these games guys you guys let me know what you like about these games so much or is I I understand they're quite fun to waste time on and all that but apparently there's like a hundred levels of this game which is very interesting to me 100 levels of this game do going around a track and also there's no real unique backgrounds either they just keep reusing the same backgrounds from what I can tell which is not really that cool one man come on dude seriously you can only switch it up a little bit but either way level 20s who completed nice now run the goldmine this is my favorite part of the whole game so far the goldmine ladies and gentlemen it's all done nice just actually 59 gold there to my bank but so we're almost at 100 by the way here I think I'm 90 something in total gold hoping to get another key here so I can get to the chest area I'm no key on this map just yet let's keep going up here's cut around very good that's all done number 23 conquered there's another carry great we have our third key guys of the game so that all here yo this is a unique map looks like we have some water finally coming in and out no worries let's cut down very nice let's go around here beautiful done double 24 beaten chest room off we go all right here we go come on give me the skin I want the skin game 25 35 and 60 no skin still are there really any skins on these so in these chests let's be honest right now I don't think so maybe I mean if you can get one you're very lucky I think either way around level 25 now just cruising through just swing around here pick up these two little people nice do a full circle come back around eat some people in this area there we go only a couple left it looks like right now all I might as stuffed up here that's where I will come back around again hopefully this works out for the best that's find out yes it did oh thank the Lord all right we did it everyone done 25 conquered another key as well two keys on the same map really that's a bit different okay I'm happy with that makes it a bit better for me doesn't it guys let's try and cut through here go around very nice and done beautiful now I'm wondering do the tracks repeat as well or not guys let me know in the comments do you see any repeating in the tracks cuz I'm really paid that close of attention to the tracks to see if I okay off out again so I guess is this what happens when you fail you're just going to endless loop usually they'll be like a game over or something wouldn't it be alright no worries that's an asleep again guys absolutely no problem whatsoever there let's restart the game again what a crazy situation this game turned into right now with the losing side of things so if you lose you run the risk of failing completely and running around an endless loop until you shut the game off which is pretty interesting to me I mean is that they've done that on purpose or something like that I'm not too sure but either way let's just go grab these people here if we can no we cannot after doing our loop here sadly I trained way too big now far out big boy train everyone not playing around in the way that's done their love with 27 feet nice level 28 I need another key is there another key on this mission or not so I don't think so it is absolutely no keys on this map right now which is quite lame but oh well let me try and cut around here and grab these two people sitting here doing nothing there we go nice that's it all done beautiful level 28 Concord runaway at level 30 here guys are doing pretty well at least I can swear to God through their recycling the same stuff that I don't know why got that gut feeling there might be minor changes but that's about it oh yes goldmine again ladies and gentlemen wonderful let's try and grab everything that we can nice a nice doing well doing well try to swing back around and we're done 49 gold this time around from the goldmine I can get another skim here what's this skin gonna give me here we go let's have a look get ready trains I'm like random no 500 gold needed oh wow okay you need 500 gold to get the next train so it keeps going up and up and up it looks like oh okay this could be interesting then this could be interesting my friends get ready for this no worries let's cut back around here anyway I've been a little bit scared of how long it's gonna take me to get to 500 gold but I think I just blew myself up there but the game did not register it I love it absolutely love this let's go to 31 you've got my next go gold key that means we head to the chest room again baby yes love it let's cut up here and that's all done chess room here we go this one here no skin and no skin and no skin sadly noise skins at all this time around no worries game thank you very much for that anyway getting my hopes up appreciate it we're level 32 right now by the way guys that's pretty decent to cut up here and nice nice nice cut through and we're done level three to be beaten just like that good stuff let's keep the grind going here there we should be able to smash this out theoretically let's keep going here man as much we can very good cut through still no deaths I mean technically do you count what happened to me as a death I don't mean oh man seriously the game is crazy let's cut up here come all the way back around pick up these two guys here we're done nice level 33 beam now there's a statue again it just not too sure if each of these levels are custom-made or not if I go that way I'll die but I can cut back around again and I'm dead I actually die this time dude it it killed me this time well that's rare okay so I don't have to restart my game technically whoa let's keep going that was funny though it actually crashed finally we have a loss of life here on the tracks ladies and gentlemen my bad either way level 34 beats in now 135 just cruising through this level trying to ace this or as much as I can right now trying to spin around they'll probably kill me if I go that way that's alright let's go down hand down here very good very good game grab all those people and we're done level 35 beat now as well easy mode bro absolutely easy mode two keys on this map let's try grab these two keys here if we can keep going keep spinning around no problems up up up come on don't foul me game keep going up nice bro doing okay oh I've dead I'm dead why I went through myself again dude what's wrong with a game it's glitched it has to be glitch because I would have died there now would have been a crash surely I mean I thought if you hit your town you die let's see as simple as that I don't know what's going on ladies Joe it's very odd to me either way gold mines completed that's done wonderful stuff are there any keys in this map or not we'll find out a second I don't think so you look either way everyone I want to wrap it up here if you guys enjoy please remember to hit that like finding will help my channel grow read or appreciate you're checking out the video as well and watching to the end okay subscribe if you haven't yet helps new girl as well leave a comment tell me what you think of train taxi what a game what a game I will play it again if you want me to okay that's your guys see you later.

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