/Toppr – India’s Best Learning App

Toppr – India’s Best Learning App

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Have you ever wondered how learning can be much more personal? Learning subjects like, Maths and Science at your own pace. Whenever you want, wherever you want. At Toppr we are re-creating that learning experience …making school learning simpler and smarter for you. With over, 2000 video lectures to learn from, and concept sheets that help you revise …all the important stuff from every chapter, there's no way you would miss out on anything in your course. Need more practice? Our question bank has over 3 lakh! questions. That come with hints and solutions.

There is no limit to how much a Toppr student can practice. What if your stuck with doubts? You can always chat with our team of …IIT students, teachers and subject experts, …who'll personally guide you through any part of your course. What else? As a part of the All India test series, every Toppr student gets access to 40-full length mock tests ..where you compete with 7 lakh! students from all over India. Our reports and analysis, help you figure out your weak areas. If you're in the 8th – 12th standard, Toppr can help you ace all your exams and have fun while doing it. Toppr, India's best learning app..

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