Video: TOP 5 BEST NEW Indie Games Out THIS WEEK


hey there and welcome to get indie gaming and to the first of a new series where we take a look at five of the most promising indie games coming out this week up later we have a frantic platform shooter a real-time tactics driven roguelike in a 2d side-scroller with hand-drawn graphics and with that let's jump straight into the action at number five and available November 15th on the PC we have a new adventure from the team behind the bad dream series bad dream fever is the follow-up to bad dream coma and retains the point-and-click style of the series where players find themselves in a world overrun by an ink plague that's wiped out most of the population you control eller in what developers are calling a distinctive feverish climate of puzzles that require creativity to solve while the gameplay and graphics are distinguished by a large dose of abstraction with a gripping overall storyline with a play time in the region of four hours bad dream fever will certainly appeal to fans of the franchise although newcomers will have no issues starting this afresh at number four launching onto the PC this coming Friday a sixth ink into early access sticky BOTS from Toronto based potions games is an all-out frantic platform shooter that looks to offer a fairly unique adrenaline soaked action-packed single-player together with an online experience for up to 10 other people the idea for sticky BOTS came from watching geckos and their ability to walk across walls so of course there's a simple linear line from these little critters to grenade launcher welding robots in any case with this one there's six character classes to choose with you being able to swap between the mid-battle within this side-scrolling environment that's all about speed transformation and like any other good gecko the ability to stick to ceilings and walls are number three distraint 2 is another sequel with this being the follow-up to the 2015 side-scrolling psychological horror about a man gaining a company partnership through some fairly unscrupulous means creator see makanan recently likened distraint to as being a mix of Zelda Silent Hill with a smattering of Monkey Island thrown within it we expect distraint to to offer a complex story that's full of twists and compelling characters this one pops out 13th November and if you haven't played the original it's currently on sale with an 85 percent discount via the Steam online store every culture tells tales of descent into the underworld and in the number-two position underworld ascendant launches this thursday 15th players can expect an immersive experience with plenty of sneaking around stabbing people in the back and other such behavior that firmly puts us in mind of the dishonored would Deus Ex Human Revolution franchises gameplay falls into three categories by way of magic melee and stealth with the players being able to focus on one particular Flay style or adopt a mix-and-match approach these type of elements will be familiar to many and should make the game appealing to a wide range of audiences one to stay in the shadows well that's no problem with the stealth options same goes for RPG fans who like a good first-person fight and also for people interested in the magic side of things while there have been a few raised eyebrows at the overall quality of this one from people who've played early builds there's been plenty time on this one for the developers to iron out any sort of issues one of the most interesting areas for us within underworld ascendant comes from its checkpoint system rather than having auto saves as you'd normally get them here you must find saplings of a tree within each level and planting them in fertile soil will offer you a place to return to if you're killed off myth leveled we're thinking fans of RPGs will be well worth checking in to underworld ascendant when it launches later this coming week the winner by a good stretch for indie games coming out this week bad north while already out on the switch finds its way onto the PC this coming Friday here we have an arty ass with roguelike elements that's been stripped right back to the bare bones of the genre it's all rather simple you're tasked with marshalling up to four army units around a procedurally generated island to sea off hordes of faceless invaders these invaders arrive by Viking longboats and appear out of the fog various rates and intervals in a nice little touch bad North uses a type of turn-based system which helps keep things at an even pace while you decide where to move your troops the on-screen action slows to an almost standstill thus giving you space and time to better plan your course of action well we often avoid RTS games bad north is a truly enjoyable experience that looks wonderful with its subtle color palette and given the score it sounds just as great if you only pick up one indie game this coming week better make it bad north so what did you think of this week's top 5 indie game picks let us know in the comments section or via get indie gaming on Twitter many thanks for watching we look forward to welcoming you all here again soon for more indie game goodness.

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