/Top 5 Best MORE NEW Indie Games of August 2019

Top 5 Best MORE NEW Indie Games of August 2019

Video: Top 5 Best MORE NEW Indie Games of August 2019


August 20 1908 indie gaming I'm taking you through a selection of five more games out this August you're gonna want to take a look at before we do is a handful of additional honorable mentions in Mabel in the word you play as a young girl recently resurrected by a strange and obscure cult that lives out in the forest this Metroidvania sees you able to shift your form into different creatures and uses a retro inspired 16-bit look and feel the first of two full motion video games in this rundown Erica was surprisingly launched just after Jeff Keeley's Gamescom Opening Night Live presentation and is a PlayStation 4 exclusive Erica is well produced and coming in between two to three hours of playtime it's something fans of FMV shouldn't overlook dark the last honorable mention for August tells the story of a boy called Lloyd trapped inside his own nightmare having the ability to bend the known laws of physics to manipulate the world around him you spend much of your time working through levar based puzzles that are often cryptic but never overly indulgent with those honorable mentions all done and dusted let's move into the main course and take a look at five more indie games out in August that are well worth checking out at number five and out in early access from August 28 monster Sanctuary started life back in 2015 and recently as late last year took to Kickstarter and brought in just over a hundred and five thousand euros which was over five times the initial funding goal monster sanctuary is a mix of Pokemon monster catching and battling together with exploration mechanics of your everyday Metroidvania z' you play as a young Explorer hoping to become the ultimate monster keeper Kombat takes the form of three versus three battles meaning you're able to create combination based attacks with your monsters which in turn can see you being rewarded some of the most rare monster eggs each monster also has the unique skill tree which means you're able to tailor and personalize each of your beasts according to your specific combat style aside from the combat each monster has their own differing abilities and getting around the game world this means you're only able to access certain parts of the play area once you've caught the monster with the given ability to traverse into these sealed off areas while only out in early access everything feels solid looks great and has the potential to become a firm favorite for fans of monster catchers in general welcome to all what's warehouse a game for people who love to organize things Wilmot is in charge of this enormous warehouse where deliveries arrive at the bottom customers place orders at the top time is limited though because nobody likes waiting too long for their orders so I've been organizing similar objects into groups to make it easier to find what I need at Number Four and just out today this August 29th on the PC and Nintendo switch Wilmots warehouse comes from developers Riki hagit and Richard hog with it published by the wonderful folks at Finn G best described as a puzzle game for people who really like to organize stuff you play as Wilmot an employee of the a5 logistics firm who's responsible for organizing storing and stacking all of the products within the firm's warehouse the products arrive into the warehouse in a random jumble from the back of delivery wagons and at some point they are handed over to your co-workers on demand when requested at the warehouse service hatch how you go about organizing these products well that's up to you you can choose to do this via their color product type or any other format you can choose to think of it's totally up to you but be warned in what feels eerily knowing or otherwise similar to reports of the workings of Amazon's behemoth storage areas if you're too slow in locating items when they are requested at the service hatch you won't receive the coveted performance stars you need to secure various upgrades with which to improve your warehouse overall I'm fairly sure I'll get a real kick out of Wilmots warehouse when I download it from the Nintendo eShop later this coming afternoon it's just piling up like the worst at number three and out this past week on the PlayStation 4 and PC Knights and bikes is a coming-of-age tale starring two girls called Nessa and Demelza their bikes and a cantankerous goose call captain honkers best played in online or couch co-op Knights and bikes are set within the late 1980s on an island off the coast of Cornwall down on the southwest of what we now all know is Great Britain like many seaside towns of the time period and furs II has had its better days with the economic downturn of the late 1980s leading to financial hardship for demelza's father who at the beginning of the game faces eviction from his home and business this is one of the better-looking games out all year with everything being hand painted in what could easily pass as a child's pop-up coloring book the visuals have that shiny almost wax-like appearance you see in pictures drawn from Crayola Crayons and everything from the background to the characters you meet and enemies you fight well they're all wonderfully put together it's not without the odd floor here and there it's overly long with some sections particularly traversing from place to place feeling somewhat padded you'll also either loved or loathed certain audio sections including the opening title track and the noise the girls make during the running sections is for me somewhat grating that being said the team here at foam sword have pulled together a wonderful story that finally explores the notions of childhood naivety and adventure at number two and another game launching the day this video airs on August 29th heave-ho comes from developers look cartel and is published by devolver digital the game sees up to four players tasked with moving from point A to point B on a map without falling to their deaths while this sounds simple enough having spent some time with heave-ho earlier in the year EDX rezzed in London it certainly isn't a stroll in the park on a warm Sunday afternoon your character uses their elongated arms to grab hold of playing surfaces and each other to span the gaps between grapple points honestly heave-ho is best played with three others and couch co-op it's best to think of it as a similar experience to that of overcooked things can't easily and very quickly get full passive aggressive as you play make mistakes and naturally perhaps blame everybody else for your failings in a nice touch are able to customize your player character and also select avatars based on games such as Gris my friend Pedro and other titles from devolve as back-catalogue honestly it's all wonderful stuff and liable to become the number one couch co-op game within the get indie gaming household it's out today on PC and the Nintendo switch Hey I know well as you see me at number one telling lies is a supreme achievement and makes its way into my all-time top three indie games I've ever played it doubles down on developer Sam Barlow's previous game her story with it featuring a collection of videos you review out of sequence to piece things all together the acting is superb lis immersive and stands out as the best I've seen within any game of this format and makes parts of Erika shown earlier utterly wooden in comparison the story and writing is as sharp as the acting with it feelings are very personal and just so very human in the six or so hours play time if you watch each and every clip you thread together the sequence of events with you choosing in which order to view the various videos some clips last five or so minutes while others take a little over 30 seconds going into any specific detail of the plot would be too spoilery although once I got started I found it almost impossible to leave I play telling lies in one sitting and then again twice more since I'm sure to come back to it again to as no playthrough is the same in what in my opinion is the most rewarding interactive entertainment experiences ever produced so that's all we have time for in this bonus wrap-up video for indie games out in August 2019 be sure to let me know your thoughts down in the comments and as always please click on that like button and subscribe to the channel if you haven't already done so many thanks for watching I'll see you all here soon for more indie game videos.

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