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Top 10 Tomb Raider Scary Moments

Video: Top 10 Tomb Raider Scary Moments


Hello friends and welcome back to Top 10 Gaming. Im your host Johnny Rogers and before we get started make sure to hit that thumbs up button if you love Tomb Raider. Also let us know in the comments today well be talking about the Top 10 Tomb Raider Scary Moments Since this is a gaming channel I will keep all of the scary moments limited to the video game series even though the movies have featured a ton of them. #10 Den Escape In this mission Lara is faced with a number of terrifying challenges that sets the tone for the rest of the game. The Den escape is exactly how it sounds and if youre claustrophobic you may want to look away So not only does she fall from the ledge, lose her torch, but a giant boulder comes barrelling through the already small passage and nearly takes her out.

Scary stuff #9 Geothermal Caverns This is a very creepy mission where Lara is only equipped with a bow and must travel through methane filled caves. Along the way she has to avoid the poisonous gases and tread through blood filled waters that reek of cannibalism Everything about these caverns are scary, theres prisoners who are very pale trapped in cages, skulls everywhere and Lara even comes across a human sacrifice She even hears a creepy voice telling her that she has been spotted and will be eaten soon. #8 Escape The Russians This mission involves Lara being captured by Russian soldiers and the part where your heart will start racing is when shes trying to escape. Not only are her hands tied behind her back, but soldiers seem to be coming from every direction and in the background you can hear people in the camp being shot.

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Im not sure if its the same mission as the one you just saw but Lara has another terrible encounter with the Russians. Shes hiding out in a wood cabin hoping that no one would find her until the Russian leader just shows up and captures her. #7 Crossing The River This looks like a waterslide straight out of hell. Lara is simply trying to cross the river when suddenly the rapids throw her from a waterfall and then continue to push her into oncoming danger. There is a lot of sliding to avoid danger moments in these games, but this one is a scary one. She simultaneously has to not drown, avoid rapidly approaching danger, while using her gun to clear debris blocking her path. #6 Parachute Fall After Lara finally makes it through that brutal river she then falls into a wrecked plane of all things.

And as the glass beneath her breaks she reaches for a parachute just in the knick of time as she falls again. This scene is terrifying because she barely manages to open the chute in time and then has to deal with this #5 Plane Crash After Lara manages to activate an SOS message she creates a fire signal for a plane passing by. What she doesnt know is that Himikos power destroys anything that tries to approach the island. Lara soon finds out the hard way that shes going to need to slide down another terrifying hill to escape the crashing plane #4 Escape the Inferno After blowing off the gas caves, Lara has no choice but to quickly escape as a massive inferno demolishes the very floor shes standing on. Its not just third degree burns she has to worry about either.

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She also has to still defeat several different opponents along the way, oh and the building just keeps exploding which blocks her path and makes you a little jumpy if youre not prepared. oh oh and lets not forget this scary moment #3 Avalanche That clip is from Rise of the Tomb Raider and the level features a ton of scary moments while scaling the side of a mountain. The entire time while going up the mountain you increasingly become more uneasy as the ice slowly cracks and large chunks begin to fly in your direction. Not to mention she faces another terrifying slide of doom after trying to escape from an incoming avalanche. #2 Zombie Demons What would be a scary moment if we did add in some freaky zombie demons. Shadow of the Tomb Raider does not disappoint either when bringing us some classic heart attack moments while exploring the game.

In this level you continue to see these freaky zombie demons running around everywhere hinting that a jump scare is coming your way at any moment. Plus the dark environment definitely ups the creep factor #1 Hang in There This one takes the cake for scariest moments in the Tomb Raider games. You begin by hanging upside down wrapped in a cocoon of sorts next to other people hanging but youre also in an area that looks very creepy. Theres candles lit for what appears to be a sacrifice ritual and when struggling to escape Lara bumps another person hanging – except a skeleton just drops out of it and falls to the ground. In order to escape she has to light whatever is trapping her on fire and then fall to the ground, except when she does this happens And that has been the Top 10 Tomb Raider Scary Moments. Let us know in the comments which one you found to be the scariest, hit the thumbs up if you loved this video and dont forget to subscribe so you know when we post our newest videos.

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