/Top 10 NEW BEST FREE Android Apps – April 2015

Top 10 NEW BEST FREE Android Apps – April 2015

Video: Top 10 NEW BEST FREE Android Apps – April 2015


hi guys its me Rahul. Today I'm here with 10 best and Free apps that I found interesting during the past month.All apps in this list are new that is they were came out in the past month. I want to also mention one-thing, the apps in this video as not in any particular order And I picked these apps based on their features, how well it performs ,ratings on play-store and my personal opinion. So let's get right into it. First app on my list is Phonograph Music Player [Beta] also know as Gramophone. Basically it is a very beautiful looking music player, With material design and Simple UI. The colours of this app can be easily changed by going to settings which is very cool features that most of you guys will enjoy.

It can do all kind of things that a normal music player can do.You can search for songs, organise playlist,mess up with equaliser and you can even edit tags. The controls are so fluid.And simply it is the best looking music player for android 2 Moving on to the next app, it is Google Handwriting Input, you may have already heard about this app.It is a handwriting input app which basically enables you to write on phone with you hand and this app will simply convert it to editable text. Google handwriting input supports a lot of languages including local languages.This app is awesome . I really find this app helpful , when i want to type something in my local language. Very helpful. 3 Next app on my list is Retxt. Retxt is a cross platform messaging application that provides very helpful and unique features.they are Utilizing advanced end-to-end encryption, every message you send is always private and can only be viewed by the recipient; this includes all text, images and videos that you sent.

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You can edit and delete your messages after sending, which is a cool features that we all want to see.They provide 100% privacy. which may or may not be true. 4 Next app on my list is File transfer by infint. Infint is a peer-to-peer file sharing application with no file size limit.The developers claims that this app can transfer files Up to 30 times faster than existing services. You can share files between your devices as well with insane amount of speed.I really love the UI it is so simple and the designs are very nice too. 5 Next one is Hello caller ID & blocking. A very simple looking dialler app from Facebook. Nice colours, dialling pads are so nice and clean. it syncs with Facebook and collects all of your friends phone number and help you to connect with them . This app also features call blocking. You can simply add those number which you want to block to the list by going to settings– block unwanted calls and simple add those number. 6 moving on to the next one it is office lens, This app is now on preview , but you can download this app by joining the Google+ community .I will leave a link to that in the description along with all download links.Basically it is a document scanner app , which uses your camera as scanner.this app can fix your shot by straightening, adjusting brightness and contrast and sharpening text.

you can simply point at what you want to scan then take a picture,wait couple of seconds and then you will get to this windows where you can fix your shot again by cropping etc. select save and upload to one-drive in different formats. This app is not at its best, cam scanner is still a better choice, but Microsoft will add more features soon. And it is going to be great. 7 7th one on my list is Snapseed, snapspeed is not new to play-store, but it got a major update in the past month . And now this image editing app from Google is awesome.This app features a lot of functionalities with very simple UI. Functionalities includes presets filters , spot repair tool, brush tools etc. you can simply use those tools or filters by taping on the plus icon. then select the tool which you want to use.You can change attributes like brightness, saturation, contrast etc by swiping vertically and swipe horizontally to change values of those attributes.

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Filters in this app includes some presets as well. I really love this app it is simple and does a very good job. 8 moving on to the next one it is UU app purifier.A very helpful application that can save battery, boost performance etc without root access. this app is similar to greenify, but there are a lot of differences. This app goes through all of your installed apps and finds those apps that drains your battery and then the app prompts you to purify those apps, purifying simply means clearing data, un-installing the app, then reinstalling the app again. Using this app you can change the app permission of every app, without root access, also you can clear background running apps and block auto-run start up apps.The app is really really helpful. A very Good app that i would definitely recommend to anyone.

second last one is Castro, a very simple looking hardware identification tool with material design. this apps shows you the information that a normal user want to know . This shows information about your device model, display,CPU,Kernel, battery, memory etc. Very simple to navigate just swipe from left to get these navigation drawer.And simply select on which you want to know more info on. Last one on my list is Trepn Profiler.It is a power and performance application for mobiles.It runs on almost every phone. but some additional features are available only for those devices which runs on snapdragon processor. this app shows you what is happening in your phone, like how much load a processor is taking , you can view up-to 8 overlays at once .Overlays include CPU graph, voltmeter etcs. these overlays can be moved to anywhere on the screen. You can monitor all kinds of things like which app uses more CPU , power consumption, data usage etcs. Like,SUBSCRIBE, Share.

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