/Top 10 Best ANDROID Apps 👉 Free 2019! 🔥#The_Unfixed

Top 10 Best ANDROID Apps 👉 Free 2019! 🔥#The_Unfixed

Video: Top 10 Best ANDROID Apps 👉 Free 2019! 🔥#The_Unfixed


in this video we are gonna show you some of the best useful apps along with the download links number one Sony live premium Sony Live is an official app developed by Sony Entertainment it's a very useful app it has all the programs TV shows and channels from Sony networks in it's database so you can stream TV shows programs and live TV in good quality as we are talking about the premium version you can enjoy all the premium contents channels etc it features a large section of categories to choose from and almost forgot to say you can also watch movies here whether it is Hollywood Bollywood or anything else number two bass EQ PO bass EQ Pro is the best choice for you if you often listen to a lot of music or if you want to improve the depth of bass and treble of your headphones it comes with some pre-loaded presets which are also good you can choose any of the presets as you like or customize it according to your needs then just minimize it and play anything whether it is music or videos number 3 HD streams HD streams is a streaming app which lets you stream live TV channels and shows for absolutely free of cost it has a wide variety of categories and countless channels from all around the world you can choose to watch any of the channels from its database and most of all you can search channels by selecting picture quality or country names it includes many countries to choose from number 4 bombitup bombitup is a quite enjoyable app if you want to make your friend a bit puzzled by sending a plenty amount of messages just select the contact number where you want to send the messages set the number of messages you want to send set delay choose country and then click on the bombit button you can also send custom SMS or can even do email blasts and more without the fear of being exposed but know one thing that this app is only for fun purposes number 5 Netflix Pro Netflix Pro is not the actual Netflix it's rather a copy of Netflix but it does for what it is made for it has almost everything from the original Netflix's database the thing that makes it different is it doesn't cost a single penny from this app you can watch almost any shows that is available on the original Netflix it has a huge library in its collection number six manga master if you are an anime fan and love to read mangas or comics then manga master is the best choice for you it has a large database of most of the popular comics and mangas and there's also a lots of categories to choose from besides this app's interface is also clean in the search option you can search mangas by genres or whether it is completed or ongoing number 7 VPN master sometimes a few websites restrict access to visit for people from specific countries using their IP address as an example HBO GO is a website that only allows people from the United States if you are not a US citizen then you can't enter the website but you can set the VPN for United States and then activate it it will change the IP address and make it act like you are from us so that you can enter the website in the app you will find many countries from all around the world from which you can set any location and the usage time is unlimited as it is premium number 8 freeflix HQ freeflix HQ is a great app for those who wanna stream online shows and series for free it provides a huge library of webseries and TV shows that you can watch in high quality it has most of the shows and movies from Netflix not only that the interface is also clean and user friendly you can search contents using filters and sort according to your needs freeflix's database gets updated quite often and the best thing is you can also watch animes it has most of the popular animes in high-definition which is nice number 9 keepvid VIP keepvid is a fabulous app which lets you download any videos from YouTube not only from YouTube it lets you download videos from anywhere like facebook Instagram and more sites the interface looks cool and easy to use you just have to search the video that you want to download search the video click on it and then click on the vibrating download button it will show you a menu from which you can choose download quality you can even download only the audio file of the video in mp3 format you can check the download section to check the downloading or downloaded files number ten shazam encore sometimes we accidentally hear songs in places and come to love it but it's hard to know the name of these songs that's when shazam comes in handy just tap on the shazam icon and let it hear the song for a few seconds it will instantly show you the song name along with the details like singer album and etc you can discover new songs daily in the discover section or you can search for artists songs or albums manually and play any song you like hope you enjoyed this video be sure to like share and subscribe and hit the bell icon to get further updates.

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