/Tips Hemat Baterai Smartphone Tanpa Harus Download Aplikasi

Tips Hemat Baterai Smartphone Tanpa Harus Download Aplikasi

Video: Tips Hemat Baterai Smartphone Tanpa Harus Download Aplikasi


Hello hello hi hi hello. Gang, you must be annoyed if your smartphone battery runs out quickly? Well, JalanTikus has some tips, to save the smartphone battery without having to download applications. Want to know how? Check out the following video! Look at you, playin with your new smartphone! Hehe .. Yeah. What's up? I'm looking for an app to save battery. Too bad.. What application? Why use application? Yes, to save the battery You don’t have to download anything, really.

It’s just a waste of quota. Are you serious? Here, I teach you how. How? First, minimize brightness on the smartphone screen. You can use adaptive mode to light conditions, to save more power automatically, Gang. The second tip, you can also turn off the vibrate mode for incoming calls. So use the ringtone only! What the hell, why are you shocking me .. I'm concentrating! Ouch.. Uh sorry, sorry.. Hehehe… I am saving my battery, so I turn off the vibration mode. That is why the ringtone sounds so loud! Ye, do not set it too loud. It really annoys me! Then how? I can’t hear it otherwise. Ok, I’ll give you the next tips. Third, get used to closing applications if it is not used, Gang. You just need to tap the multitasking button, then swipe away the unused apps.

The fourth tip, do not forget also to turn off WiFi, data access and bluetooth when not in use. Er, someone’s looking for you in the group. Go reply.. Huh? Really? Open it.. Uh, I do not know. Because I turn off the internet, to save battery. Hehe .. Joking? No, seriously. Better to save battery or get fired? Better to save battery or get fired? Better to save battery or get fired? Do not do that! Just turn on one. If you’re not using WiFi, turn on the data access. But do not turn on both. The battery will be drained fast. Hmm .. okay okay. Well the last tips. Make sure your smartphone stays cool. Store it in a cool place, do not expose the sun directly. Because smartphone battery is more durable if it’s in a cooler place. (Blowing smartphone) Huh, what are you doing? Hey! Eh, this is to keep his smartphone cool. You said to keep it in a cool place.

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Not like that you dumb. Blowing it won’t do anything. Hahaha.. Do not imitate, Gang! It's sore if you have to keep blowing it! There are still many ways to save battery without using application. Yes if you have other tips, just put in the comment below. Yes, Gang! Do not forget to watch our following videos.. Yeah .. You Must! So thank you for watching! Do not forget to Like, Share, Comment and Subscribe yes.. Byeee…