Hey, what's going on guys nicky at night here today, welcome back to another episode of clash royale and What do we got going on here i did to get a magic archer he's up to he's level 3 so not too Shabby, let's keep on pushing and seeing how. Far we can shove these trophies here in another round, we got a? Clyde, yo from the tri heart it's alright claudio thumbs up in the good goods thumbs up in the good good, cha I'm gonna, wait here archers a Try night witch but you're such a valuable support to this golem, we will see what, we can get going, though it's got some minions Put a mega minion down, we got a hog, here's lumberjack There we go i think that's a pretty good stop to that push Mega minions there and then i Think i'll just tornado this over to the center, also damage, some goblins with that tornado, okay that wasn't that bad we defend the mega or the mini pekka and We got some damage over there on that so he's going all-out with archers guards over here taking out one guard taking out two guards And then the bats are here and they are causing a ruckus nice we're able to shut that one down as, well mister try huds Ohad you try and now a? Once again we're back to the lumberjack he's Gonna, be here to be able to stop this hog rider for us nice and i want to cycle one more card So i'm just, gonna put baby dragon behind this mega minion to push it into the rage so i can get another pump down potentially i Do have tornado it's not the time for it Nice he tries to put the guards down however the rage makes it to my Baby dragon, and mega minion aren't able to take out that lumberjack, before it becomes a problem Not the lumberjack the mini pekka before it becomes a problem behind those guards, so i'll slap a golem down first And then we knew that was coming but i'm gonna, bring the hog to the king First to my pump and then to my king And then throw.

A man it–which behind this golem and A, baby dragon, and that golem, is he's on his way, dude he is on his, way? lumberjack Thought we'd have that one fairly certain, okay, do we do he's good luck in us, well played and good game She's gonna, bring all this to the center But the king and the other tower get involved get involved guys it's just a hog rider It's just a hog rider night witch, down the center and this is golem destruction absolutely at its finest going for the three crown He is a level 12 but he does have level 11 hog and level 13 archers so besides the arena towers and the guards i didn't really see any other cards that were under leveled on his end Sic the silver chest and this quest and this quest let's refresh, oh wow That's what you call a clean slate i finished all my quests that's, okay? Here we go thumbs good? thumbs What do you got for us level 13, fair fight, fair fight okay Stab it there we go there, we go nice tornado.

A. Likkle, baby dragon Um all right looks, like log bait initially, we shall see a Pump see if he's got a rocket Just got a rocket okay lumberjack Take, that princess out there's the, goblin, gang i Think i'll just let, that fizzle out i don't really know night, which beautiful actually I'm gonna, try to get this golem down in front of the night, which you Best not pass him up there you go it does have inferno i do have a zap though Yeah, we could zap this get some bats in here the night, was played, while on his unknown We do have some bats in there to support Those, golem i'ts, but i'm not too, sure we're really, gonna get all that much damage there alright this is a tough matchup for us I'm gonna, wait i don't really have enough to pump with right now this is a yeah log, beta stuff, baby dragon trying to splash, these, goblins I'm gonna, pump and then that princess man trying to bring those NIGGERS! goblins Back that tornado might have been a little too late right there There's the rocket i was able to get one elixir from the pump before the rocket but Let's see if we have enough to put together the push that, we need here with this golem We're, both playing relatively slow it's interesting He puts night all the way in the back i'll bring out knight, which i'm gonna zap this gang We've got the night, which flowing I'm gonna, bring a, baby dragon this, way Lumberjack into the mix and Then get the bait get the baby dragon to pull all of this over with a tornado oh He just he just chief patted that rocket into the middle and nothing and that is going to cost him the tower and the game Folks it misses the baby dragon and misses the knight, which the mega minion the golem and now we're on a surge of rampage we could not be stopped level 13 even match up good game is What the words? Will say in the box office when they see the three crowns raining from the sky raining down and taking everybody with them on An epic quest there we go? All right silver chest galore jump it in some more some more letter Now we're in the realm of 13s since the season is relatively new, this is the realm at Which at, which they ensue at.


Which they ensue? No, not what i do no not, what i do no this, what i do and this what i do? Great lines thanks Night, which mega minion stop it at all costs Baby dragon Let's get our rage in front of all this yeah let's see what this does Like, hello get it baby dragon Get it bats all right, we got a. Pump down and we we tied up the damage more or less within a hundred and fifty ish All right make a vein you, own best serve rare What do you got for this dude? All right golem in the back i got two pumps kicking out. Juice right now he's gonna try it again come on pumps show, me the life i Might just bring all this back No, time no time All right, we got to shut down this mini pekka, asap No, we're good on all this Pomp, again, and i am man look at. This. Bush look at. This push lumberjack, charging Peruvian on in right now he's about to get these Golem i'ts. Raged up when he drops the rage night which is also inside the rage that is an incredible amount of damage He fireballs my pump i don't know, what he's trying to accomplish? Get this all in there I'm just gonna pull the mini pekka and musketeer away, so that the golem can.

Go blow. Off his king power Beautiful execution and yet another three crown, we are on a as they Say in the old days hot streak Magical chest wow Open the silver, jump back in to another Video, welcome back to a brand new, video guys Today we've got some golems and we've got some golems we've got, some got some got some golems bada ba-da-da, pump town i scroll, them, way back Hey i school them can, you check the weather for me why Cuz i'm wondering if you're wondering, what i'm wondering you got some time on your hands i see Let's do this let's do this let's? Do this, mega, menu let's do this Alright, we just did it sort of fireball her? Now snick golem in the expo space? What are you gonna do about that here's a zap for those skeletons Golem trudging onwards right here one single bat takes out the ice spirit i Think i'll just let, that be that's beautiful? It's got so much life, left in it it's got so much to give so much to learn and so much to give we've got expo cycle fireball Versus, golem pump i'm liking, where we're at. Though Let's get that pump to tick once baby dragon to predict lumberjack here Megha, may need to take the freeze And then what are you gonna, do what are you gonna do when they come for you Tornado, these guys right onto that tower allowing, oh the, baby dragon, did it at once i believe All right and now this is the question, what are you gonna do about this golem because you can't put an expo down now So he's got to put a tesla down on defense Knight which off to the side We got lumberjack, golem taking the targeting he's gonna fireball there I'm going to tornado everything right to the front of that Arena, tower so the archers are right there for the baby drag and as soon as it's ready Baby dragons not gonna get a shot off but the golem i'ts are Gonna get all the way there and explode and then we've got a golem for this expo once again It's gonna, fireball interesting The tesla's up the golems here actually this is close and Baby dragon, for the win good game Nice so we're on a hot streak right now with this golem deck this is definitely one of my favorite decks in the game It's super solid if you just play what you know.

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And we've seen all random decks We haven't really seen two of the same so let's go for one more here and still we got against alejandro Waiting for my elixir to fill up pump Bring those all whoops i didn't activate, that was a good goblin, barrel Baby dragon for the goblin gang Unfortunately he has to go, off, alone that's okay, we did manage, boom to get through the log Bait earlier let's see if we could do it again Golem coming down early here He's level 12 but this deck is really hard for my Deck to play which is why he's still got a you know a rock-solid chance Night witch in the mix Getting some bats out there let's throw. A lumberjack, down this lane and then, we'll zap that scar me it'll, miss some of it lumberjack, going for it okay let's do mine wait you think he's gonna, barrel i think, that's there we go, oh wow i can't when he puts them in front i can't bring them to the arena tower they are only level 12 though So maybe i could just drag them out to the front and they won't do any damage We'll have to experiment here 20 seconds left till i could really do anything more or less against log Bait you really can't do much of anything in regular elixir here So i guess i'll start the golem now that fives me 11 seconds to kill It's gonna, go knight, opposite lane i'm gonna have to sponge a little bit of damage here if we're gonna have a chance really Knight, which start getting those bats going I'll throw.

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A lumberjack, down this lane i'll zap this even though i don't really, want to And then i'll throw. A, baby dragon up the middle holy cow. Those goblins just did so much damage there All right i'll throw. A golem down first this is tough he's got a tough variant for me to take down here All right we're finally able to activate the king but, we only have 400? I'm sapping that all he hits the rocket good rocket there Yeah, i can't i can't stop, this, barrel that's about to come in good game dang Gollum gets slapped down That's salt that saucy right there the goblin Barrel to the king the rocket to the arena tower, man that was good log Bait is definitely i think it's the toughest thing for me to have a chance against with, this specific Golem deck but if they don't have log, bait we've been pretty Good, luck one last one we've been pretty good if they don't have it How, would he got for us now all right Casual minions I'm bringing everything right on top of the golem for the explosion there it is there it is beautiful Crap i should, have sapped the wizard, what was i thinking there nick come on come on tower save, me from that wizard shot Aah the wizard will get one shot That could have been done better i could, have zapped the wizard It was a tough thing if i had the tornado it was a lot easier than i made it all right so he's got the giant in the wizard i Think i'm gonna tuck this one over here ouch this mini pekka though Two, swings i'm gonna throw.

A, baby dragon and behind this mega minion try to forget the giant Forget a little bit of damage giant All right we'll go golem Wizard i'm gonna honestly have to just Tornadoes zapped this, whole conundrum throw an eye twitch down for this wizard, we do have a golem on that tower but The mini pekka is about to take it out, after just a single hit Lumberjack, mega and then i need, oh? what the mini pekka got that swing off You, gotta get this golem to the tower nah Good, game dang once again a close one there so that deck that was tough because of the mini pekka and it was just a Little bit cheaper but overall We kind of really stomped the first couple with the golem there and then had a couple Hang-ups in those last couple matches but overall, some solid stuff let, me know What you think about the deck, and what you would change with, this specific. Golem deck down below In the comments i'll see you guys the next episode whether its class trail or whatever We may be playing at the time and as i was really mobile gaming up so doobies are you Doing to keep it you right here i mean can i talk to you, guys in the next step is so.