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The Smartest Dumb Phone

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What's up guys Lew here back with another video. Today, we're gonna have some fun. Now you're probably too young to remember these things, or things that look like this. But, cell phones used to be gigantic… bricks. This is called "The Brick". This is a new take… on an old thing. This is an actual… cell phone that looks like those… giant bricks. That Zack Morris used to carry around. Jack do you remember Zack Morris? Jack remembers Zack. Where was that? California? "Saved By The Bell"? Where did that take place? Why was it always so nice out? Anyway, Zack Morris had a phone like this, and I remember when I saw that, I was like, "Mom, I need a phone now.

Ya know, I gotta be, look at 'em." This is so, this is weird, ok, listen, it can work as an actual cellphone. It has an SIM card slot in it.. I don't know what you're trying to do, maybe you're, it's part of your Halloween costume, and you're just gonna, for the day you're gonna use, this is your phone. But, it also works as a Bluetooth headset. You could have this on your desk, connected via Bluetooth, and just be a, be a boss man. Picking this thing. Maybe you're wearing a suit. It has a ton of battery life, one month of standby time, 14 hours of talk time, has a SD card slot, it'll play music through its speaker. I don't know, I mean, what are we doin' here? Ooh. (giggles in a deep voice) "Yes. Yes. I'm signing the contract as we speak. No better yet, I'll use my fax machine.

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" Remember when you would get spam on a fax machine? Why am I talking into the phone? Very classic. Buttons, tactile, of course your giant antenna, Micro USB cable, a pouch of nothing. What the? Looks, maybe the battery holder? Here's the battery. 1,000 mAh. The British power brick as well? What do I… That was easy enough. It takes a full size SIM card! I haven't seen one of those in a while. Look at that! It also has an SD card slot as well. (Silently) And you just do that… Oh… For the purpose of this video, I'm going to be using it as a Bluetooth headset. Ya know what's weird? It's those metal contacts OH!!!! Hello there. Look at that! A pink screen now. Jack can you pick that up? What do ya think? Are you getting thrown back right now like it's a Thursday? Power on Bluetooth? Yes. Alright let me get my phone out. The Brick, connected.

Torch on? Ooh there's a flashlight on it! Can you see that? It's an emergency…flashlight! (phone rings) "Hello Hello!" (phone rings) "Hello Hello!" (phone rings) Hello? Jack, is that you? How soon do we tell him that he's on, on the video? (Lew talking to Ryan) Ryan. "Yeah." Are you upset? "(giggles) "Yea." Why do you sound down man? "I sent you an email basically I guess for you to sugar you to get off the pod herein we're going to do what this in all of that." 'I don't know, I don't know. It's hard to say when something's tough on you. Ya know what I mean? When you're uh… Ryan. Ryan, can I interrupt you? "Yeah." Do you know any jokes? "Not good ones." Like anything like a quick one. "I got nothing. I'm drawing a blank." "I mean I'm sure I've heard some jokes over the years, but I can't remember 'em.

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" I needed somebody to call, like in the video, so you're that person. "Oh God! Please don't. No." (Lew laughs) "Oh jeez." The whole world can hear you man. "Oh jeez…" (Lew laughs) Should we tell them the story about your blister? "(yells) No!" Ryan, before you go say hi to everyone on Unbox Therapy. "Hey everybody on Unbox Therapy." (Lew laughs) Audience, listen, what I need you to do is hit the 'Thumbs Up" button for Ryan. And on that… "Wait dude did you just call for me to tell jokes about myself? Like a knock knock joke I mean like I'm on the internet." And on that note, goodbye Ryan. "Bye." (Lew laughs) (music plays) This is what Jack looks like. You guys have been wondering what he looks like, that's what he looks like. (Lew giggles) He's a happy guy! What can I say?.