Hey guys, it's Karina! >> It's Ronald, and we are from >> Sis versus Bro! And today, we're doing the sibling… >> Tag. >> So, our Dad prepared a bunch of questions for us, and we're gonna answer them, Karina, Ronald, or both. >> So let's begin. >> Your first question, who is the oldest. >> Karina. >> Me. I am one and a half years older than him. I was born on March 2007, and Ronald was born on September.

.. 2008. So that makes me one and a half years older. >> Mmm-hmm. Okay, next question. >> Whose room is messier? >> Ronald's. >> Mine, yeah. I never clean it. >> But if you ask me my closet is the cleanest, >> I never have time cleaning up my room because I'm too busy playing Minecraft. Like, that's a way better than cleaning up a room. >> Okay? >> Okay. Next question. >> Who wakes up first in the morning? >> I do. Cause I just want to play video games and stuff. >> Yeah, but I need my beauty sleep. So I don't want to like, be… Like, all drifting off to sleep while I'm putting on my makeup, my mascara, my lipstick, my blush. >> But I just play Minecraft. >> Who gets in trouble more? >> Karina! >> No, it's Ronald. >> Karina. >> Ronald. >> Karina.

>> Ronald. >> Karina. >> Ronald. I think Ronald gets in trouble more because he gets up and goes straight to the tablet without even asking. >> Well, Karina doesn't do her math. >> No, I do. >> Most of the time you don't, so don't lie. >> No, seriously. I do my math every single day. >> Who takes longer to get ready? >> Me. >> Yeah. I go downstairs in my pajamas on. >> And plus, he doesn't even brush his teeth. >> No, that was just for the video. I do brush my teeth. >> Are you sure? >> Mmm-hmm. >> Okay. Besides, I also had to pick what clothes I wear, my hat, my jewelry, my shoes… All that kind of stuff, and then plus, I had to clean up after myself.

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So I take way longer. >> Who watches more YouTube? >> I do. >> Yeah. >> My favorite YouTuber is Preston. >> Yeah, I don't watch YouTube that much but I really like it still. I play mostly Minecraft, though. >> And you know, I just watch in the morning, and after dinner and stuff like that. >> And I play every single minute of the day. >> I play sometimes too. >> Yeah, just sometimes. But he watches way more YouTube than me. >> Who is the better dancer? >> I am. >> I am. >> I went to dance class. No, but I went there for like, two years. >> But I practiced at home. >> No you di– Well, me too. I danced in the bathroom every single day. >> So let's have a dance off.

>> Okay. And you guys decide who is the better dancer. [music playing] So who was the better dancer? I bet it was me. >> No, I bet it was me. I was like… >> No, I was like, oh yeah. >> Okay. So, next question. >> Next question, who has more shoes? >> I do! You might think that Karina does, but I actually do. She only has one that fits her. >> Yeah. I have a bu– I have technically more shoes, but none of them fit me, only one pair fits me. >> I have like, four that fit me. >> I know. I need to go buy more shoes! >> Who has better jokes? >> I do! >> Ronald. He's the joker in the family, but he won't be the Batman. [giggles] See, my jokes are better. >> Do you like popcorn? >> Who picks their nose? >> Ronald. >> I do. >> You actually do? >> Mmm-hmm. >> Eww! Eww. Eww..

. Do you eat it too? >> No. >> Are you sure? >> Mmm-hmm. >> Are you sure? >> Mmm-hmm. >> I saw you you do it over there. >> Stop. I saw you do it over there. >> No, I didn't! I'm a lady! I don't do that. >> I'm a lady too. [laughter] >> How does a booger taste like? [laughter] >> What kind of question is that? I don't know. It tastes like Karina. >> I bet it taste like Ronald. [laughter] >> Who has more clothes? >> Me. I obviously have so many clothes and dresses. I have so many clothes, I mean– It made my entire closet just this. And Ronald only has like, two pajamas, and two shirts, and never wears an underwear. >> What did you say? >> You never wear an underwear.

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>> I'm wearing one right now, I can show you. I'm just joking. >> Who is the pickiest eater? >> I am. >> Ronald. >> I just like… Like, cheese and stuff like that. Macaroni and cheese. >> Yeah. >> And I don't like eggs, pepper, carrots… >> Beans… >> Beans, you don't like beans either, Broccoli, cabbage… >> Lettuce… Lettuce. >> Lettuce. Just say everything you don't like except cheese. >> Yeah. >> I like lots of food. I eat– I like waffles, pancakes– >> I like those things too. You're just saying things that everyone loves. >> Okay… eggs, beans, peppers. >> Okay, you're eating beans and peppers tonight.

>> Who farts more? >> Oh my! >> Ronald. Ronald, you always fart more. Oh, you always fart every night, every morning, every evening, and every noon. >> Ronald, what did you just do right now? [giggles] >> Nothing. What did you just do right now? >> Nothing. >> She's like, it's time to fart. >> No. >> I don't fart normal farts. I fart butterflies. >> And rainbows! >> Yeah. >> And some stinky greens stuff. >> No. Oh, you fart that green stuff. >> But nobody farts as much as my mom. She's like, I think it's time to fart. Oh no, it's fart again. Oh, that wasn't good enough, let's fart again. >> No, that wasn't good enough. Let's poo this time. [imitating fart noises] Do you smell popcorn? Eew… >> Who doesn't wear any socks? >> Karina doesn't wear socks.

>> Yeah. I don't really wear much socks. >> But you know what's funny, you're wearing socks and I'm not wearing socks. >> Right now, really? >> Yeah. >> Oh, yeah. I am. [giggles] >> I'm not wearing socks. Stinky feet. >> Eww, don't touch me. >> Who is better on a hover board? >> Ugh! You can admit. >> Me. You can admit me. >> No, I… I always good at hoverboard. Every single– >> I can ride a ramp on a hoverboard. >> Well me too, I can round down the stairs if you want. >> Okay, go ahead. >> But I'm scared cause its too dangerous. >> Who takes longer baths? >> Karina. >> Yeah. Yeah, I need to wash every part of my body. I need to wash my hair twice because I don't want it to stink, and I have to– >> Rinse? >> Yeah, and then– and then, I would have to rinse myself. >> Waste of time, >> Waste of time, you could've just used that time for Minecraft.

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.. and YouTube and Roblox. >> I need my hair to be perfect. >> My baths only take 30 seconds with clock on. >> How do you take baths in only 30 seconds? >> Simply. >> Who plays more Roblox? >> I do! I do. >> Yeah, but I play more Minecraft. >> Yeah, I play Roblox more. >> Who's feet stink the most? >> Ronald, your feet stink more, you're not even wearing socks. >> So guys, we hope you like this video. If you did, smash that like button… >> And we'll see you all next time. Good bye..