/The Samsung Note 8 Is Probably Not For You.

The Samsung Note 8 Is Probably Not For You.

Video: The Samsung Note 8 Is Probably Not For You.


Hey, how's it going Dave 2D here. This is a video about the Note 8 and it's a video that I didn't really want to make in the beginning. I kind of want to skip the whole Note 8 thing because I'm not super interested in the phone personally but as a YouTuber who genuinely gives a sh*t about my audience and I want you guys to make good purchase decisions, I felt like I had to do this video. Let's talk about the S8 first, the Galaxy S8. This is a phone that I would consider to be one of the best phones of 2017. The hardware in this thing is so good that any time anyone does a video about any phone in 2017, someone's gonna bring up the fact that this thing has better hardware for a similar price or better hardware for a cheaper price like… It's got the best hardware in the business in terms of features and specs and all that stuff.

The Note 8 is a variant of the S8 in the sense that it has a lot of the same features but they've added a few things; it has extra RAM, a bigger screen but the two most important differences are the S Pen and a new camera and for the people that aren't aware about what these features are the S Pen is a stylus for the Note series of phones from Samsung that allow you to kind of draw and write and annotate things on the phone screen which is really cool It's not for everyone but it's a really neat feature and the new thing for the Note 8 this year are the dual cameras. So, there's one regular lens, one zoom lens and both of them with optical image stabilization I think that's a first in this industry having both lenses with hardware image stabilization there are some other software tweaks like App Pair* which lets you quick launch two apps into split-screen. That's pretty cool and there's some tweaks for the S Pen that allow you to write on the screen and then that animated version of what you just wrote will appear on someone else's phone but the two main headlining features are the existence of the S Pen and the two lenses for the camera that both have optical image stabilization.


The screen is larger by 0.1 inches. It is noticeable if you kind of stick them beside each other and compare the two but… I mean don't make that be the reason why you purchased the Note 8. It's.. it is bigger but it's not significant. The extra RAM on here; the extra 2 gigs of RAM… so this thing's got 6 gigs of RAM I want to say that it doesn't matter but for some people especially if you load a lot of games at once and you have them concurrently playing, it can make a difference but for most people the extra two gigs of RAM will not make a difference at all The camera on the S8 Plus was already amazing it's one of the best smartphone cameras on the market. This new dual lens camera on the Note 8 is more for depth effects and portrait modes and just kind of zoom photography it is a zoom lens and the idea of a secondary zoom lens is cool…

I mean it's extra utility when you want to use it and it gives the ability to take some shots that you couldn't do before but unless you're a very particular type of user and you're hardcore into photography, you probably won't use it that much… I mean you think you will and you want to use it a lot but you probably won't. That's just the nature of any of the secondary lenses on these cameras and the same kind of thing goes for the S Pen. Samsung's pen is literally the best stylus on the market for any kind of phone and… I mean it feels really good the texture's cool.. It's not like plastic on glass it feels.. not like paper but it feels nice and the implementation is done really well. It's instant it's cool and I think a lot of people love the idea of it but they don't use it that often because it's not that useful. Now there are some people who are just absolutely fans of the Galaxy Note line and for them the S Pen Is crucial for their everyday work flow but I think for most people it's not and if you're one of those people…

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I mean if you're one of those hardcore Galaxy Note people this video is not for you. You're already gonna purchase this phone even before the event even launched you wanted this phone since the Note 7 exploded but for the people that are kind of on the fence and are curious about this phone, this video is more for you Okay, so we have great hardware in the Note 8 and it's got some extra features over the S8 Plus that are optional. so, what's the problem, right? The problem is the price on Amazon right now or Best Buy, The S8 Plus goes for $675 it's not a cheap phone by any means but it's a very reasonably priced phone and you're getting a lot of good hardware for the money. This phone starts off contract at $930 up to $960 depending on who you purchased it from which is a lot of money it's like what $250? $260 more than the S8 Plus? Like… that's a lot of money and what are you getting for it? Well, you're getting a few more features but remember the S8 Plus is already packed to the gills with amazing features The Note 8 has a couple more but it has a smaller battery life and.

. I don't know I think for most people, it's just not worth the difference in price so what's going on here? Maybe Samsung needs to recoup the costs From the Note 7 issues. Maybe they want to keep the prices high to remain competitive at least financially or visually with Apple I'm not sure what it is but whatever the reason Is for the high price, consumers get screwed. For whoever's buying this thing at full retail price for $930 or $950, that's just not cool. The other thing that kills me is the marketing so Samsung invited a lot of YouTubers out to their Samsung event in New York City the other day and they invited me. Thank you Samsung for inviting me I couldn't go. I was super busy with work but the thing that kind of makes it weird Is that the sheer number of YouTubers out there at the event means that there's going to be a lot of reviews about this phone and I think for the most part people are going to be kind of glazing over the issue of the price because..

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. I mean this is a very very expensive phone. So, there's nothing wrong with this phone I won't need to reiterate the fact that this is a great phone the Note 8 has fantastic hardware but it's really overpriced. So, if you're gonna purchase this thing make sure you're buying it for the right reasons. Make sure you're doing your research and understanding the two main features that are on this phone are things that you would actually use and not just things that look cool because the marketing is done well. Okay, hope you guys enjoyed this video. Thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved it. See you guys next time..