/The Mystery Box is NOT My Friend – ‘Origins’ Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles

The Mystery Box is NOT My Friend – ‘Origins’ Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles

Video: The Mystery Box is NOT My Friend – ‘Origins’ Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles


all right hey what is going on guys slick Joe here hoping you guys are having a fantastic day you're welcome to a life you might think we're alive and everything is good near me funny productions what's going on welcome to stream beyond hamilton how's it going welcome my friend just turn that down a little bit let me tweet this out and type it in the discord room quick grab the length of this how're you guys doing oh all right today we're gonna be doing the origins pack punch challenge or at least trying to I have not played Hortons in quite a while so we'll see how this goes but I we're gonna give it a I'm gonna give it a try here let's bring back up the chat something see what you guys are saying the wild Charlie how's it going welcome feliciano rosales how's it going – welcome to the stream it's up shaded trigger how you doing welcome all right I should probably tweet this out as well oh that last song what was that called go back go back I think everything's good yeah the name that last song hold on let me go find that um it's seconds by Leslie I don't know I'll link it in jet sub suicidal how's it going alright think everything's good can't think of anything else I need to do so let's get right into it the game you have nine perco holics nice dude yeah I've got 10 it seems like based on watching people open uh liquid divinium x' and opening some myself you get like a per coholic every 100 100 spins 100 liquid divinium biles you get one that's what it seemed like at least cuz I got I did 500 I got 10 of the yet or – every hundred I guess that would be – every hundred decided 510 and I saw someone do a thousand and they got like 20 I think so it's up I stay bunny how's it going after you gently horse my date of course of course um how's the volume with everything I think it should be good music might be a little loud but I will uh I'll fix that up real quick here if it is if not it's all good then you should be good um hi I'm @j welcome to the channel my friend appreciate you subscribing shoutout to you glad to have you here first some of the night what's up overlap how's it going welcome to the stream bottoms gutter I awesome thanks shade it thank you my dude alright so yeah I've not played origins in a while so hopefully this is a hopefully this goes all right we got perca holics we got a pack a punch I think it's 32 guns and if I'm wrong on that you guys can correct me and I will I'll switch it but I think it's 32 so we'll see here not counting the stabs though um we don't really want there enough yep Joe do you play the keyboard mouse or controller for zombies that played at the controller yeah I just made up the controller because I don't know it's sometimes when I get into like sticky situations with keyboard mouse I like freak out and can't get out of them as easy as I came into control with the controller so I just play with a controller most other PC games I put the mouse though their keyboard mouse I guess Oh too far turn that um joking shout out my pet Panza so hat his name is rocky of course shout out to your pet rocky of course missus respond me like ten the good of idioms and she got me for four oh damn she has some good luck then see I mean it's all dependent on luck obviously but she'll dude chill it's round two come on take them take a breather here my dog's name is rocky how nice dude in baggy do you guys it kind of looks like I'm not sure though must be the robot just shaking the screen sada a keyboard mouse most every game I just use my controller for crackers I've been playing that in consoles for years yeah that's pretty much the same reason I do just feels right even though you can aim better with a keyboard mouse I have at least one of every gobblegum yeah I think I think I do too I was not paying attention chill chill for me out here with that little jog no lack all right cool you lecture when it's hard easy please please please we get some / coholic luck in this freaking place come on we'll take that though screw it screw it you guys notice that they it feels like they made the mud a little better like it's not it doesn't slow down as bad that could be just me I can feel like normally when you would step on the mud you would you would immediately like stop where you were at and now you kind of you can keep going for a little bit before you slow down we can use / call Jo yeah I think I'm gonna try and get one yes I think I'll try I curse is communicating modern alright that's about it I think that's that's that's pretty good though we did it we got a nice amount of it open I'll take that turned on some of the power I know everything about the pneumatic coming out and the celebrity and DLC 3iw really Charlie what do you know what do you know dude got some inside scoop äj– Tanner ward thank you for subscribing my friend push that a whole lot welcome to the channel glad to have you but as surprisely the same speed just feels slower yeah but I think that you did a patch where it doesn't like slow you down immediately now or something it just feels a little better I think get the plain fire piece hold on I'm gonna try to adjust this whoops there we go alright so that's good okay yeah we need to get a gobblegum real quick here if we want to build a staff as well then we'll just try keep that the entire time as a little insurance all right let's go turn on some of the generators alvera is alvera is the celebrity dlc tree and her movie is a look-alike okay well yeah I did see the connection to the one screen shot of her like her door so that's probably a pretty good assumption hurry up you guys excited for DLC 3 or do you guys not care I'm pretty excited excited to see what it is hope it's good are we opened up this way two summers ago turn on or do we not know we didn't open that way we open the way to the church we open this way down here though I think by its generator three I think it's generator free I am um I'm excited but not as hyped as usual yeah I feel that I see what you mean come in the streams of my W year soon maybe I do a little zombies in space land or something I hacked in iw game Hotel iw all right charlie I won't tell just I'll keep you safe keep you a secret safe all right I think we might be ready to go then no I guess there is quite a bit more we can still do um so let's just watch out take it easy a mouse would just buy a gobble gum and why not ah it was worth it alright so there's that let's head back to the beginning who is seen how I Met Your Mother I love that show just finished all series today nice to eat yeah I love that show it's awesome see we're funny sub scream soon yep we're definitely to be doing a shrub scene sub extreme cheesy can talk to sub scream this weekend not sure if it'll be tomorrow or Sunday though what do you guys think yes everyone said this look yeah yeah there you go night pot I see you fam hookin it up well we'll grab that just in case we feel like doing the Easter Egg but I don't I thought we will we don't need that so we hit the box now we're not they're gonna pack a punch to this right away is that okay so we might want to try and get this part here Xbox one sub stream now I don't know what to do with my life yet when you finish a show you have no idea what to do yeah I feel you okay it is that one hope this goes okay I got it sub sub team tomorrow hmm I was gonna do ps4 but more of you guys in here on Xbox I just used actually well I don't have Chronicles on Xbox so I was gonna do Chronicles the sub stream this week and I was going to do D Chronicles listen none of you have it please make an open lobby scene yeah we're doing a substitute this weekend David if you would have been paying attention come on team come on brow let's find these shield parts here not there there it is no die by the robot even if he shot the right foot yeah I've seen it's been pretty glitchy so that's how it's nervous I'm like oh please no I hate everything on Xbox one or you have everything I thought you said you hate yeah you have all right this is about one part of many yeah we should have enough we should be able to get the last part build a shield also all DLC in Chronicles I also I paid one two three bucks for iw biggest mistake ever I made the same mistake did but I I kind of had to because I want to get all the zombies map so no matter what I want to play him location even if I would have known that it wasn't gonna be as great as prediction we'd hoped I still would have would have gotten it a weak robot would foot which foot doesn't look like it's the one closest to us but we do have enough money to get outside if it's not I don't think it's that one we should have enough money to buy yeah we have enough so we can go up there sorry I don't get notifications it doesn't work that's alright David um make sure you just follow me on disk or follow me on Twitter and join the discord I always post on there so if you don't you don't get notifications then you can get them on there as well also you are you TV so the content wasn't mistake yeah exactly I mean I really enjoyed Ami's in Spaceland and raiding the Redwood Shan shuffle I asked something but I'm not sure I hate you I'm leaving the stream ok bye charlie hey youtube just joking I don't hate you but whatever ruff um don't get well yeah I enjoyed the first two deal see Sean stuff I didn't like as much so I'm hoping this next one is it's even betta Lee Ross would make it sweet saying that the new Wonder weapon is gonna be like something we've never seen before or something like that never used in zombies or something so pretty interesting what that what that is Charlie's mad because we don't like iw um rave was good yeah I think rave might be my favorite though should we wait maybe we should buy a gun I gotten what this we have here doesn't even tell area so we still need to grab the purple one and the red one am i going this way you go that way Oh rave is the best map so far now W yeah somebody was definitely I think it was my favorite as well powers not on here rip actually like Shawn shuffle I really like the idea of loving up this special Tiger thing to improve her you know yeah I thought it was cool but there's something about it just didn't like I didn't want to play it as long as I played the other match for whatever reason I missed that robot dang it we could have got the apart for the last part for the wind staff did not really want this gun but it's all good let's see if DLC three my top that off yeah I'm really hoping it will I'm excited for it I'm ready to make some videos on it so hope it's good yeah I don't know but I don't like you can or bassam because it's not the same feeling as you get when you shoot zombies it doesn't feel as satisfying as Jarek I can't explain it yeah I can kind of see you're saying it's probably just the look and fear like the feel of the game it's not the same it's definitely a different game but I still enjoy it just for that it feels off yeah and see I can see where you're coming from out there do you miss it over here no build a shield so TV fanclub how's it going welcome to the stream got that excuse me even I don't even know if we're gonna build all the stats not sure I'll see that I just keep whatever one I get first we can keep rocking with this challenge you need that middle robot sub row I've always told you that love your videos bro keep the great work in one month my birthday is going to come so Sam how's it going thanks for stopping by glad you enjoyed the videos use me excuse me there we go one more generator and we have it open so we can head over there and get it it's going pretty good EVP good how are you doing sup exposed gamer girl welcome to another stream how you doing like to try and get a staff feel before we get the Panzer there we go Matt good to hear Evy hope the next time in fifty what makes a game it comes with mono for two remastered honestly it might happen I don't know though I didn't like the split in in like fans this flight the games were split and there was like people that played him for a warfare and people that like to play a model for a master just kind of made it weird I'd be cool if they just made mana warfare to remastered as the main game I'd be fine with that to be honest nice and remember Joe yeah I remember you Sam how's it going gotta go eat Ric Evie thanks for stopping by let's see what else can we do oh we need to get the yellow disc there's that let's also grab the record player see if we can get this middle robot to spawn while we're doing all this stuff nope not in there let's be down problem bro Congrats on 4.

3 K appreciate that say appreciate it thank you we need that middle robot to spawns we can get the last staff or last piece for the wind staff excuse me open this up we can pick this back up and keep moving have that keep heading around not W and you put on attachments the only ones noticeable other sites yeah I kind of suit you're saying with that too maybe why is to retain this in case they use presents itself but in black ops 3 there's so much detail in every attachment you need to the gun you can see it in the gun okay I get what you're saying on that too since its most likely going to be that we get actually we might be able to get all the fire staff pieces first but it's likely we'll get the wind staff pieces first let's go make sure that middle robot is not coming I don't see it we should be good oh yeah it's a church bot okay um can you give my a shout out on my anti shout out you made this insert called games dungeons awesome there's Cod in all the different games x + 1 PS v more free hot dogs right shout-out to your aunt like for example if you put FMJ in black ops 3 the gun changes but I did begun with the same not like no don't worry about it overlap alike when people type in the chat that's what it's like the best thing about streaming is being able to interact you guys all good but yeah I know you're saying I know you're saying I don't know something about black ops 3 just I like it better – I'm not saying infant or for zombies is bad I don't think it's bad by any means I think it's pretty good there's obviously the areas they can improve but I still think it's fun gamer dungeon alright cool cool alright let's go ahead and end the round you've got all the power on right now I sense a change enemy's behavior it is as though the spirits are being pulled within where is this last zombie yeah there's one type of zombies we should be aware of what do you mean suicidal ah snow so now we can look for high staff parts that one we need to get the the red record record as well it's not the right robot you Excel yeah EXO zombies yeah not not the biggest fan some people do like it though which is obviously okay I think World War 2 zombies is going to be pretty fun though what do I think about that what are you feeling on that I think it'll be fun yeah it is confirmed I pretty sure yeah it is I tried to show that image and made a video on it what am I talking about see if we can find any other high staff pieces make sure you don't miss the robot though don't want that actually there's another one there's another pile alright there's two we're go to is where we see Hitler Hitler zombie yeah probably they learn something I think he's gonna be in the game at least ha which foot is it not that one say it's this one yep indeed it is I want to say you up with my pet answer so that your lover how I roll the left got to I staff parts let's go build the wind staff and we will ditch the rk5 so we can always buy a back for real cheap No excuse me zombie and I really need to change the fans of my computer it is loud as hell I say this like every stream but it is freaking loud that needs fixed um let's see what else can we do we can get the fire staff record and also on the round didn't really matter let's go find that record we probably should upgrade the wind staff I'm going to I'm playing multiplayer had a sniper there it is my god oh wow we barely made it voice holy hell that was a close one I choked so bad I could have had a clip dandy that sucks that sucks wow that was close I thought we were dead for sure I was even paying attention I forgot the stone in Origins means that little tablet down there that's for the Easter egg that's what you're talking about and another mammal real quick please know what self-promotion Dino um Karen Marin thank you for subscribing my friend abusive had a whole lots welcome to the channel glad to have you aboard beautiful beautiful dead come swiftly last one we pack a punch the mouths are real quick sup Landy how's it going welcome to stream at my friend um no miss Luke said I liked and sub well loosen it shout out to you thank you for subscribing I appreciate that a whole lot glad to have you thanks for the like as well if you guys are enjoying following that Luke's footsteps he is that the man that drop a like on the stream I'd really appreciate it a whole lot and if your aren't enjoying then go ahead and drop like for a for effort please kind of think what I could if what I should there's something better I should spend my money on rather than pack of punching the Mauser but I can't think of anything actually we should probably go do some of the upgrade for this yeah let's let's get some of that out of the way taking a shower so yeah it's all good Landy just kind of started soda classic origins takes a while to get set up and get moving so it's all good remember this damn look at that whoops to be modder doing quite well I would say it's up glad how's it going welcome it to the stream my friend we need to come back but we'll grab it just in case we've had 4 DLC 3 yeah I'm pretty excited for DLC 3 hope it's good hope there's a lot of Easter eggs and stuff to solve hope there's better cutscenes to be honest I'm never really a fan of them they're always just so short they don't contain much story information bought season pass now because it's on sale ah nicely any nice dude let's you sure it makes you fail important he steps yeah it can be a little difficult creeping games what's up creepy games how's it going welcome what are you puzzled about you're thinking about something everything okay you doing okay you feeling good you're doing the e nope we're just going to pack a punch all the guns or at least try to maybe we'll do the Easter Egg Afra if we can complete that but I doubt it what was I gonna do creeping games was puzzled so now I'm puzzled oh yeah I was upgrading the staff excuse me ah just switched account and heard you say flat nice dude what's up Juwanna cookie are you doing welcome to the stream my friend I don't like my life to be honest why not rev a lot life's good I make the most of the dude you gotta make the most of it oh my don't get your head in the game Joe as life is short make the most of it always says that syndicate always says that I think there's something like that he has simple like that really is what you make it though you're having a bad time you can you can turn it around no matter what it is I guarantee it we'll do it together I got your back I'm here for you I'm here for you make sure to LIKE and scratch our notification bell if you haven't already indeed make sure you do all of those things especially if you not get notified it ain't hit your sub box hit that Bell follow me on Twitter you can notify to turn notifications on there too if you really want to if you're a real G all right Luke I'm starting some notification squad comments in those videos guys we got no notification squad zero zilch its non-existent non-existent make your presence known we're demon oh come on for now the spirits choose to dress us there we go pick the Panzers coming so we need to get the hell out of here and I can't hear the game volume very well so if he does come he is probably gonna surprise me and I can hear freakin Tokyo talking and he said something a lot of Panzer I think I saw my two favorite here McKenna Aramaic and characters died the names were jay-z by friend Azura now it's a tie hey JC back fires risen from the dead my dude he is back he is a back end well Zara yeah rip Asura some big old rips for a zero alright where's his Pantera I know it's here and I see a third is there it is need more liquid divinium yeah don't we all get out of here guys we got that hey it's my pet painter on the stream yeah sorry I had to take him out I'm sorry can just come on around 8:00 I learned that yeah they do come on around 8:00 then after that it's like every four rounds or something I think another one on 12 so now we got all the parts for the fire staff if you want to build that all three robots coming in hot without my pet not my life is truly worthless he'll come back over the lab don't worry he'll bring friends it's all good it's all good so worthy sacrifice first playing origin master I thought it was around 12 because of drogyn drug yeah what do you guys think the der eisendrache answers harder or the origins Panzer which one do you think it's a lot more difficult to kill I personally think the de one is harder that's just me he launches those freaking those like stun grenade things at you those are terrible let's pack a punch this actually get one crossed off the list abroad Oh so there we go we can cross one off the list now let's do that real quick there we go I'm a creeping games thank you for subscribing my friend push that a whole lot welcome to the channel glad to have you aboard I'm glad you're here it feels that they are both the same difficulty hmm yeah I mean they're pretty similar I definitely think they're similar but I for some reason I just think the D wants a little harder like I feel like this one you can kind of rush them a little bit and just destroy them I guess you do have the stats on this though and if yeah if you hit him with a bow is pretty much game over and D rising as the bows and as origins has the staffs they both have painters they both have wonderful yeah they're pretty much and they have the same exact pack punch machine they're pretty much like pretty cool pretty similar all right all right all right all right all right oh right pants are de looks more easy to kill interesting maybe I should make a video on that I'm sure some I already has but I'll check it out someone already has I probably won't but unless you guys really want me to let's upgrade the staff here and then we'll head back out and get really moving with this challenge hopefully they still die the same with the gobblegum cop gobblegum call pop shots yeah I see it you're saying that that does help a lot it does help maybe I should make a video on the easiest way to kill the Panzer you guys feel about that somebody once told me who just took my fucking eye staff I think someone said that probably about every staff and probably about the storm boat oh whoa whoa well there's our maximal I missed it yeah use me boys we're talking the origins Panther made a baby and a headed there isin Panzer could be possible that's Friday night and I'm not doing anything cuz I have no friends I can't afford even a card I have my license modulus but I don't care because I have zombies do what do you think I'm doing I don't got no friends either just sitting here stream and playing some zombies it's the best eat it's the best okay we can make it scared me for a little bit there zombies never gonna die I mean just when you think it's freaky down on its log looking like it's gonna be game over for zombies boom comes back better than ever love it I think the zombies community is definitely one of the best made a video on it actually she I should check it out I put a lot of thought into that video even though it might not seem like it a lot of heart a lot of heart in that video hey Joe was on reddit and found really plausible week about DLC 3 can I send you a screenshot on Twitter of course you can always tweet me anything that's perfect place to get hold me to tweet me on link me tweets and all that stuff or disco it is always good to communicate well but if you want to link me something yeah definitely Twitter it would be the good place for that yeah the upgraded staff I think we're good now to just kind of get Rocking let's uh hey we should pack a punch this well you have enough money why not the Germans are low could not mark off another one off the list here no I've created these now we good 71 – at least there is no goddamn fandom for zombies I see you're saying I think what do you mean fandom land of the snakes god bless the snakes United of the snake United States of snakes know is the best snake know is the best snake Charlie I don't know what you're doing but knock it off dude no sense for that stuff come on just time you out we're Albania I don't care taking off samurai appreciate you stop by have a good at rest of your night all right snots let's get some money here and then we'll hit the box and we'll keep on moving with this she lets hit a gobble go maybe we can get off is it's cheating to use a emulation is that cheap Oh No Oh No we will say that which had zombies on PC yeah I love it dude I think Sammy's on PC is amazing get that that beautiful FOV no we did we good I will unsub then okay Charlie fun dude I have decided to replace my pass to wait that Panzer with a snake snake life huh this would be a good time with the box no you're not too late a little bit but we're just kind of getting started with the challenge so you're good we can buy that off the wall but we'll take it anyway I think we can buy this off the wall least you will keep it anyway it's good for racking up points so Kevin Durant equals snake I mean what did you talk about r overlap is the snake name no J jr.

here no jr. yeah you got a name her snake no jr. is it really a snake if you don't when you boy Joe says stream with subs but he never does it I said this weekend I didn't say Friday I said I would tell you about it on Friday I was asking earlier if they wanted to do if you guys wanted me to do it today or tomorrow or Sunday but you weren't in here you missed out on the conversation I don't know just ignore him suicidal on the lies being salty I don't know why what's up what's was the guide helpful Joe yeah that was pretty cool all that where you can put pack punch on your blast furnace on the ray gun stabs and everything that's pretty awesome do i watch basketball yeah i watch basketball not like a lot but a definitely bunch of high school a little bit i watch football more but um trellis to salty peanut he had you're right about that robot coming our way you know what the scariest thing in zombies is what a creepy games creeping games also summer vacation hell yeah summer vacation is the stuff dude you guys enjoying summer so far if you're on summer vacation if you're not if you're not on summer vacation I don't even know what to say I feel so bad for you feel like it's frickin summers halfway over basically all right so let's uh guess we might as well pack a punch this young do you think we should wait so sorry you can't I'm wild Charlie out please I don't know how he keeps doing that so you know what Kevin Durant did no I did not know what Kevin Durant did I mean II know he plays but I don't keep up on any like outside stuff if he got into some trouble or something I have no idea we don't talk about Kevin we're Christian server it's funny scariest moment in zombies when Blondell Reese's in full without a warning it's it's a sum it's something I don't know if I'd say it's it's kind of scary what the hell there's a Panzer this whole time did I just end the round get off me that crap do I roll the lap I had to do it I had to do it yeah it's when jason blundell dropped some juicy info without warning that is uh it's definitely it's definitely exciting that being charged I was being very distraught no you don't abandon me I just just timeout for now does it again you can tie them out again I don't care if you disliked us fine there's always somebody that's gonna dislike not a big deal okay such a mess I'm all about second chances we'll give him another chance Landy or Savage okay Papa Panzer had pizza could be have yet one zombie left now all right let's pack a bunch of this or do the round just start I don't think it did either way let's pack punch that cross another off the list so let's get off another one here no um Kevin Durant was very good friends with Russell Westbrook and they were in the same team their whole career until this year Kevin Durant left and oh yeah okay yeah yeah I went to the Warriors and everything yeah I guess in the end it's I guess it's all business you got God do what you gotta do does it look paid off for me got that got that ring so he just got savage Lee Andy the savage people say like he's a snake because he went in the words just because he wanted to ring yeah I can see why people would be mad I guess all right let's go should we keep this gun for around rack up another round of points since this gun is pretty good at that you might as well we might as well other greats moment senses when you throw a Goethe vison you escape in red health through the portal all dude I know just barely make it out that is definitely great feeling another great feeling from ascension is when the Easter Egg was first being solved and someone tossed that girl I don't know her whoever did it first those a while ago but quite a while ago but solving that Easter Egg I was I was intense remember me my friends did that I was like the only Easter Egg ever do with my friends cuz they never they didn't really play zombies after that we were freakin doing that Easter Egg we were so hyped it was awesome definitely a definitely good moment can I become mod it had been here since 1 k um type x point mod and you'll see how to get it I don't just give it up and people ask but that is a long time and if you just keep come to the streams type in chat active and discord all that good stuff it's not hard to get especially once if we keep growing then I'll need to get more mods and maybe one of them will be you hold the living watch most extremes I do appreciate that uh I say I really do appreciate it it's definitely not hard to get though definitely not hard to get field art because my drawings were too explicit can I not draw heart I don't think so Andy I'm pretty sure you can't do that doesn't work like that all takes dedication does take little dedication for sure that wasn't the last one that might be all right I'll turn at the box should we get rid of the boom Hilda or should we wait to see if we can get the the Raygun before we do that so that is pretty good on the Panzer so might be good to hold on to that for now Panzer is rip he'll be back he always is sure creeping games hit us with a zombie I'd love to hear a zombie question actually hey bro cover me fam sure sees max ammo here good fam for sure for sure all right so we've got three so far so be a good one to uh to get next whoops I did not I did okay on to the next round we can survive on we got we got good weapons for good who was the first person to be corrupted in the whole zombie story oh no generator five I'm coming for you I'm going to get you um Richthofen all you guys already typed it in there I don't even know if it's Richthofen is it you know I would really love to make storyline videos I pay attention to story but I just don't like I feel like I just don't know enough like mr.

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Roth waffles freakin rad Austin Johnny J they all just know so much that I would just be so intended to make a storyline video because I wouldn't be as detailed as they are zombie trivia you can do zombie trivia if you guys are into that never thought about that sup Xavier how's it going welcome it to the stream was the gelila pack-a-punch called good question was the first inventor of the Raygun porter inventor reagan something like that was a curse or something see I don't know these things if you guys read the entire zombies uh timeline I read some of it but I haven't read all of it yet easy Xavier Jesus it's the deal dude what's with all the salt pick that timeline stuff is super interesting though doesn't want to read the entire thing the bar threes I don't know sweetly why does it consume the scurry the same person didn't make all of them oh the porters at Sioux Raygun pack a punched a guy yeah I got you to developer E I did see someone asked what is the global pack bunch though so what it lets out see if we can get that one what is the global pack a punch called also Menard to put it in chat rip that's the lamentation what is the real ending that begins origins what do you mean the real ending that begins origins you were good on is there only one zombie left let's pack a punch at this gun hit the box and we'll pack punch another gun after that my cousin got mad and hit me with my phone when when you said IW is not good I never said it wasn't good so it wasn't as good as black ops 3 in my opinion that's my opinion you can have whatever opinion you want if you like it better good for you I'm glad so I'm gonna be making videos on iw and DLC 3 comes out RK 5 I didn't even know this was in the box I don't even know if I want this you can buy it for 500 points later all right we'll take this how's the new cosmic camo on it it's alright um I gotta go guys i'ma go guys got to go now all right see literally and II appreciate you stopping by have a good at night max isn't buried ending that's what starts off origins huh I think you might be right about that actually am I going pack-a-punch this thing but that is that – we can cross off the list I know not that this is science right my G there's that only one what did we just pack a punch is that one or two we can cross off the list we have four or five grout for forget to the end and we still need one that will know that mean we forgot to do one here well-well-well whoa there's a limit to the number of money you can get for boarding up walls around one what is the number that's a good question 13 boards you're right actually don't know all right let's let's get some more points here max is the true India berry because richtofen's ending is an alternate yeah I think they're still gonna bring Richthofen Zin though I can't believe they would just wipe that out it's gonna be in like a different different universe or something something it's going to be true somewhere somehow it's going to come into play I think touch Finn's me a Panzer I got him there's another one we've got to you brought a friend yo are you going to count the monkey bombs as one um I don't think so no I wasn't even planning on counting the stats unless you guys want me to read the comic of zombies but too busy studying quantum physics Jesus quantum physics that sounds uh that sounds pretty difficult yeah I haven't read the latest issue but I want to definitely want it got a decent one is on these left now not a talking about a few remember I'm 13 you're 13 get out of here with that 13 studying quantum physics come on wait what if the ending cutscene of the comics cutscenes of the comics are ripped off and ending result of buried that's interesting interesting three I wouldn't know if I wouldn't know that's true or not because I'd have to have to look into it more I'd say we can buy this on the wall but whatever let's go pack a punch it why don't we hear I'm struggling with trigonometry heard that with you on that one actually is pretty good at math god it's freaking hot in my room max this is the normal comic strips I see you're saying so I got a completely different universe okay okay I see exactly what you're saying that would be an interesting development I tell you what that would be something else but definitely something else you're not joking that's insane I say suicidal and you please a shadow please no self-promotion get out of here with that like I said I just don't feel comfortable enough with the story to make videos on it yet maybe if I like delved into it a lot more I would but um thank you suicidal mr.

robot running out of ammo okay those we're going to get a new gun we had to get a couple of sprinters we just had to get a couple of sprinters I think we're at five pack-a-punch guns to be honest but I don't know we'll just rock with four like I said you'll get to the end you want to play but on your own but your cousin is with you knock knock who's there who the hell's there our goose it's not gonna be very good for racking up points not at all nonetheless we're gonna go pack a punch it add another one to the list and we'll probably try and buy a new gun right away because I really don't to be stuck with this not making me very much any error very many points is then it will take us forever this machine is a mystery there's that looks pretty cool actually I really like the words in the pack bunch camo might be one of my favorites to be honest I freaking really like it I'm a fan let me tell you knock knock who so we get something good on the box that's exactly what I meant the box is controlled by demons I mean I have a shield anymore we better go get a new shield why do you guys remind me come on shield squad shield team 6 you're not the injury but Chad's shield obnoxio we're not being rated with the chancel not yeah it does seem like it would be all right wouldn't it grab a shield did I not grab one thank you I'll sing in battle all right let's head over to the box just looks like it's at Gen the 3 what was your first map my first map was uh not parent Odin on the Wii I think maybe not yeah I think it was on the Wii be honest maybe huh I can't remember when did it come out for the we did it come out like a lot later I feel like I remember playing that game on the Wii for whatever stupid reason they're young you I will take that to be the first to taste my bullet this will get us some nice points to advertise with it I'm not trying to have delusion I'm just saying on the topic of rating I got use a rover laptop good dude yesterday two prefer games ready to channel 16 subs and knives over 200 yeah that's awesome it's awesome they do stuff like that I'm just changing it was and it was when it was good I mean some people like transit I'm not too big of a fan but buddy take it easy just want the max ammo but transit is well you know yeah definitely not a popular map among the community for sure yeah I bet he was super hyped these were you guys in there when like a bunch of zombies youtubers were like on Twitter and they saw some kids streaming and they had like I don't even remember how many a couple thousand people in his chat at one time it was insane he was going nuts that zombie frozen or something it's going on pack-a-punch this we not cross one off the list when we did the artists all right well pack punch system we'll cross member cross two off got this now let's cross off to here this will be at six really bad about the crossing off of guns here that we good but the denizens yeah those things are super annoying release it was when it was released it was good I mean at first I was kind of like not sure about it I kind of liked it was I know this is kind of cool and yeah then after a while I guess people were just like not this map sucks we're some app ever what about zetsubou yeah people aren't afraid of fan big fan of that either why the fog gotta have that fog I got to have that fog it's good stuff so it could load and actually work only sometimes I just let these guys take over the generator but not when we're trying to pack a bunch all the time they can literally expand it paint it but yes I know Trek was rushed on that map yeah they were rushed that was what uh Jason had said they had a bad a bigger plan for that but just couldn't come into effect because they don't enough time how many tips are gonna sponsor I have it for the air subs um my biggest tip would just be consistent have fun whoa take it easy man he was going fast I felt like oh he was getting faster the closer he got I was crazy there another Panzer sure there is yeah keep moving we don't get trapped and these uh deadly ditches here the deadly ditches on if their domestic transit they should make it how that it would have been yeah that'd be cool but I bet it would take a lot of time I'm more uh more hoping that they do something with mob of the dead I'm sure you guys will agree want to play black ops three Charlie I'm going to be doing a sub stream on Chronicles this weekend if you have it Papa Pan's Papa Baines no offense but that's about is the definition of the jet gun that bad huh burger town is the worst of all time burger town oops alright we'll go another round ever get some more points with this just in case we don't get a good point gun i thing about rating is I feel like they are going to have a bunch of inactive subs yeah they might but it's a good way to I mean let's say you get 200 new subs and 20 of those stay I mean that's still 20 that you had last time but I agree it's just better to do it on your own that's why self-promotion doesn't work it's better just to do it on your own that's why those freaking whatever those shot out Sunday things they always don't work make videos have fun with it be consistent and you'll grow crash unless except for one thing well it's still good except the guy being done since I hate those things yeah those are those are no fun here doesn't said it sucks well I guess that's your cousin's opinion that's that's alright they okay balmy at least it's not exo-zombies that's a good point you got a point there I say trans was supposed to consist of a crap-ton of gay mugs yeah it was I wonder I'll talk about that was it nose interview I think or maybe it was no maybe it was rads I think was a Radisson Johnny Jay and MC sport talk there's Ambrose podcast or whatever that might have been where he talked about I can't remember which one they were some like close together I can't remember which one had which ooh we want this definitely want that out see if we can get a new gun for a cheap we already have the weevil but we'll hit it again since it's only ten points come on come on come on time of the elk are just what I wanted just the last aam be go to the pack bunch of machine just get this out of the way all right that is seven I think either seven or eight not sure will go a seven for now that's why we closed our eyes drive track equals buried revelations equals origins and grot equals mob of the dead interesting interesting line I feel like der eisendrache and origins are like really closely linked to though they have like the same pack punch machine panzer all that stuff feels like they're they're pretty closely linked but yeah I agree with some of those what's your guys's favorite blackout Street map I put in the chat what is your favorite black ops 3 map black ops 2 as well what's black ops 2 and black ops 3 what would go both of them he stopped on a punched him nice charlie don't hurt him don't hurt him welcome back gamer girl oh they have the boxes over a gen 3 fit the box cuz I really don't want to keep this thing the best side Easter Egg is oh that's a tough one creepin that's a good one though oh my gosh l4 siege best gun best gun here we go boys we got the best gun it's all good let's get pack a punch to sing and move on you have to you guys do well it will get maps first-year grad Co V in town alright nice nice I like it not like difficulty in items were okay I got you I got you I got you hive welcome to screen by the lady what am i doing over here reading chat got sidetracked as always tied to the pack punch machine Bob of the Dead forwards mob of the dead yeah mob of the dead is deafening my favorite about black ops 2 bad hundred percent black ops we have to say der eisendrache then my second favorite for black ops II was probably origins my second favor for black ops 3 is probably shadows of evil to be honest I really like shadows of evil look and feel that was great I loved it alright let's go with the box again cuz this is just this is just not going to work best thing about ma the dead is the atmosphere 100% agree there's just something about it just something about it you can't help but just freakin smile when you're playing that map it's all good Charlotte's all good all right I can take the can it's not very good but hopefully we can get some points with it and then we'll we forgot the rad eight we're definitely at eight save and go to a save there we go the blundergat oh yeah the good old blundergat there's a mod I was playing the other day where you can you can use the blender guy it's pretty cool I'll definitely do it on some more maps it was a lot of fun it's the custom guns mega pack or whatever that it's called something like that has a ton of guns in it it's awesome sup Hayden how's it going welcome to stream my friend not to mention you think each of the characters background oh yeah for sure the characters is awesome as well definitely agree with you music yeah I just really all came together perfectly characters music feels just everything was great Easter Egg great you know Activision Charlie really now do you really defending the dryer song the other debate shadows of evil had had some good music too that uh that the easter-egg song and shadows of evil is pretty awesome definitely a fan of it they did not get a power plot we did use me zombie I look at them points going up I have all the songs of mob the dead on Spotify you often check out the Spotify stuff I know I think call duty someone said zombies has their own Spotify hang themselves I don't have to check that out my dad could work anywhere interesting phrase to be a warrior out of ammo we got a pack a bunch of dolls we can get rid of it have to mention the song called woman 5 like rap music but so that all is that the other one from keno yeah that's great remember we thought that Easter Egg was so cool little did we know ascension was gonna have freakin main Easter egg quest I know the last four oh my god we just on the round whoops not afraid to die and battle my weapon let's go save this generator I'm sure there'll be some pans are spawning we got to take them out too let's grab these guys first that max ammo I know the last EE for iw really okay okay okay okay excuse me take it easy everybody calm down we're good what's the last te then charlie one panzer we need to update that to nine whoa all this ain't good we got to be good where's this Panzer at he didn't oh there he is there we go who in chat knows gorillas oh I forgot to I forgot to look them up suicide I'll put that in the the music discussion chat and discourse I can remember that I don't want to look them up the best Easter egg song is where we go and that song gave me the best video on my channel nice dude you want Lee Ross to shave his head yeah I mean I feel bad that he's going to do that but that would be that'd be insane just the last zombie hashim is hype also you guys are the best most positive group of people I know dude I'm glad to hear that I really glad to hear that how I say glad you're enjoying dude now I'm dead I would I'd still I would love to see whatever this final Easter Egg is that'll be interesting alright let's pause here and let's update this to 9 okay let's go we're getting a little bit of lag here or something I think we're good though where's the box still out Gentry all right we good hold on someone's uh text me um sup gamer boy how's it going welcome it to the stream my friend you're working on the SOE trailer oh nice dude alright so I really don't want to cheat and pop any of those gobble gums for it but we'll see we'll see how yo let's get rid of this let's see we can get here Oh perfect well let's just go get it out of the way it's fine down um the hoes only want my fidgets spinner nice I always loved them vintage spinners huh really best player seen appreciate that gamer boy thank you dude all right I really wish it was double xp for zombies this uh this weekend except for it's just safeguard I don't know what he doing weird game modes I die if he was shaved my hair I'm teasing to shave your hair he's gonna shave his own okay let's hit the box again actually alright we're not sticking with that so we get we gotta we gotta adjust this to ten though let's do that real quick there we go hit the box again so you can get just finish our cancerous you're taking over guess it kind of already took over like they're falling off a little bit but not not too not too quickly they're not going away quick that's for sure I also want double look at the venom yeah me too that was nice they solved the mega bundle though if you want to you can it's pretty expensive but if you can muster up some money for that it's a pretty good deal so pack punch this and then we'll head to next round get some points so let's cross another off the list there there we go oh boy Wow Oh boys boys that was close well that was close I literally almost went up and press yes he did the whole keyboard from top to bottom what do you mean suicidal I just died on origins from the demonstrators what happened Rove lap talk to me what happened are you okay is everything okay do it on two thousand coins yeah it's pretty it's pretty pretty expensive but it's a good deal if you can afford it long as I didn't almost get out Hugh did he get stepped on yeah Judah Fatih ended my game there I'd have been so mad the been hella salty spent them four per coholic hey you can't go wrong with you good for college did cross one off the list for this providing me as the Raygun good mean good mean I'm reverse gaming thank you for subscribing my friend Peter that whole Lots welcome to the channel how's it going Red Raven HD how you doing welcome my friend got yourselves a raven raid coming in hot thank you for that raid Red Raven HD appreciate that that is the one that is the person on the channel how's everybody doing welcome to the channel guys welcome to the stream the little pack bunch and action thank you for that max ammo you guys it's all because of you it's all cuz of the raid like you feel a lot I'm flying man Gail thank you for subscribing your friend Peter that a whole lot welcome to the channel glad to have you aboard Sonic's Plus Adventures shout out to you thanks for subbing my dude welcome to the channel um today 17 I think I said that right I hope I did but thank you for subscribing shout out to you my friend welcome to what the channel thank you for the raid I really do appreciate that raven thank you so much hope you guys are enjoying the stream um that I miss one no I think we're good oh Henry Hernandez thank you for subscribing my friend preacher that a whole lot welcome to the channel shoutout to you house are we doing it's a Paki time how's it going Dakota how you doing welcome gage how's it going Henry how you doing reverse gaming how's it going how you doing everybody appreciate you all stopping in Oh No it's not what I wanted at all we did get a I'll take that down see we can get hopefully it's something good like I was a little portable on that hope we already had the Argos not taking it again nope nope ain't no problem just in foreign and I'm a 14-ounce I thought I'll just stop by appreciate it raven appreciated a lot dude shoutout to you did huge shoutout to you ok this is bad idea right every AR who that was close one thought we were dead for sure I walked by four zombies in the line they'll hit me once I died rip oo rip Rove alive that sucks dude rip my man Lee Ross sends his reward he's scary fierce huh taught Charlie I'm six away from somewhere so high nice reverse nice rip shield yeah we need a new one keep moving whoa whoa whoa everybody take it easy as a preacher's daughter name please no self promotion but I do appreciate you just in the slight warning thank you for the reminder hi say we definitely do need a shield oh we're gonna wait till these we get a little closer to one zombie left oh I guess we are pretty close go grab it quick real quick whatever else can battle good call we got a zombie blood let's go pack a punch this the judgment of our wretched enemy you just say until the dying Sun Rise I thought she said some about a time something hi we good uh my words to death on origins had to do the pains are in the robot what happens to this Idol under the map get dragged under the map I'd be the worst is I've seen that happen to people that's awful it's truly awful alright so let's cross another one off the list here real quick there we go what's my name slick Joe Joe Joseph when I was upgrading the wind staff I got out of the crazy place and the painters were outside the tunnel oh that is so scary when that happens instant need to change the underwear okay all right so we rock with this or for another round maybe it's pretty good gun we should go for another let's at the box screw it you got a long ways to go we'd better keep hitting the box field one of the up but the other grabbing it down me yeah major car major cotton block got Cod blocked my friend um box'll over here yeah when I got up the robot stepped on me and I lost her garlic ooh yeah beat around there pretty good then huh I'll take that not a very good points weapon though let's uh let's pack a bunch and get another one we'll keep moving alright there's another one to the list head back to the box let's see what else we can get this is a sniper rifle the Dracon pack a punched monkey stole my dang for coffee I don't use furcal condescension yeah they used to have it where you could get all the perks out of the Wonder fizz so you never would see a monkey but they patch that now you can only get the purchase of the wonderful that aren't on the map which kind of sucks ooh I don't know if I want this but we're gonna need it so how does it'll take it just go pack a punch it too women recorded that and send it to relaxing the relaxing end yeah you should have I told them to make a fake perk it's called the slick perk dude I had an idea for a perk could be like slick Joe and it could be like a coffee it was like Joe's cup of coffee right and then it would make you like knife faster slide faster Crouch faster switch weapons faster just kind of make you hyper because like coffee has caffeine no I'm saying and then I thought to add to that since it was called like slick Joe or something like that you could have it too like you had a maybe like a 25% chance or a 50% chance or Matt 50 might be too much maybe like a 25% chance that when a zombie hits you his hand would slip and it wouldn't actually damage you I thought it's a pretty good idea for a perk but yeah a cup of joe or something like that I don't know just an idea just an idea I learned that the hard way lost ten percuss to rip i'm ready go the next round were these zombies that game is this black ops 3 you died again Rove laughs – who – rip you're having some horrible luck tonight some freakin horrible up okay please stop take it easy everybody either Raygun whenever I play Bob with the data put Oh God scared the hell out of my brother and Brutus spawned on round 2 rip dude you app Panzer such a mess no there's one there where are these freaking Panzers your numbers only provide a greater charge you are no match for summary got to keep on moving these robots are automatic tombstone I live in the USA yes I do yes I do that killed the Panzers I don't think I did they just slow huh nice Canada Missouri Stillwater cool cool guys cool I've so I killed the Panzer son can someone confirm I guess they're dead didn't realize I killed them whatever we did Richthofen meat first oh boy my hoodie's Richthofen me first in his crew which Richthofen we talking Altima sore premise all right let's let's get out of here here's a lassi so he can shave related Ross's hair oh yeah I'm sure we'll get it don't worry I'm sure we'll get it someone in the community will allow figure it out I'm not sure who it is Oh Dempsey you said I got you Dempsey's my favorite creature who are you guys's favorite character out of all the black ops 3 characters here I guess black ops and general characters where to go there for a second I guess I really did not realize I killed those Panzers but whatever Joe dia Friday the 13th no I do not have that game I was think about getting it though I guess yeah I guess any character yeah I didn't mean my batter didn't just mean though like original for I meant like any from any of the maps in treyarch game weasels your favorite I think I like Dempsey be honest I'm doing the pack a punch challenge gauge we're at the pack punch every gun in the map that's the goal once we get down to a couple zombies we're going to go hit the box again you might be it might be getting close nicolai like Russians and he has deep history with the fourth wife Yannick loves pretty a pretty good character already in the game Charlie really the final Easter egg is in the game before DLC for even comes out that's interesting not that again you already did that that might be the last guy that is last time he almost dropped him I know it's not now it is are already we haven't done the rk5 but i don't really want it right now what about the portals thing i was to go to the crazy place yeah we just built one staff and we're just going to rock with that we're not going to do the easter egg we're just just pack punching all the guns wait thought I was gonna light electrocute him oh we already had the breccie but I'll take it back come on we need something new all right what's new I'll take it let's go pack a punch it and where I get another gun afterwards enemy what do they do the staffs they have different elemental abilities so this is the wind one shoots like wind basically got to put an exclamation point in front of the commands all that's a grass but not the staffs I got you yeah I got to put a exclamation point in right so there's another one let's mark that off so we don't forget I also get another gun guess what the commands are is you type like a certain command in and then nightbot will give you something back so like you could type exclamation point Twitter and then he'll show give you a link to my Twitter account and so on and so forth okay I'll take it there's no kill myself command beep beep I'm a sheep interesting I wanna get that checked out I need to charge artsy what a gauge PC soft-bodied have a good night beeping game says kill the cell phone nice dude actually not nice do not do that I am sweating so bad checking space land yeah I think it's gonna be in space land at the end though but I'll I'm sure someone will be looking out for I had you spelled it wrong I remember yeah I think he might have spelled it wrong I cants okay yeah I say I think you spot it wrong dude Oh what the heck get out of my way cool fam we marked one off for this didn't we gosh I can't even remember like an idiot we marked went off for the haymaker what was your favorite IW map mine was raven didn't really like Xiaolin I think mine was rave as well big fan of rave yeah there you go hi say nice dude thank ya rate is too easy yeah it was really easy but I just kind of like to rave mode and all that stuff about it was pretty cool it was really easy though laughs guy um yep Shauna's Opie with the martial arts nice yeah I guess I didn't really play shelling too much so I can't really comment on that I guess I know something about it we just wasn't clicking with me at first I really liked it and then I just kind of read mode Eagle smoking weed I'm being for real think about it yeah pretty much dropping some acid or something crazy um you guys remember if I March went off for the haymaker I can't believe I keep forgetting this going to play origins alright suicidal have a good time good luck my dude good freaking luck hope your ps4 doesn't overheat let's grab a new gun that's a new weapon feels we have a long ways to go and I don't think it's gonna begin any quicker it's gonna keep getting longer whoa whoa whoa I already got that I guess we are kind of running out of ammo still take it forces me to embrace accuracy over fiery Eddie bear nice these students pray with us these servers have players ready up yeah I think zombies does doesn't it I don't play public matches that much um rave music Brown changing remind me of mob of the dead round change music I don t remember what it sounded like to be honest that no flippin idea oh it is freaking hot in my room dying I am dying let's hit the box and see if we can get something we have not had before okay I have Xbox one and my xbox live went out yesterday our rip dude no Xbox Live huh I give me something good please and I'm cheap so yeah that's all good I have a ps4 out I have ps4 too whoo perfect beautiful let's pack a bunch of this and probably get a new oven you died under Eisen you're having a bad day rip man you are having some bad luck keep keep playing oh you'll you'll get better some good luck will be coming your way I'm sure let's go get another gun let's make sure we freakin mark this off the list we can't keep forgetting we probably forgotten like to do at least two I'm sure just do the storm bow in your sight yeah it's pretty right pretty much right about that storm bow and then trade you can you can train up by the I like to train by the what's the freaking I came in death machine or death ray the death ray is that what it's called I can't remember how they already had that it got nerve flame is better now yeah but the the light the storm bow is like the easiest one to get and it's still pretty good it's not yeah I agree it's not as good but it's still pretty good and it's pretty easy to get so that's why I usually go for it lease I think it's pretty easy to get oh come on might actually take that though actually we'll keep the sniper rifle for for the stream for now unless we get a really good job that we don't haven't got before you do the jump scare ooh this is beautiful can't believe I picked it up alright we're in a pretty bad position good thing we got a staff though I wanted a t-shirt on every map go for it dude go for it dude um I hate the shadows you floor players yeah I don't like when they require four players I think it's kind of I don't know cuz I play a lot of solo which is why I like it if they have a solo Easter egg all right sorry I got a text message but yeah so it's all good though all right we've got the Shiva it's brutal This Is It this is a terrible terrible idea should oh wow hello mr.

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Panzer who whoa let's all just chill out got a couple of Panzers oh gosh rip shield rift shields nobody panic everybody panic everybody panic let's get some panic in the chat everybody panic in the chat or panicking that no shield we had no widows wine or panicking earlier on for me to get the bow was around I was around – it was the void oh nice I really keep yelling imagine transit remastered he's something else wonder people would like it better excuse me fellas one more Panzer okay shield squad we need you we do we do here we go there we go that's doing a lot shield spam once yeah I appreciate it need them shield reminders sure you're very important part of the team very important this is just this is just hopeless using this dangle we need any fun maps and zombies Chronicles I think origins is pretty fun we mean like what do you mean by fun I guess Oh move please no please no wow that was close real close not sure how many zombies are left kind of scared to pack a punch so kind of hear them spawn which means there might be a lot but in DLC six oh boy a DLC 69 confirmed bond equals call the dead mob the dead nuketown transit I'll catch you mean I love called the dead black ops 100 good stuff oh that was so close yeah that was so close I agree except for transit the scavenger was holy yeah we need to shield well no it's you couldn't get down though just a few zombies life looks like they're still kind of spawning just maybe I am talking kind of quiet guys people in my house are trying to sleep so I can't really be as loud and energetic as I'd like but hey got to do what you got to do call the dead with my other dead must be so fun too bad console plugs like me oh yeah I can play them still rip her own you gotta get on that PC game dude I know it's expensive to get into them alright I think we're good I think we are we are we're safe to go to go pack a punch this Shiva get rid of it immediately and get another gun out of the box boy whimpered alright so there's another one let's mark that off the list must be miraculously trendy let's head to the box should I get overwatch on PC yes or no I mean it's kind of to you I love the game I haven't I played all the time I think it's a lot of fun lots of fun but it is up to you if you like that style of game need a lot of teamwork too it can be difficult at times wow the krm let's pack a punch it and then get rid of it toxicity is yeah it's getting worse the toxicity is getting really bad on overwatch it hasn't it used to not be so bad but it's getting real bad of lately I agree it's a shame really but hey what can you do what can you do there we go mark another I started one down there out of freaking I don't know what I would have done console no one cares yeah consoles a little more lighthearted I agree just did the Mooney strike and completed it nice camera girl nice Congrats especially the high rankers yeah bacon they can get pretty frustrated he stayed in the stream oh thanks the idea of glad you stuck around welcome back I played the free trial when I had alive yeah I still played a lot I usually just stick to quick play right now because like you said so toxic do we that was like the first time we did wasn't it we pack a bunch this yeah we did I don't want that I don't want none of that I mean I carry my team with tour gold medals my teams and my team says mightor did it all the work but I don't place my turret down yeah that's what they usually say when your tour that's a usual be careful now did that guy hope we get something good nice rip I'm hungry but there's nothing good my house I know the feeling dude I know the feeling right there with you I've been here for an hour and 20 minutes well thank you guys I appreciate that creepin games knows – you notice – nothing to eat you've been here since around 6:00 appreciate it – my friend preciate it make sure you guys do drop a like if you are enjoying I'd really appreciate it if you're watching and you're not subscribed maybe consider subscribing as well where we go in here box box box box so perks how's it going welcome to the stream not that again we'll keep this we need we need something we need something something we haven't had before please come on not what I wanted we already had that I guess we're keeping this then so we got no money left and we have not good point wrecking gun so it should be interesting might have to hit the gobble gum machine see if we can see if we can grab a emulation hola mis amigos yes I know a little Spanish oh really I know hola adios bought it see ya that's another one all the easy ones gosh I'm freakin sweating about the pass out I pass out midstream flood the chow ribs you guys really won't know and let's say just if I just go completely silent and you'll know I must have passed out it's not a death machine you spirits of My Ancestors are with me keep moving gervase us that means beer I know that one quiet guys girls Donald Trump will rid our stream before I get a lot of people in here I'd have a hell of a hell of a party going on in here get out of my way no is no one Spanish frickin krm dude hablo English upon yes even your espanol see sure a CSC hope those guys don't die from that I don't think they will we need to go the box where is the box over there let's hit that box so you can get something something spicy since this is almost out of ammo nice we do not need that should go maybe should just go by the STG off the wall and pack a punch that so we can get some some money might not be a bad idea let's do that like my computer's gonna overheat it so freaking hot in here that will be a rip stream then Jesus will be a mad rip of a stream let's pack a punch this will use this to rank up birddog build up some points and then we'll go out the box again there we go it's across another one off the list there you know riddle the frost king how's it going welcome to the stream yeah even I know Spanish nice camera girl nice very nice kind of languages a creeping games you don't have to change some of the words from the feminine to masculine oh really yeah I wouldn't know much about that keep moving wait what not that German I don't know German either not know German either well it's Russian I know that either you guys are throwing all the fancy languages in here you distill perco oh really there's a recipe for per dog to give that a check and not to check that out what I was just about to say Oh all right we out I keep forget to get a shield we need a shield we don't have monkey bombs though so we need to get that shield at the end of this round for sure for sure whoo-hoo all right we're gonna make her way around here see if we can't get that zombie blood okay okay now let's get a shield clutching it up all right you learn French in school nice I was horrible f1 wasn't you took Spanish but not not not any good Radovan oh okay what's crude methods effective alcohol's be like yolk and a highlight for a minute so how you supposed to do it listen a game girl she knows she knows how to pick up chicks she she's a girl she can she can show you guys the way I believe in you roll the lap I believe in you yeah Nikolai he just wants vodka it's all he cares about didn't get about nothing else once his vodka it's all he wants I hate on your connection interrupts yes I don't a.

m. oh I definitely hate that hola mamacita these hips talk I stand before you ready to die marry you right on the spot just like that huh he's moving oh joy robot comes this way ranges become cringy kind of right honestly you're pretty much right advanced if you wish I will stand my ground let's find the wrong one creeping must have found the wrong one it's okay happens to the best of us I just hit it's the last of them here I'll hit the box see we can pull Oh what up boys I already had that I'll take it though for now I guess not just to be the first to taste my bullet Lee's box please I see what a creeping Fisher you stop by have a grocery night not the freaking L for siege didn't follow you back over it that's never good as never good it's alright you'll bounce back believe in you it's all good I say call him why'd you see him I guess we sure honest our dues come on we need to eat do we get all the box guns maybe no we definitely haven't we still need the dingo we need all the other line machine gun although whatever it's freakin called we're getting some bad box look saying good I think we're going to try and pull an immolation after this so we're going to try pulling right now hey we're only gonna use them one at a time though yeah you got a follow yeah I guess I'm lesser like a creep okay that's what I like to see there we go it's a pack a punch of this and we'll probably keep this for around rack up some points with it this is my finger you see my finger down there what is that some strange shit I think you flirt with all the kids in my school through high schoolers I did learn do something the p.

m. today because why not nice man you play the piano that's cool it's up fire how's it going welcome to stream classic right here and mighty wind has got to mark it off there we go – cape rescue mission we got a rescue mission I think we're getting pretty close maybe we should do all the wall weapons after this we need to do the rk5 we need the dingo we need the rig unmarked to better oh wow okay better go this way no nice frosting gosh just just stop everybody stop sweating sweating nervous and it's hot as balls I can't stay here for too long nope nope nope keep on moving that song right here waiting just saying in that school got you mom's sphaghetti guys like the song mom spaghetti how long has it been blowing of him streaming for island on like two hours a little over maybe almost two and a half actually yeah 10 points big-time I will not succumb to your sickness got mad Panzers in the building appreciated tranquility just died already bringing out the big guns I mean the small gun but the big gun there's one who there we go all right we got a lot of points now you got a max ammo even better we must strike while we have the advantage let's uh put the box again being played through since it seems pretty hard I got you I'm not really sure what that is that song is I already had that before common section is nice yeah I'm glad it is it's pretty good squad appreciate you guys tuning in oh come on push the box was as nice sup ethan how's it going holding the stream my friend trying to get that pack a punch challenge completed here nineteen out of a 32 let's pop one of these Mazal not waste them I already had that although there are different variations for that Sun is shedding a problem no chatting is not a problem I do anything you can do whatever you want do whatever you want can chat you can do it all maybe I was just let you know what the the commands are all right you need to take that while we're waiting we'll hit it again see if we get the Raygun yeah don't except for self-promoting obviously there's rules but it's we don't want we don't want that so we'll keep moving so let's pack a punch this big dog they'll probably hit the box again honestly why not oops alright let's just mark it before we forget I know this is Simon there we go and we probably are going to do a we're probably might start using emulation just because I'm a little pressed for time but I want to use it too much but I might start using a few of them you got that one marked off let's find the box again we got another edy rod raid how's it going guys welcome to stream shout out to Ed for the raid again he's ridden all the time I appreciate it my dude appreciate it a lot how are you doing we're going to get this box what's up guys hey how's it going brightly how you doing at Greg Oh what's up my friend ed I'm rod 93 huge shot to you what's up dude um sh kr how you doing Shakur Christian Johnson welcome to stream C we can get out of this box sniper we already did that one we don't need that ah Christa Johnson thank you for subscribing my friend P said a whole lots welcome the channel glad to have you aboard it's up Dan a welcome to the stream a friend brightly shoutout to you for subscribing appreciate a whole lot glad to have you hope you'll like what you see if you guys are enjoying it be sure to drop a like subscribe if you're new I'd really appreciate it JV productions how's it going – welcome to the stream how are y'all doing tonight hope you're doing fantastic again come on box we need some box luck please please enough of this enough of this sniper rifle shits and this other stuff I don't want JV productions shot up to you thank you for subscribing appreciate a whole lot welcome to the channel are you kidding me we just literally got that three times in a row I'm pretty sure what the hell box while you do this while you do this give me a frickin it emulation I deserve it now okay nah not feeling it come on come on please already did that as well we already did that as well we need the Raygun BA the mark 1 we need the mark – we need the dingoo still trying to think what else think them might be close to it although we need the know we can buy it on the wall oh my gosh we're literally only getting the freaking this is starting to pick me up you'll pick me up after a gun they revived me to have the Raygun good meme good name I'm going to throw up if I keep running in circles oh ho please please box not the freaking C jar – got that – wasting a lot of money here let's go for an emulation screw it oh wow I did not realize it was forty five hundred we didn't even get it I have some big the big taken an L right there so fat hell has been taken thank you this has been an unlucky spot take me somewhere else jeez come on you should do wall guns first you had enough money to PAB after the box hits ya we've been kind of just intermingling and doing kind of both but it's not a bad idea I just don't want to get rid of this like machine gun if I don't have to we've done some wall guns we have not done all of them though you're something to do the rk5 we need to do the kuda which is right here I think right yeah okay take it easy take it easy take a chill pill other than that I think we've gotten all of the wall guns we just need the freaking weight you know we've got that heated that one they were my revive me I'm mr.

Lee teal ex-wife's forehead – that's even more worth a revive how much do you stream i stream every weekend and sometimes during the week but not too often I only I've only done one week stream so far but I'm thinking about doing more maybe usually I do like two videos that during the week and then I do a stream Friday Saturday and Sunday yeah thank you exactly game a girl L or slick Joe sucks that's a classic or Joe sucks I guess not slipped Joe just Joe sucks there's this box it's right there we need to get a shield definitely want to do that Oh baby we're getting rid of this there we go but I like to see let's go grab a shield machine fan see you later appreciate brightly have a good night dude appreciate you stopping by this statement is a lie Bradley is wrong we talked about that statement so you're not wrong all right let's go pack a punch this ray gun shield squad of course we need that shield squad all right let's shield team six we need seal team six in here remind me if I need a shield top on that grab us the freakin pack-a-punch ray gun looking oh so fine with the red and the blue camo ooh it's good um sh kr thank you for subscribing Priesthood a whole lot welcome to channel glad to have you aboard welcome back creepin games how you doing um let's mark that off the list there we go say cool now let's uh we just go the next round maybe yes I am a Dragon Ball super fan love the Dragon Ball super Dragon Ball Z all that stuff that's what you're talking about I hope you are I really hope you are yeah we'll just we'll go the next round because we get some points with this gun even though it's not the greatest or should we hit it again maybe we'll go one more time so we get the dingoo and be nice all right elsewhere while we go track up some points you ever do open lobby zombies as fans yeah I do actually this I do streams of subs all the time I'm going to be doing one this weekend actually either tomorrow or Sunday not sure yet yeah follow me on Twitter and join the discord I have a discord server join that that'll be the best way to figure out when I'm going to be going live with sub-lists or a stream with subs and you can get on in on that but it's fun in the manga and the manga I love watching shoes that I got to go some to watch you later see you later bro alright appreciate it uh sh kr I'm saying that correctly maybe it's all one word I don't know but appreciate it have a good rest your night appreciate you stopping by appreciate the sub have a good one I have the easiest question ever are you talking about Dragon Ball Z Gohan or Dragon Ball super Gohan that your question well I'm gonna guess you watch the dub I've watched a little bit of the original the Japanese release or whatever and our board our board Gohan a back o dubs Gohan you guys one second getting intense um who's his favorite character out of all of them I guess out of the out of the Z fighters I guess actually gonna be any of them I don't care not sure who my favorite character is tough question just be a huge Gohan fan oh please god no who Dragonball Z not doves okay yeah the dub yeah yeah I'm definitely for the point where the doves at I'm definitely a fan of Dragon Ball Z Gohan I mean even I guess even in the Japanese version we on scene too much yeah not not too much of a fan of old tracksuit Gohan trunks I really like yeah Future Trunks I'm a fan of into it's pretty cool I think Vegeta was pretty cool she's got a he's got a badass attitude I like it Dragon Ball Z Gohan Opie way o P oh yeah we racking up those points how it doesn't look any order in Dragon Ball super Saiyans and man they don't they don't age well I don't think at least not as not as quickly guess he is only half saying though are you gonna get G strikes and probably not does that count do I need to get G strikes I wasn't planning on it I'm gonna say no for this time if I need to again I do it again then I'll do it but we go No question statement you know it's kind of like a mix of both when you're not sure you just you throw a little bit of a little bit of both in there racking up these points Bub's arc gaming or clad how you doing indubitably keep talking about fam I'm talking about Willis all right let's keep moving oh Jesus I could have been bad well said the last man standing you got two more maybe not three more all right let's go let's go get the rk5 out of the way go let's go grab that I think what else we need rk5 CUDA already did that we'll hit a gobble gum see if we can get the I think we might be like I think we might have accidentally forgot to write down a couple to be honest would you donate a kidney for $40,000 I mean yes sure I mean if someone's gonna die without it and I was the only one that could do it donate when I probably would donate it for free that's one you have yeah you have two of those right before I promise this you have two of them right let's make it shit s is PC good job all right let's mark that let's mark it M on PC all right when you do the Box now or should we get the kuda we'll hit the box a few times see if we can get a the dingo or the regular Raygun oh we need the monkeys we need the Joe is consulted about kidneys yeah you can fals with me a little bit got that gun again I mean I'll take it freakin an mg o 8 I will take that any day of the week oh yeah HBK good call we need HEK we need the what's up I can't remember half of these guns are called and lose my mind but you're tuned for too long um the 3 round burst light machine gun we need that as well are you in a dashboard I've only used oh maybe I don't know probably let's be real yeah I used to purr coholic those are like gold I'm friggin dashboard I'm flipping dashboard no no chance losing these shows my middle name literally no nice Bradley is wrong Bradley is Joe change your name to Radley is Joe don't forget to pack PhD oh yeah good call nice middle name literally oh we need the Manowar – we already did that already did that one Amanda war hvk kuda the three round burst like machine no where the hell it's called I can't remember I was beating up my cousin Charlie take it easy on him geez my man yeah I have xbox aw Toledo this is PC and I usually play ps4 but I do have Xbox 48 dredge Thank You rolap yeah well there's the CUDA for free well not for free but cheaper than I can bought off the law cool tell me how you dashboard what an xbox an Xbox you dashboard by hitting the home button and then you go over the game that the tile that has the game on it hit the start button and then hit closed app or closed game or whatever let's pack a punch to this this little thing mark that off the list she's a mystery hey cool let's just keep it in the box we're we're getting close but when you die you die yeah but if you have quick revive then you can get revived once you'll have no perks you can see if you can try and make it out and if you think you're about to go down again you can just hurry up pause and then dashboard he socked me so I grounded him for an hour and put the ban hammer down on him huh atta boy how do you change your youtube name on mobile I have no idea Garrity I've gotten that I don't need that I'm not sure I change your youtube name on mobile we got in a gobblegum this game no we haven't already had that no we don't need that actually does have a fire sale on it hand it over we'll use that to run out of money so hot in Texas sad that when you're about to die you pause the game and quit yeah if you don't want to lose your gobble gums you can that's what you can do if you like use a lot of them it's definitely something you can do a lot of people do it on origins the top part of the zombie shield was not in the fire tunnel it wasn't in the little room right when you open the door from the spawn so where is it what oh ok so it wasn't in the fire room on it it wasn't in the where else wasn't it wasn't in the little room right where you opened the door from spawn so where is it what do you mean oh that little room ok so yeah the next spawn here I'll show you the final spawn is I have a video on this you can watch it if you want more but it's right over here it's right here right charlie just think of me as as really as Joe okay all right I will Radley I just said rudely I'm at Radley I've known Xbox to el zombie I'll go ahead and type X mission point Xbox in the chat Toledo and it'll tell you what to do I have a xbox club and if you send me a message I'll invite you to it now I haven't seen the per Kollek offer today I hope I don't miss it hope it's not over already probably as though thanks Joe you're a legend no problem man's from here for I got you I got you be something good already had that already had it so if we gotten every wall weapon then I think we've gotten all the wall weapons unless you can buy the HP case somewhere that I didn't know about a party at the ICR um is good one insta-kill for two / Daleks oh that's freaking hell of a deal stream stopped nah seriously this happened again are we good yeah you can go in the crazy place are we good it's still going okay I was going to say because YouTube had shut my stream off before all the sudden just died out of nowhere so I was hoping that didn't happen again oh there it is there it is let's pack a punch this and this will be good for I visited for that the website of the ad you're welcome thank you Radley I appreciate that dude I appreciate that we're back are I awesome I didn't know it ran ads in the middle of the stream hmm was unaware did that I was there when you shut your shame off on knocked yeah I was pissed I was pissed the Minuteman challenge up the dingo dango dango of course of course all right let's mark that off the list here whoa that detail I noted some money just use ad blocker don't encourage ad blocker I use that block or two but I disable it on YouTube and twitch you don't have to but that's just what I do so we need to go to bed getting pretty late on this is one of the longer streams I've done in a while for sure please to be a warrior oh yeah we getting them points oh whoa whoa let's all take it easy settle down yeah we need the 48 dredge hvk Man O'War trying to think what Oh Reagan mark one what else that's what other guns we need to pack a punch kind of thing got that insta-kill clutching up Peacekeeper on this map but not even know that no way it's on this map is it well that was only in Revelations I never had block ads and I always visit websites of that because at least you can do for the youtubers of called Yvonne Tapley ship at Radley I do that too I appreciate that especially with all this freaking ad boycott bullshit going on I do appreciate that we'll be brawn from the very face of you I'd be the last last little batch here I think all right let's go let's go hit the box so you don't I can't think of any wall weapons we need still so let's say you could buy one of the hvk in the crazy place is that true now I don't go to w.


a meetings what do you mean I don't think so all we need the other arm STG yeah is that no not Gigi what's it called what's that other sniper called why can I not think of any help the guns are called yo bro how many per call chef I have ten ten per colics please best VG that's right SVG is what we need I said it right before you type it just so you know we already did the dragon we did the locust need the SVG need the Manowar we need HP k we need the regular market one we need a shield well sucks why do you have a low level because normally when I used to play PC I'd only do mods so I'm not very high level on PC oh my gosh it's got trapped on that thing shield team six where you at shield team six where you wet okay we need to just we'll go get a shield while we're may be our bad luck will change turn around over away see if we can get a divinium or not I am a emulation it's like Alcoholics Anonymous for anime vici I got you I got you nah I'm good I don't need that all right we need to get this uh we need to get this this box luck please come on box come out on box typical it is career typical is controlled by demons all right we're going to use maple real use this how many killing times I have I don't know I think it only have like five or six you might use this gobblegum here so we can get a fire sale box ah church you need kind of a based open area so I can dodge around the other power-ups I don't want like the nuke you like right here this is I just pulled out the shield instead of tiptoe around this actually take it easy let's run over here and pour gifts I don't know how many of those I have oh there it is there it is let's go get this pack a punched I can find my credit card I can donate tomorrow if you stream the or this weekend yeah I'll be streaming tomorrow you don't have to donate if you don't want to it's only it's only an option just an option if you want to you don't definitely don't have to but I much appreciate it if you do what much appreciated all right there we go let's mark off another one we're getting close even though I feel like we barely have any guns to go and we still have maybe I miscounted when I when I maybe there's not actually 32 maybe there's only 2028 let's think about this we have the Raygun no self promotion please Toledo we need the regular mark 1 SVG um what else hv k so at least 4 more all right let's just go hit the box again so let's the spirits of our ancestors let's head up here let's hit the box soup and get something so good Toledo just let you know it's a warning Joe the quality content compels me hey I appreciate it dude I appreciate it Radley is Jill you the man that is not what we want rip I forgot the Maximo gave me okay well he's gonna die we need to get out of here we need to get out of here sorry I'm new it's all good Toledo up just that's why I'm just letting you know right so nope not gonna work we'll stick with this for now it was just don't do it again yep it's all good yeah Panzers oh yeah we got Panzers well we also got the ray gun mark to keep uploading talita that's all be consistent and have fun all you got to do look at that demolished kid out of here get that corn out of here get it out get it out get that corn out stay original agree that's pretty hard but if you just put your own touch in your own personality to it you got a you got to do that put that freaking corn out of here boys and girls we need taking no shit from those Panzers okay we need we got some good decent money we need to just get to the end of this round so you can get an emulation show you something a bad lecturing his son who has behavior problems just trying to just trying to help the man out small advice I can give really down just comes down to dedication consistency and you got to have fun with it or you won't be able to be dedicated or be consistent how do you livestream you got to get a captured card or device and you then have to use a live streaming software like OBS I don't know why I came down here this is a terrible idea terrible idea my doctor said if I don't get 0 scribes next year like seconds I'll die from Ebola think you're good you'll be okay believe in you you have a ps4 did I do if you're talking to me if for poor kollek's nice dude kino or origins let me say keno because I'm playing origins for the last three hours this is taking forever I don't care about the money anymore just forget points just get to the end of the round I did it actually we need points let's not be stupid it's gonna take longer we need them points um I had tempertures put those monkeys yeah rip dude get hit the clothes app to save your perks do those are Peugeot's those are the only reason I don't feel bad about that school and I think that's like a like a cheat or something but I mean you have to pay to get perco holics and so trying to save them so you can have them for free is not cheating especially if you only have a few what the summers I thought the robot was behind us I got 40 on Kili I should say dude nice it's awesome I died before I could dashboard our rip dude I've done that plenty of times plenty of times all right all righty all righty let's go when I die then when I'm getting revived at pause the game yeah then you dashboard oh no we got plenty of zombies left I'll rat – all right let's go the Box actually let's go to the radishes Joe now nope nope nope alright let's go to we did the game 44 we don't need that let's go to the box see if we can bust out a couple of these final guns even though I can't think which ones I'm freaking missing I see my level it's freaking out you know what it is 33 there we go please please please oh we were so close she don't even freakin animals and also take it um Daniel Garcia thank you for subscribing Priesthood a whole lot welcome to the channel glad to have you aboard whoa whoa whoa settle down children already done the oh wow how was close boys to zombies it's up Daniel how you doing son so we this is risky business right here ah we've leave already we don't want that three it's all your possess this is risky business right here all right let's get the hell out of here no rovol app stay show sucks indeed it's true it's true is it true no don't show to have her problem sad it's not funny yeah that really it really isn't funny I guess not you say that we're all good though we're all a ok I'll be getting double xp yeah I know right whoa take it easy we gotta save some of this ammo for the old hands er thought I saw a death machine I did eat him up eat them up all right let's keep moving you need to go the box again let's just see if we can hit a freaking gobblegum and get a emulation this is taking way too long fuck we should be done but maybe not give me one how is that a shopping free alright alright oh I thought we got the hvk well whoa I literally hate this box phone hate it with a passion dick elation pulsation next gobblegum confirmed good one are do you had that I'll hit this box all dang day she'll team six where you at where you at adjust hurt a shield break we've already had that too please alright at least it's out of this spot I hate this area let's go get a shield up your face this is PC we'll just confuse of what guns we need to pack one still I think we've missed to wait will that make sense Freeman okay so late SVG the hvk Reagan Mark one what's the other one trying to think what the other one is that's what three we had bad luck this spot last time real bad we already pack a punch to that didn't we yeah we did we definitely did I already did the CUDA hoggin servant yeah good call solid call hold on getting a text message here all right let's keep it going a bad let's go come on we need some hashtag luck get some hashtag luck finding the chat please guys we need it we need the luck some hashtag luck in the chat we really need it flood the chat with some luck need your guys's luck it's gonna help us out I know it is if it doesn't then shit yeah I did the boom hild already already did that there might be two that we already did that I forgot to mark down so if we get down to two left and I really can't think of them then come on we already have gotten this we need the HP k I know that guys I'm not seeing any luck come on we need a lot put the luck in the chat what are you doing come on come on I forgot to you think I did too I thought I did but I wasn't exactly sure alright well we'll see if we get to two left and we can't think of them then I'll say I did too but for now we're gonna keep going we're not getting any guns we need to get what up but – you got the bear we pack a punch the bear not enough luck only two Luck's we only got two Luck's we need more what my origins game went to tragic what happens to this idle talk to me what man what happened alright we need we need we need to step it up here random pass of the box typical mastery of luck ooh I'm feeling the luck now I'm feeling good it's tingling I won't say what but it is oh yeah hmm all right let's get this come on do we do that yeah we already did that one come on boys come on come on box don't do me like this I thought we were friends I thought we were friends I'm gonna run up here we're gonna get some luck I'm gonna come back down and I'm gonna see nah no not a chance I'm going to bed it's late bye see you tomorrow see what a Radley appreciate you have an hour appreciate you stopping by have a great night D have a fantastic night get this we got to complete this challenge to not the weevil come on close that for the night last guy died he's suicidal good save good save please box dude come on turned out he downed right when I quit a half dude that sucks we she made it out though at least you made it out by Paul D Joe see you later man Radley is Joe see ya radishes Dro Joe whatever you want to the bear again this is brutal got a goodbye I gotta wake up early so can I also just got a crazy place to buy the HK go oh yeah you can buy it there okay well we'll still need it you can buy it there okay well we still need the SVG we'll go to a crazy place and check that out what what else we have to do I forgot about that forgot even there was guns there so we'll go check that out see you later a high side appreciate you stopping by dude have a great rest of your night Joe rage I'm I'm feeling the rage I'm sweating can't find the freakin guns I need my hands numb actually just kidding I'm having a great time but still come on help me out here ready got that all right where's this magical hvk in the crazy place and how did I not know it was down here someone tell me where it's at I didn't even know was in here this is the freaking R okay we already got the ICR maybe that's what he was talking about no hvk just the ICR so I'm not seeing it so I'm losing my mind which is possible that's it no it's the Vesper so I thought I don't think it's in you you'd be quite honest I think it's just the ICR correct me if I'm wrong though right I see are now we already got that so we don't need that well that's okay we got this we're going to get the box we're going to hit three guns in a row that we needed we're going to realize that we're done after that we miscounted we're going to be out wait we need a shield box is right around the corner fire can de given us some thumbs up I like it we're not hitting that 8,000 points 8,000 now we already have gotten that one before this is ridiculous notice fire noticed only we could send Gotham's other people like trading that'd be interesting actually already done the VMP come on box killing me smalls killing me do this one yeah we did that damn it I already did the rk5 wait I'll swing up the cauldrons for the fireside and some I turn on the fire teleport instantly they were not lit it was is that okay or do I have to do it again um I don't remember I think they stay lit but you could I would go outside and check just to make sure oh I saw the hvk I saw it come on this is ridiculous freaking insane the box just doesn't like us it really doesn't it's not a fan it is not a freaking fan dude I'm about to lose my mind her colleagues make your teeth go grey it's like soda rot your teeth you think they're gonna put a purr colic in an infant or four zombies I hope they do this is just the Box just like the video I guess yeah apparently actually think they turn off a zit it's completely now move on the step I think yeah you might be right Jim bullit noticed you have been noticed and huge shot to you for subscribing appreciate it my dude welcome to the channel glad you're here glad you actually like the channel unlike the stupid box give me some frickin guns you filthy who hold me back old lay back hold me back the bear again I tell you what freakin tell you what liquid divinium for the win something-something for the win oh look at that called the spot here we go I'm feeling lucky now oh wow I lied this way not not wait for it anymore it's probably mad I'm not taking the guns that's got to be it I'll just take everything that comes out of the box now no I'll take it out to the box did you get the staffs I've gotten one staff from a distance yeah box has the power for sure it's my destiny is in its hands who killing me I cannot discount these weapons devastating killing me I've been telling you what face to face with my enemies want want want war we're taking else we're taking massive ELLs we just went from like 30k points to freaking five cows and we haven't gotten anything how we need nothing trying to be the world record for round survived nah I'm just trying to complete the bag a bunch challenge that's it need the hvk the SVG the Raygun one can you have the regular marked one with the ray gun mark – maybe we need to get rid of this do I have to get rid of this I'm willing to do anything I'll get rid of the staff if I have to let's do it I'm getting rid of it all let's spice it up a little bit spice it up X goes the Raygun this will probably be the death of me let's be real we had peace for if you do show up yeah I have ps4 not sure about clouds right now but possibly in the future something something's got to give now we're not to be able to kill anything because we have shitty guns I guess we have the apparently I need seven but I can't think of says I know anything of like three so maybe I just miscounted just possible I was it doing it in a hurry don't want that well here we are here it is and I don't even have the freaking staff I just got rid of the staff maybe should go back and get it again excuse me excuse me excuse me thank you yalta see jumbled I've pretty busy schedule so usually have like a set plan we need to go take care of these guys or or dunsky we are freaking dunsky oh all right get back here get back here our victory is not calm all right this ought to be interesting come on let's get some hashtag Joe sucks in the chat for that rip I think this might be the end boys and girls we tried the Box just didn't want us to have it didn't want us to have it at all wanted none of it let's see if we can we didn't snatch a / coholic will close this app what do we do what do we do guys should we keep going we use quite a few gobble gums use quite a few so can you help us made it out rip rip freakin Joe sucks I just hit a paddle on the back of my controller and unpause to the game on accident freaking rip just Joe sucks I want you to just look into the top right of the screen where a face Campbell would be hit by hat a face cam want you to dig deep down and don't scream it out loud because your parents are probably sleeping or your brothers or your girlfriend or whoever you're living with or your boyfriend whatever it is whatever it doesn't matter they're probably sleeping and they're gonna be pissed if you're screaming but in your mind just fucking scream Joe sucks put it in the chat scream it in your mind Wow we were close 25 maybe 27 we're not sure I'll watch it back and I'll tell you maybe 27 maybe even maybe closer than we thought riperoni or liquid divinium –zf or all that that's all we get doctor Monty's a scam artist he's freaking wheeling and dealing taking all of our money we ain't getting shit for it run Forrest run Forrest did not run this time Forrest fell he fell hard he ran right off a building basically that's a riperoni we're gonna have to end it there boys and girls but I do appreciate you guys all tuning in and sticking around to the end this has been one hell of a long livestream and you guys have stuck it out to the end I really do appreciate that make sure drop a like if he did enjoy if you didn't enjoy watch it again or just a for effort hit it with like for that I'd appreciate it subscribed for new follow me on Twitter join the discord server links in the description all that good stuff streaming again tomorrow but it might be tomorrow morning I'm not exactly sure what time might be like you know 10:00 a.

m. Eastern Standard maybe 11:00 a.m. Eastern Standard not exactly sure but be ready for that and then Sunday we're going to do a stream with subs so you guys hear her to hear first you're at an advantage I'm gonna be streaming with subs on Sunday so be prepared for that it should be a good time not sure what map we're gonna do yet but if you have any ideas we got us feedback and suggestions channel in the discourse you can drop it in there you can also drop in there any ideas for anything you got but yeah join the discord foments order all the good stuff I really do appreciate you guys you are the best you're all legends love you all thank you for watching and I better be seeing you in the next one catch you later.