/The Mysterious Death Of NBA Player Lorenzen Wright!

The Mysterious Death Of NBA Player Lorenzen Wright!

Video: The Mysterious Death Of NBA Player Lorenzen Wright!


Before we begin I would like to give a huge shout out to Sikhi for sponsoring this video for those of you who don't know what Tiki is it's basically the smartest way to buy and sell tickets to live event you can use Tiki to find tickets to concerts Broadway comedy shows and even the NBA Finals he searches for tickets all over the web which means that you'll see far more results and find better deals and if you tried searching on your own saving you both time and money to top it off you guys can use my promo code insider 17 to get $20 off your first purchase click the link in the description box down below to find out more once again thank you to CG for sponsoring this video enjoy so a while back around the time when I first started making YouTube videos I covered a story on an NBA player named Lorenz and right if you guys remember that video you would recall how chilling and crazy it was now a week ago as I was going through my older videos I started watching that one specific video as I began watching the video his story began to intrigue me even more so I got off of YouTube and began to do some further research on his case after countless hours of research I started to stumble across some shocking details and evidence there have been so many details about his case that I missed that I just felt like I had to go back and remake the entire video this time to the best of my ability if you have already heard about this incident I strongly consider that you still continue to watch there are a lot of sketchy details that still remain unsolved to this day and by the end of this video I want to see if any of you guys are smart enough to be able to solve this mystery next month marks the seventh anniversary of Lorenzo Wright's murder so in honor of that today on NBA insider we take a look at the mysterious murder of NBA player Lorenz and right before I begin this video I must warn you guys that this video contains some disturbing content so if you are easily bothered be warned some of the things you see and hear might give you nightmares now with all that being said let's begin welcome to NBA insider the basketball guy Lorenzen Verne gone right was born on November 4th 1975 and raised in Oxford Mississippi but what later on move to Memphis Tennessee his senior year in high school as a kid he grew up playing the sport of basketball in fact he loved the sport so much that he played for Booker T Washington High School averaging 19 point 1 rebounds in the regular season he was selected to participate in the 1994 McDonald's all-american game as a teenager Lorenzen Wright was heavily recruited by schools all over the country but he would eventually commit to the University of Memphis in 1994 becoming one of the most popular players both on and off the court during his two-year college career in 1995 he was named first-team freshman all-american after meeting the Tigers and scoring rebounds and blocks his success would carry on into his sophomore year when he led the Tigers once more in scoring rebounding and blocked and was named as a second team all-american in the first round of the 1996 NBA Draft he was selected seventh overall by the Los Angeles Clippers for the next 13 years he played in the NBA for the Clippers Atlanta Hawks Memphis Grizzlies Sacramento Kings and Cleveland Cavaliers he retired after the 2008 2009 season with career averages of 8 points and 6.

4 rebounds in 793 games including playoffs overall the six-foot 11 255 pounds fair was it an NBA all-star but he was an outstanding rebounder shot blocker a solid role player and despite the fact that he would eventually retire he was still anxious to play overseas in order to continue supporting but unfortunately for him the chances of that ever happening came to a tragic end our story takes place on Sunday July 18 2010 at 34 years-old Lorenzen Wright hadn't played an NBA game in more than a year the year before he had completed a successful season with the Cleveland Cavaliers after finishing the regular season with 66 wins making it to the playoffs and earning a spot in the 2009 Eastern Conference Finals sadly the Cavaliers would end up being defeated by the Orlando Magic in game 6 after that Wright's career was over Lorenzen had recently moved to the Atlanta suburbs despite this he would move back to Memphis Tennessee where most of his family and friends lived including his six kids four sons and two daughters then ages 4 to 16 right originally had 7 kids unfortunately back in 2003 one of his daughters had reportedly died at 11 months due to sudden infant death syndrome anyhow on this specific day Lorenzen was supposed to be in the city attending his sister's baby shower but for some odd reason he didn't show up almost a week after the baby shower Lorenz and other sisters died via RT spoke on his absent saying this is not like him I haven't talked to my brother in nine days he doesn't go without talking to family my sister had a baby shower last Sunday and he was supposed to come something had to have happened little did she know that something did happen something terrible on July 18th on the same day as a baby shower Lorenzen had taken a trip to Collierville a small town a little bit south of Memphis with a population of roughly 44,000 people he had gone there to visit his ex-wife Shara Wright Robinson and their children after leaving his ex-wife's house at around 12 a.

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m. in the morning no one had seen or heard from Lorenzen right again a few days after Wright's mother Deborah Marion had a strong feeling that something was not right not only had she not heard from her son but her calls and texts to him were going unanswered so on July 22nd she filed a missing-persons report with Collierville police telling them when you all find him it's not going to be good and she was right his mom called me shoes like they didn't so I can't find ring what do you mean you can't find it and I called everybody I can think of not over I think you'd better be safe than sorry for us to file a missing-persons report cloud your bill police are trying to find any information that can help them find Lorenzen right and so far there's been no luck with leads while everyone was too busy looking for clues as to Lorenzen disappearance the biggest piece of evidence had already presented itself about five minutes after midnight on July 19th the same morning Wright left his ex-wife's house a police dispatcher in the suburb of Germantown received a phone call from the Rendon right cell phone this was a chilling call Wright had made before his tragic death take a listen turn here 9-1-1 where's your emergency hello hello nothing the gunshot of course when the dispatcher attempted to call back there was no answer the location of the call could not be pinpointed because it came from outside their jurisdiction however despite the fact that Wright's location could not be found the weird part about this was the fact that the dispatcher who picked up the phone on the night of his murder did not report anything to a supervisor until eight days later apparently she claimed that she didn't alert patrol officers or commanders because they couldn't confirm it came from their jurisdiction regardless this was a major mistake that will later on slow down the police investigation and cost the district to pay Wright's family in a legal settlement then on July 28th after countless days of searching for Lorenzen Wright and nine days after the disturbing 9-1-1 call police dogs searched a remote wooded area of southeast Memphis where they found the answer that they were looking for sources tell Fox 13 that the body found in the wooded area all packs cross in Winchester is Lorenzen right right there in the secluded field police found the decomposed remains of a former NBA star his body was so badly decomposed mostly due to rain heat and animals that the NBA player who once stood at 611 and weighed 255 pounds now just wait a measly 57 pounds all that was left was bones and mummified skin in fact the sight of his body was so gruesome that there would be no open casket funeral instead his body would be pre mated many NBA players former teammates and childhood friends attended rites you knurl including Penny Hardaway Zach Randolph and Damon Stoudamire even NBA superstar LeBron James will send his condolences Lorenzen was a teammate of mine back in Cleveland and man we spent so many days together you know to hear that you know he was killed in his hometown that was very emotional following his funeral Memphis became a city of detectives with everyone out to solve the crime police autopsies had revealed that Wright sustained five gunshot wounds to in the skull two in his chest and one in his arms right skull had a three and a half by two and a half inch cavity missing from the center of his face where his nasal and frontal bones were missing the evidence also showed signs of head trauma specifically for skull fractures all over his head his skull wounds were consistent with two gunshots and bullet fragments his two front lower teeth were also missing right also suffered multiple rib fractures and a fracture to the right shoulder toxicology reports also found no drugs in his system although the medical examiner has found ethanol alcohol in his body this did not come as a surprise considering that it was the chemical that is always present when a body decomposes overall Lorenzo Wright's body was in such a gruesome State that the only way for police to actually confirm that it was indeed him was by identifying him through his dental records the autopsy concluded that at least nine gun shots were fired at Wright likely coming from two different weapons one small caliber and another medium caliber and although the data to desk was listed when his body was found police were certain that he was killed on July 19th when that 911 call was placed however the strangest part about all of this was not only the that that investigators did not collect a cell phone at the crime scene but that right was still wearing a bull necklace and an expensive watch when he was found this suggested two things that Wright's murder was done by a professional and that this was not a robbery gone wrong after all why leaves the expensive jewelry and take away the one piece of evidence police needed in order to solve the crime not only that but there was also the question of the fact that the body was found just a few miles from the Memphis Airport which left people thinking that this could have been a hired assassination in which they would kill Wright dumped his body and just jump on a plane overall in regards to his murder police were able to answer three out of five questions where the when and how but the more important questions who and why remain unsolved to this day one obstacle that stood in the way of solving this mystery was the fact that Memphis Tennessee was ranked as the third most dangerous city in the United States at the time of his death this was the same city in which Martin Luther King jr.


was assassinated back in 1968 this factor alone gave Memphis Police a hard time considering the large amount of suspects who could have potentially been Wright's murder and the fact that Wright was a celebrity did not help at all you see when Lorenzen Wright was still alive he was a kind-hearted friendly and extremely charitable individual using his fifty five million dollar salary Wright would spread his wealth around town like crazy he would buy grisly tickets for family and friends expensive houses pay for friends and relatives to go to college and by sporting shoes for various Memphis basketball teams Lorenzen Wright saw it as his duty to elevate as many Memphis friends and family members as possible and although he did indeed change the lives of others around him the reality of the situation was that Wright was soon to be in need of help himself after leaving the NBA it was no secret that Wright was having financial issues like many professional athletes these days he was not exactly the most financially responsible person he would spend enormous amounts of money with little record on top of that he still had kids to support payments to make and much more in the end the money and the same would result in his ruin by 2010 his 1.

1 million dollar home in Atlanta was being repossessed as was his 1.3 million dollar mansion in Memphis Tennessee with all of these financial issues Lorenzen Wright was in need of some extra money so when news of his murder broke out investigators began digging into their first theory this theory suggested that there was a possibility that Lorenzen Wright may have resorted to a legal means of acquiring money and was killed in the process you see according to SBI humans right had a distant relationship with a man named Bobby coal coal was known throughout Memphis as a member of the notorious multimillion-dollar drug empire run by Craig P DS PDS was known for his infamous ties with the Mexican drug cartel and as crazy as this may sound that drug cartel that he operated under was ran by none other than Joaquin Guzman aka El Chapo however what's most important to note is that back in 2008 Lorenzen had sold a 2007 Cadillac Escalade and a 2008 mercedes-benz s63 to Bobby Cole a year after Cole had been indicted on drug distribution charges during the DA's investigation they discovered that Cole purchased the vehicles from Wright with drug money and seized them one questioned by police Wright reportedly admitted to selling the cars to Cole but having no knowledge of whether or not they had been used for illegal activity so in order to gain more information Lorenzen Wright had been subpoenaed to testify in court Debora Marian Wright's mother believes that Cole possibly feared that her son was going to disclose information that he knew about their drug operation so rather than take that risk they decided to kill him and as cliche as this may have sounded at the time this was indeed a strong possibility after all crack P DS was the same man who ordered the death of a local Memphis rapper named Marcus Turner after he thought that the rapper stole drugs from him just like Lorenzen Turner's body was found in a remote wooded area with obvious signs of trauma and gunshot wounds in 2009 PDS would admit to ordering his henchmen to torture and kill Marcus Turner and would be sentenced to life in prison so maybe Wright's mother was really on to something but then again there's Lauren's ex-wife Cheryl right she was the last known person to ask in Lorenzen before his tragic death also when police had questioned if she had any information regarding his murder she would remain quiet behind her lawyer then over the phone she had finally given police statements claiming that on the night of his murder she had overheard Lorenzen on his phone saying that he was going to slip something for a hundred and ten thousand dollars then she claimed that he left her house with cash and a box of drugs in a car was a person she could not identify the mysterious part about this however was the fact that Shara had given all of these statements to police not on the day of Lorenzo's murder but nine days after not only that but she would also tell a grand jury that she had never said he was carrying a box of drugs this didn't sound too good coming from her considering the fact that this was what she told police when they had he questioned her so basically she lied but why would she lie about the drugs and why would she keep such valuable information hidden until now was she scared for her life or was she hiding something while speaking with police officers she would also mention that six weeks before he was shot to death two to three men carrying guns came looking for the former NBA player she had apparently warned her ex-husband about the visit but her lawyer had said that the suspect had warned Shara that if she said anything to anyone either her or her children would be killed which is why she did not alert the authorities until after Wright's death but still something about her story wasn't adding up regardless of whatever she told police deborah marion still suspects that Shara had some involvement in her son's murder Deborah herself would say he was worth more to her dead than alive he had gone on with his life this was referring to Lorenz in marriage you see on February 2010 after 13 years of marriage and five months before his death Lorenzen and Shara had finally finalized their divorce Lorenzen was ordered to pay more than 26 thousand dollars a month in child support and alimony he reportedly fell behind with the payments because he appeared to be experiencing financial troubles despite this five months before his death Wright somehow managed to take out a 1 million dollar life insurance policy it was part of a permanent parenting plan that he left behind for his six kids on July 1st 2011 Lorenzen writes kids were set to inherit the $1,000,000 but following his death so 1 million dollars in life insurance was instead allocated to Shara right still primarily to support the couple six children instead by September 2012 10 months after receiving the money Shara had spent more than nine hundred and seventy thousand dollars on a wide assortment of luxuries including a Cadillac Escalade for $32,000 alexis for $26,000 and 69 thousand dollars on furniture she also spent eleven thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars on a trip to New York three hundred and thirty nine thousand dollars to buy and improve a new house as she placed in her children's names seven thousand one hundred for a deposit on a swimming pool five thousand for lawn equipment and thirty four thousand dollars on legal fees all of the spending would just lead to an increase in speculation around Cheryl's involvement and rights deaths but that's not all during an interview with Fox Sports back in 2015 someone had decided to ask Shara the one question that everyone else was too hesitant to ask have any part in Lorenz's murder she replied that first all my wife then I'm a mother and then thirdly I'm an author your law enforcement should do what's best to find out who the killer understands why had I do but I'm a wife a mother and Arthur I I let people do what what they're good at doing and I'm just going to do what I'm good at doing they need to spend time and focus and find out what happened to him we all need to know many people had found this response extremely disturbing considering the fact that she didn't exactly answer the question almost as if she was dodging it to add to all of this Cheryl writes neighbors claimed that they saw her using a fire pit at her home with an unknown man what was strange about this was the fact that she was using the fire pit on a 95 degrees summer afternoon only days after Wright had disappeared one neighbor told police I thought it was strange because it was like one of the hottest days of the year eventually police searched the house only to find burnt metal pieces in the fireplace but the accusations would not stop there Wendy Wilson a former personal assistant to Wright had previously urged police to look hard at Shara Wilson had claims that back in 2003 she received multiple voicemails from Sara threatening Lorenzen if she ever caught him cheating with another woman Wilson said that she turned the voicemails over to police back then but that she doesn't currently have any copy although it's been seven years since his death Lorenza Wright's family friends and fans continue to feel the pain brought on by his gruesome murder and the fact that his killer or killers still remain free to this day deborah marion still believes that her son's murder centers around both his ex-wife and organized crime today Lorenza writes remains can be found buried in Calvary Cemetery in Memphis Tennessee many of those who knew him described him as a person with an enormous heart a person who kept a smile on his face and sought to help those around him in any way that he could and although there have been many small pieces that police have been able to put together on his case the one question still remains who killed Lorenzen Wright you unfortunately for Deborah and her family Lauren generates murder remains unsolved to this day it's crazy to think that this could have happened to such a widely respected figure in the NBA just imagine if this has happened to someone like LeBron James or Kobe Bryant because at the time that school or anthem was to the people of Memphis nonetheless this was an extremely heartbreaking story for me to make but I just felt like it was my duty to let you guys know about a man who is not only a great NBA player but a great father son and friend out of respect for him and his family I will kindly ask that you guys share this video with anyone you know because who knows maybe someone out there knows something that we don't now with all that being said let me know what you guys think really happened to Lorenzen right do you think it was his ex-wife who killed him or Craig PDS and his gang or maybe you guys have your own theory I would love to hear what you guys have to say also I apologize for taking so long to upload a video making these videos takes a lot of time and effort that is why I am reaching out to you guys for some help if any of you guys have professional script writing skills editing thumbnail making or anything of that sort feel free to hit me up at NBA insider 23 at gmail.

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com I will leave my email in the description box down below once again this has been your boy NBA insider thanks for watching.