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The Girl Without a Phone – a Snow White Story

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Tonight we're running on the right track I know we're never look back Oh i just want to have a good time Call me or Whatever some ### will anything life back Oh no we don't want to be Sloomo so my #### says Let's Go To the beat and sweet and sweet and see me like see me like Party like Breaking up To the beat like see me like Pencil or no pencil pencil? Pencil. Do you want Steve in the background? I don't know. Does he deserve it? My phone buzzered every time you tagged me. Maybe someday, I'll let you be my real boyfriend.

You love it. Free phone ? Once I hit 2,000. "That's that's totally doable." "Just a matter of time." "Your, your first brand deal." Drop this off at the library, I hate going in there. Of course. Deuces! Jen ? We don't say that anymore. Right. See ya! So, what do you think? "Who did them?" "Me!" "How old were you?" "I worked on 'em this week." Oh. Yeah, I'm thinking of changing electives, next term maybe taking art. Okay. Uhm, no. "I'm just starting." "And now it's time to stop." "This…isn't you." These are bad. Okay. You have to stay in the classes that I'm taking. I need you there. I mean… Who else is gonna tell me how pretty I am? Yeah "Probably everybody" "Probably, but still I can't have an artsy boyfriend." So I am the boyfriend ? I know we're so cute together. I'm just contouring.

*laughs* He's five months older. I straighten my hair? I am not telling you where I live. "Hey, Nikki. Have you seen the remote?" "I don't watch TV, Dad!" Your mom's missing the Kardashians. "Mom's missing the Kardashians?" "Yeah, can you help us find the remote please." "Dad you're a high school principal. The world doesn't need to know about your Kardashian obsession." "Okay, sorry." Honey, what? No. Steve did not post that! I know everything he posts. I approve it all. If you're lying, I'm coming after you. Oh my god, I can't believe you're making me do this. "Hey!" "What are you doing?" Oh, some homework. Who is @lilybean016 ? Oh, some girl that goes to our school. Why are you posting her stupid emoji pictures? Oh, they're cute. Did you know she makes them? So, you just share it? Well, i like emojis. She has 37 followers. She doesn't even show her face.

That doesn't matter. Yes it does. Delete it! Okay, fine. Stephen, if you want to be my boyfriend you have to start acting like it. Did you see it? a girl at school has more followers than you See what? A girl at school has more followers than you. What? @lilybean016 ? She had nothing yesterday! How? Stephen, made her viral. Who is she? She's streaming live in the sewing room right now. Hey! What's the name of ###? Which one? I don't know. It's like Aurora or something. She is bullying people on our Instagram account? Okay? Aurora, She's, she's blind and Lily, she's sending her these sunglasses emojis totally making fun of her for being blind. And now Aurora wants to run away. It's totally out of control. Yeah, but if she's blind, how can she get it? She's using the sewing room to bully other students. This school has a zero tolerance policy on bullying that is your rule, so..

.. What are you gonna do about it? So this is the in-school suspension. What does that mean? It means you'll spend the rest of your classes in here instead of your regular classroom. What is this? Well, we call it the coop. Just give that to Mr. Clausen. He's expecting you. They're on a field trip right now, so you can go in and work on your homework for now, okay? You'll be fine. Hey, do you remeber when you got that ### stuck in your hair? Yeah, and Flo had to use the scissors to cut it out. Yes, and I sliced your scalp open. Yes, and I tried using extra time to stop the bleeding. Yeah and the blood kept coming. Yes, and it formed a giant bubble on your head. Yes, and you walked around school all day with that, that giant bubble gum blood bubble on your head.


Yeah, and it started that "bubble hat fashion". Yes, and when it finally exploded… What? Who are you? I'm Lily I am… …have…. uhm, here. Are you Mr. Clausen? Professor Clausen! Sorry. Are you joining us? Yes. I think, I don't know for how long. Who are you guys? We are the high Q Society. the high IQ yes the Einstein Club The what? The high IQ. Yes! The Einstein Club. We're the smartest in the whole school. Yes! Keep going, built. Yes, we are here on an assignment to analyze the, the color temperature from these electric diodes. Okay. You see a typical fluorescent light ehm it's a …color temperature of…. 4000 degrees Kelvin. Kelvin? Yes, it's a unit of measurement. Invented by Calvin Klein. It's how he gets such great profit margins off of his line of men's underwear. I'm sorry. I don't get it. Pivot! That's, that's because actually we are Northside secondaries elite dance squad.

Support! No citation. Yeah, recover! Actually the dance is just a little something on the side, we're really…. …home.. -schoolers. Home schoolers? Yes, we meet here once a week to… …Develop socials. No! We meet here every day. Blocking! Never mind. We meet here once a week. Every day, yes every day. Justify! because… our homes burnt down. Yes, we have no homes. We are the homeless, home schoolers. Great job very nice. They're learning. What just happened? Oh, don't worry. It's all over. They were practicing on you. Northside nose Practicing? Yeah, they're the school's dramatic improvisation team of the Northside nose. You look happy. I just used my daddy's credit card to buy Instagram followers. He thinks it was for school supplies Back on top. And now she's out of that stupid sewing room. Whatever will she post about? Can I get a volunteer to get some textbooks from the resource room? Anyone? Stephen? Volunteer? Oh yes, sure I'll go. Thank you! Where's this one chivalrous nowadays? See, the most important part about improvisation is that you be a yes person. If somebody has an idea you accept it, and you build on it with your own idea.

They do a really good job with that. Anybody can say yes, if you're a yes person amazing things can happen in your life. Are you a yes person? Mostly on the weekends. Excuse me is this the- -Research spring. Give it a try. Help him out. Do you mean like…? Yes. Yes. See if you had said no, then he would have left and the story would have ended. This is a Story? It could be. I'm looking for some math textbooks, do you know where they are? No. Yes, I will help you find them. Thanks. Hey, aren't you the emoji girl? Yes, that's me. Wow, that's cool. Thank you. I'm Steve. I'm Lily. Do you always curtsey like that? Yes I learned it from my grandmother who's the Duchess in England. So are you royalty? Yes. Technically a princess. Oh, no don't. A small one's fine. Her ancestry stems from the Windsor clan. is that a big one? Is that a big one? She was born in a castle.

Like a castle castle? And she's cousins with Adele. Adele, have you met her? Just a family gathering. She once went on stage with her at a concert. Seriously? I don't remember, I was a little. Keep going, built! But Adele dropped her and she bumped her head and that's how I lost my British accent. That's like so amazing. I've never met anyone so interesting you're so So? So yeah Were these the books you were looking for? Maybe, probably, sure. Thanks. Good luck with your emojis. Oh, do you want one? Actually? Yeah. Here. Pick any one you like. Is this one okay? Yes. I better get back to class. By the way, who are you guys? They are the school's acapella jazz trio. *sings* I was thinking maybe this weekend we can go check out the open mic sleeps cafe. Who's going? Well, we could go. You're funny. Oh I need your English please oh, yeah, yeah. What's this? That's a heart emoji.

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Yeah, I can see that, but why do you have it? Nothing, I got it from the emoji girl. You should see the group she's with in the resource room. Oh they act and they sing. Stephen! What? Who are you? Huh? Listen to yourself. Well. I thought they were cool. You're being selfish. How do you think this makes me look? I don't know. Think about the people around you for a change Stephen. Life's not all about you. Three Cucumbers discovered a girl in the kitchen baking apple strudel. Welcome back. A Big sale? Just a little something to help raise money for your club. That's very kind of you. Can we try some? Justin! Sorry! Can we? Of course, we need some expert cookie testers. I'm good at that. I bet. But we'll need help promoting it So who has social media? Me! No, I do! I have a lot of followers on Instagram.

Great. Lily why don't we take a picture and we can post it? Oh? I'll take it on your phone. Everybody in! Perfect, oh so cute. Oh. Just having a little trouble, I think it's this case. Oh, yeah, all right, I'm just gonna Pop it off. Allright! Ready? Say cookie! Cookie! Aww it's so cute. Okay, Lily. Why don't you post it and make sure – Oh I'm so sorry. Here, let me – That's okay, it was it's my fault. You should really get a better case for it. Yeah. How many of these do you want in the pic? All of them, I want to look cute and cuddly. After all just like throw them out or something. I don't know. Hey, isn't this a no makeup selfie challenge? Yeah, so? Doesn't mean you actually don't wear makeup. It. Just has to look like it. You don't get 50,000 followers by playing by the rules. I need that free phone. And you're almost there. Oh my god! What? She posted again. Who? Lily.

What? She must be using someone else's phone. She has a sponsor. Who? Some new skincare brand. Derma CARICOM Oh hey, I know them. What are they like proactive or something? No cooler. You upload a selfie, and you get a custom prescription for like awesome skin. So she thinks she has better skin at me. No of course not. This is so out of her League. Hey look there's a coupon code for a free bottle, Lily one. No, no, they are not doing that unless they sponsor me too. This is your fault. What? Her popularity, if you hadn't have shared her posts. I thought I was ### it was just an emoji. Just an emoji. You now what? Just go. Finish you homework? No. Like goodbye. I'll use this stand to hold the light. At least it won't promote other girls Instagram accounts. Breaking her phone wasn't enough. I have to go all the way. Congratulations! Are there any leftover cookies? Just for you. Next we should do a car wash, let's spread the word on all of your accounts. Let me have your phones.

You too Lily. Oh, that's right. I can still post on one of their phones. No I feel bad. Here, use mine You sure? Of course, you should be the first to post this. Login, picture, username and password. Okay. All right everybody squeeze in. Say Nikki! Nikki! Got it. Thank you so much. You're welcome. Just let me log you out and oh – No! What? I hit the wrong button. That's okay. You can just – – no you don't understand. Lilly I deleted your account. You what? I'm so sorry You have every right to be mad. You should be. Scream. Jowl. Let me have it. I deserve it. Be mad. It's okay. What? It's not that big of a deal Yes, it is. You had thousands of followers, I just deleted them all. It's okay I didn't really know most of them so. I just deleted your account. It's gone. I'll make a new one it was fun. It's fun? #### everything.

You should hate me. Can't hate you. Yes, you can. No, I can't. Why not? Cause I know what you're doing. You do? I know what's going on here. You do. Of course. You're my fairy godmother. Your what?! You're just not very good, but that's okay. This probably sounds pretty weird but uh this sort of thing happens to me all the time. It seems to me like the people from the ## team are like the dorks of the Snow White (?) But there's only three of them. Okay they maybe, they're like the Fairies from Sleeping Beauty. Then who'd be the evil queen? I guess there isn't one. And I thought I was Cinderella. you know It's possible that this whole fairy tale thing could just be in our imaginations I mean you never got kissed. What a ripoff maybe oh, Are you coming to your improb show tonight? I? I'm in it.

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it'll be fun It better not be one of those shows where they make you do audience participation It's not like that because I'm not going on stage. I promise you no one who make you go on stage We're gonna need a volunteer from the audience You you sir, let's give a hand for Steve Steve It's called fake fairy tales first we need a fairy tale Cinderella, Cinderella Now since this is fake fairy tales. We're going to do a gender reversal version called cinderfella Once upon a time there was a poor young boy named cinderfella That's me all the animals Fella Dogs out of the house now clean up their poop he also lived his wait to cool stepbrothers Yo-yo was up my brother pounded one day a messenger arrived with an invitation oh Boy, oh boy dang We gonna check out that princess tonight, so they started getting ready for the ball, Cinderella Yes, brother, my pants ain't baggy not fixed Where's my leather jacket shades right away Super fella big with them can I come with you guys begged to come with them, please? Let me come with you, but there was more cleaning to do at home Cinderfella was left sad and alone.

He cried and cried and cried Those tears a magical leprechaun Olson the fella I see her in a bit of a pickle Yes, fairy God leprechaun. I want to go to the ball and meet the princess well let's see what we can do for you so with the leprechaun cast a magical spell that made him cooler and cooler and cooler until He became the coolest dude in the kingdom here's the keys to me car. Oh and Be back for midnight Meanwhile at the ball the evil step brothers were creeping on princess charming Princess check out these moves No no no check out these ins But princess charming wasn't interested. She you two smells oh Yeah, it's so natural You know you like it, but when cinderfella entered the ball Princess charming couldn't take your eyes off of him beautiful music started to play But when the clock struck 12 cinderfella panicked and ran off Wait come back the next day princess charming search for her mystery man She searched high and low finally arriving at Hello sir do you have any fine living here? Oh the fine? She had them each try on the cat There anyone else no no more From who , but doesn't say oh insist The cap fit she found her true love Okay, princess It's really oppressive I didn't know you could do that lilies these were left for you.

Oh From who , but doesn't say oh My love's picking us up out front if you want a ride. Oh yeah, I'll be either yeah it was good Okay, princess Hey Hey, you left your emojis. Oh, my goodness. Thank you That was pretty awesome, huh? yeah it was good I'm happy Yeah, that was pretty Cool and I'm sad that it's over well, I'm Angry But why oh I don't know So I never met you earlier Well you make me speechless well, I'm Shocked that you feel that way you should be because I'm a nerd No well You have to say yes, that's the rule well fine if you're a nerd then I'm a nerd too This is Getting cringy, yeah I Should uh, I should I should go? You have to say yes you're what!.