/The BEST Wireless Storage Device? Verbatim MediaShare Mini Review

The BEST Wireless Storage Device? Verbatim MediaShare Mini Review

Video: The BEST Wireless Storage Device? Verbatim MediaShare Mini Review


Hello Guys MiniMiner Here, Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Verbatim Mediashare Mini, Is it the best Wireless Storage device? Let’s find out The MediaShare Mini is a portable wireless storage device that allows you to store media on a Micro SD card and read it from any device that can connect to a wifi network. The packaging of the device is fairly simple and it includes: The device itself, A quick start guide and some other terms and conditions. Taking a look around the device you can see it is very small and has a nice matte black finish on the outside. On the back there is a slot for your micro sd card, This is used to store your media and access it wirelessly.

On the right of the device there is a switch that turns on this device’s wireless function and overall power for the device. There are also two LED lights on the top of the device, one that indicates your battery level when charging and one that indicates your wifi activity. Finally on the front of the device there is the USB plug that is protected by a snap on cover, this is used for charging the device and for data transfer directly onto the SD Card. This is really great as it means you don’t have to buy an extra card reader for the micro sd card as this device can do it internally. Turning the device on causes the blue Wifi led to start flashing which means that it’s initialising, When this turns a solid blue the device is ready to be used. Before you start accessing your files however you have to download the App on your IOS or Android Device. This is very simple to do and the app is only 33 Megabytes on my Iphone so it doesn’t take up much storage either. After you have downloaded the app you need to connect to the WiFi network that this device creates, The network will have Verbatim in the title followed by your model number so it’s easy to find.

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Then you put in the default password of verbatim and you can start accessing your files on the app. I should also note that this password can be changed for security You can also access your files through a PC or MAC provided it can connect to a Wifi network, This is even simpler as you just connect to the device’s wifi network and type in the IP address into your browser and you can start accessing your files from your PC or MAC. The device lasts for around 3 hours of continuous use. which is not the longest battery life but because it’s so portable you can plug it into a PowerBank and keep the device charged up, however considering it’s size the battery capacity is great. I should also note that this device can be used whist it’s charging. I recently went on a flight and the device lasted the entire time which is great. I really do think this is the perfect device for travelling as you can keep your music or movies on the sd card and not have to worry about running out of space on your mobile device. Throughout the entire time I was using this device I didn’t encounter any cut outs in the video playback and in my testing it was able to keep 3 devices running video without any drop outs in the connection.

Another great feature of this device is its capability to back up your device onto the sd card. This means that you don’t have to connect your phone to a computer if you want to transfer pictures or videos and save space on your device. You can even choose individual files to transfer from your device to the MediaShare Mini. The only downside to this device is that it can only accept micro sd cards however if you want to be able to access different types of media wirelessly then Verbatim also have their MediaShare which allows you to access USB devices. This device however is larger and is not as portable With all of these awesome features you’d think this device would be around 60-70 pounds but this device comes in at only £29 which in my opinion is great value. If you want to pick one of these up for yourselves or want to look at the other awesome products that verbatim have to offer then I’ll leave the link to their website in the description so be sure to check that out. Finally I’d just like to thank Verbatim for sending me out the product to review and all of their links are in the description.

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