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The Alien Newborn- Explained

Video: The Alien Newborn- Explained


While the concept off eggs, facehuggers, embryo impantation, and chestburtsers has been well-established within the alien universe, one creature we've seen that appears to defy all these set rules is the Xenomorph Human Hybrid seen in Alien Resurrection, known as the NewBorn. Physically, the Newborn stands out as being a great deal different than other xenomorphs by appearing quite accurately like combination of an alien and a human, with terrifying results. The Newbon is ecompassed in pale human-like skin as apposed to the rough, armor-like exo-skeleton of an alien drone, with a lengthy, flesh-colored tongue instead of the inner jaw, as well as massive eyesockets containing beady, fish-like eyes.

It's thoerized that the Newborn has advanced vocal capabilities as well, making some cries that sound, at times, almost human-like, and if not for its cut-short life, it's very possible that the Newborn could have developed the ability to communicate in human language, setting it apart hugely from the Xenomorphs we've seen previously. But how did this hybrid creature come to be? Is this mostly a result of the Aurgia's science team's tampering with Alien and Human DNA? Or is this an advanced stage in the Xenomorph lifecycle that moves beyond the queen's egg-laying and hosting process, perhaps a development caused by limited human hosts becoming available and the xenomorph species' requirement for survival at any cost? While there is a basic understanding of the lifecycle, there have been many theories surrounding the unpredictability of the lengths the xenomorph is able to survive, such as the theory that a coccooned host can actually morph into an alien egg if need be, and the evolution of a standard facehugger into a queen facehugger, so that the species can survive further.

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Could this be yet another step forward in the evolutionary process, or more just a one-off occurance caused by the scientific bastardization of the human and xenomorph species? And if the queen is gestating alien newborns herself, without the need for eggs or human hosts, is insemination required, perhaps by a standard drone, or some other xenomorph, such as an alien king, which we never see on screen? While in Alien Resurrection, Gediman offers a brief explanation of this development, it's still somewhat shrouded in mystery, but the novelization offers a little bit more elaboration when Ripley interacts with the mad scientist inside the alien hive. Gediman explains that the growth of the newborn is, in fact, an asexual development, resulting from a secondary reproductive cycle with no need for other aliens or human hosts, explaining that this achievement came as an unexpected result after an attempt to alter the xenomorph cycle so that no eggs or hosts would be required, likely due to the fact that aqcuiring human hosts, and dealing with pirates, such as the crew of the Betty, proved to be a hinderance in their progress.

Gediman goes on to explain: We thought we could alter its reproductive system, obviate the egg-laying cycles, but the beast doesn't trade! It just added a second cycle, it's wonderful! Genetic crossover…from the host DNA! Look at it! It's you! Since there is a strong connection between the alien queen and Ripley 8, both genetically, and, in many ways, emotionally, and telepathically, then it's fair enough to arrive at the conclusion that the Alien Newborn is purely the result of the cloning process, and not something that would ever occur outside the genetic tampering, even given the xenomorph species' unpredictable anomalies. Though it is killed shortly after its birth, how far could this new version of the species have gone? With the queen dead, and Ripley 8 clearly imprinted upon as its mother, how could the species survive further? Could the Newborn survive by reproducing asexually itself? And what exactly were its intentions with Ripley 8? Comment below and let me know what you think. And as always, thanks for watching this video. Be sure to give it a like if you enjoyed watching, and subscribe for more videos on the Alien Universe.

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