/The Adjustment Bureau – Movie Review by Jonathan Kim

The Adjustment Bureau – Movie Review by Jonathan Kim

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the hell are you guys for the people who make sure since have according to plan women's richardson when it's one of many times big questions to humans are free will the maker of decisions or display for the gods haven't unalterable plan for peace in the adjustment bureau matt damon plays david norris and your congressman who's told by shadowy for door or an agent of fate he's forbidden from being with a dancer named a lease played by and we played seasonal jeopardize the promising political career destiny has planned for mean i'm not so much the adjustment bureau as the department of cock blocker and let's call status page the adjustment bureau agents are in jewell's who take their orders from the chairman a cave got and we're not despite my being a hardcore atheist that was fine with me since i think the idea of god in his angels of some sort of corporation or governing agency is a pretty cool one while he does have some supernatural powers can teleport around new york using a network of magic doors you can have a future of in seizing what appears to be a pipette ap the basically like most peer struggling with deadlines complaining about their assignments requiring clearance from upstairs if they need to deviate from protocol another thing that works in the adjustment bureau is the chemistry between damon and wants which is fantastic nixon fairly believable that norse would remain obsessed with the lease for years and risk a promising future for i'd like to talk a bit short story the movie is based on he doesn't bureau is above all else a love story that explores the question of choosing true love or successful career it's because he doesn't bureau has so much going for early on that it's so disappointing when the film buys a ticket thus uptown his last act has a sympathetic indo played by anthony mackie decides to help nor surveyed the agents unstable bees from our faith what makes this part so silly or the inconsistencies of the agents powers in the rules they supposedly follow early in the film the agents freeze time erase memories move things with their thoughts and head off north at every turn later they can stop him from running down the street we're also told that the agents can track north of its raining or he's near water quite an oversight on a plane tickets seventy percent water and lead in the movie norris has told that anyone wearing a hat might be an agent and the teleportation north only work if you're wearing one of the agents for doors now i'm guessing they have to suppose to symbolize halos or something but magic hats seriously terrifying thing the makers of the adjustment bureau and reaching out to christian audiences in fact that where you're seeing in ads about the adjustment european quote more thought provoking then inception is taken from our viewing the christian post refer them i wouldn't be drawing comparisons between the adjustment bureau and a vastly vastly superior inception or the matrix or dark city and i'm not sure what christians will think about the film's message that they can be a good thing to flagrantly disobeyed god's will to follow your boner the adjustment bureaus promising startin intriguing concepts don't stop it from stumbling to a silly cheesy only natalie people of any religion groaning but might be interesting ideas in the strong performances by damon blunt unduly doesn't piro a rating of five point four and johnson came for what the fuck.

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