/Text message reminders, How to | Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Text message reminders, How to | Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Video: Text message reminders, How to | Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus


hi guys Omarr here with a samsung galaxy s10 plus now this video is gonna be about how to use existing text messages that you receive and insert them into a calendar as a reminder for whatever reason it could be an appointment of some kind you know when the doctor sending you a text message to say you know you've got a reminder for an appointment you can use that and send it to your calendar but before I forget subscribe it really helps out the channel don't forget to hit the bell icon to be notified first when I post a video so I've got the messages up here and you can see that I'm using the voice mail automated text messages that they send when you turn on and off your voicemail so when you long press on the text message you have an option to send to reminder that's the one that we interested in here and when you select it you get three options here this menu does disappear quite quickly so I'm going to show you a few times now the one on the left is the reminders hat that's where all these reminders are saved if I just show you again here you've got the middle which actually goes into the app and shows you exactly what the reminder is and the reminders app one on the Left will go into and show everything if I do the one on the right now now this will allow you to set the time and date the place so for example if you wanted to have a reminder as soon as you come off the train to do something then you can set that place up here you can set the date and time you can add additional things like you know one hour from now before bed on the barn here or and essentially you can tweak all the details on the bottom here now the one in the middle the option in the middle here is going into the reminders of itself so if I select that it goes into the reminders app so just this is an app on your phone you can obviously edit this particular reminder like so on the bottom you can change whatever it is and you can change the time the place and all that kind of good stuff there if I go back and show you the one on the left now this is the list of all the reminders so this will show you all of the reminders that you've got set these are just the ones that I've tested here so that was just a quick look at how to set a text message as a reminder on his Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus thank you so much for watching and I talk to you guys in the next one.

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