/Tecla Access – Reading an e-book

Tecla Access – Reading an e-book

Video: Tecla Access – Reading an e-book


Go over to the Google Reader. So this is the onscreen typing keyboard. That would be what I use to send text messages and things like that. Here's the reader. I have one book available right now and again this is all…I don't need any assistance. And so it's really easy. The font is a great size and eventually the little fades off The onscreen navigation keyboard will dissappear until I need to access a switch again so I'm able to read this way, bring keyboard back and then turn pages like so and then reading and again the navigational keyboard will disappear.

until I need to call upon it again to see my switches And then when I'm done I can just go out of the program this way or just hold down the switch and it will go back to my home page..

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