/Tech Dose #05 – J2 2018 got a software update AFTER A LONG TIME! – Full Review – What’s New?

Tech Dose #05 – J2 2018 got a software update AFTER A LONG TIME! – Full Review – What’s New?

Video: Tech Dose #05 – J2 2018 got a software update AFTER A LONG TIME! – Full Review – What’s New?


Samsung Galaxy J2 2018 has got a new FOTA update So let's find out what's new in this update. [MUSIC] So, Hey friends, what's up? welcome to "Technical Companion" YouTube channel. In this video, we gonna do a full review of an FOTA Update in Samsung Galaxy J2 2018. What's new in this update? Let's find out. We've got this update after a long time. Last update received on 29th March 2019 This update came approximately after 5-6 months in the Galaxy J2 2018. So, here it is.

The Security Of Your Device Has Been Improved So, this is a security patch update normally. The Security Patch which we've got through the update is 1st August 2019 Which I felt supposedly very old This is october Then why samsung gave August security patch? Anyway, we received the update finally Let's download it To see if any improvements happened to this device or not So, it is downloading Waiting till it finishes By the way, this is sure that this device won't get any Android OS updates Neither Oreo, nor Pie Only it will get system and security patch updates So, the download is almost completed So, The update is downloaded successfully Only installation required So, let's install it and check out what changes have been made However I know there were no improvements at all without this security patch. So, here the device is updated successfully. Let's review it. So you can watch that there is an application naming "Galaxy Store", Which previously known as "Galaxy Apps".

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Let's open it. Wow, So, an update already came in this app. Ok we will watch it later. Let's move to Settings. So, here it is! Any changes here? Tap on Software Information, So, here we can see the security patch was updated to 1st August 2019 And this is October Btw, the update was came on September 28, 2019 We got 1st August 2019 security patch Which is supposedly very old So that is the slight improvement for Samsung Galaxy J2 2018 So, that's all for now I hope you enjoyed this video, then like this video, share it to your friends via social media and make sure you subscribed to this channel Because I upload technology related videos on this channel And I have a second channel Which is, "Nox Gaming Pro" Subscribe this channel Here I upload cricket videos and I will upload gameplay videos very soon So, subscribe this channel and my main channel Technical Companion The 2nd one subscribe to this channel because I upload technology videos on here.

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