/TeamViewer 12 – TeamViewer Policy Assignment

TeamViewer 12 – TeamViewer Policy Assignment

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TeamViewer 12 now provides you with the possibility to set up teamviewer settings policies for offline devices as well as display and check their assignment status. To begin login to the management console with your TeamViewer username and your password. Under Computer and Contacts choose your device which is offline. Click on the small gear symbol for its settings and open the properties. In the newly opened window under TeamViewer policy you can assign a policy to the device. The next time the device comes online, the policy will be applied.

You can also assign policies to offline devices in bulk. For bulk assignment go to Design and Deploy Policies and then click on a sign team viewer policies. A window will pop up where you can select multiple devices no matter if they are online or offline. Click on next and choose a policy to activate on the devices. Back in the Computers and Contacts view there's a new informational column labeled policy. Here you are able to see information about all your devices policies, which policy is applied on the device or not and if the offline assigned policy has been activated yet or not. With TeamViewer 12 you can ensure that your manage devices are always secure, by applying and checking TeamViewer settings policies at any time. Give it a try in TeamViewer 12, today!.

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