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👉 Taox Wizard en tu Kodi

Video: 👉 Taox Wizard en tu Kodi


Hello again Infonaut, welcome or welcome to a new installment of your YouTube channel Infoductiva this time I bring you a video in which we are going to see a new wizard … the creator has sent it to me from the wizard himself, Taox13, the Infonaut Taox13 … thank you very much for making me arrive this information since it is a wizard in spanish spanish quite interesting dedicated to movies, movies, series and much more included we also have sections of games and good from here I recommend it It looks very refined and very well finished Above all I find it suitable for Android devices, Smart TV, TV Box … interesting right? We started ..

. well in the description of this video I leave the sources, I leave you so much the groups of telegram that Taox13 has as the link to download this plug-in … I will download it here and basically download it with the device that you download it does not matter … the fundamental idea is that with the plug-in fully downloaded we will simply need have our Kodi ripped off remember that this is a wizard and it will completely empty our Kodi remember to take a look at the wizards playlist since the wizards are not video add-ons they are program complements that serve to completely remodel our multimedia center so that although my multimedia center, in this as you see there is little, is the last thing I have explained when installing this wizard, it will be totally restructured according? good in principle what I'm going to do is go to the addons section click on the package in the upper left corner give it to install from a zip file and as is logical if you are in a Android system See what devices you have storage that are this icon or what you have accessible from the network then I will initially come to my hard drive although we could also go to the home folder from here in my case I will enter my user and I will go to downloads that is where I have it and here it is plugin program taox wizard .

.. click on it and we wait to show us the sign indicating that we have installed, here we have it, this takes very little because it is an installer, well we go back then we are going to enter into program addons and how do you see we have here Taox wizard … we press it is not necessary because you see us directly as you see that we have not activated the build … currently there is no wizard installed from Taox so I I recommend you click on Build menu to build it As you can see, it's going to start doing some kind of cleaning, but it's not critical, it does not eliminate anything from our multimedia center but the development of this installation as we have already said in several wizard what is going to happen is that your Kodi will be completely destroyed .

.. the complements will disappear and in the end you will have this from here well let's see … here we have something very important to read, I'll open it but basically it will tell you what you have to do with it acestream and with the game starter so everything works perfectly then in principle I already have videos of a long time ago in which I explain how to do this but good we are going to order … as you see here it indicates that you are going to do the cleaning using the Fresh install I've already talked about him so everything works correctly you have to download acestream take a look at the video in which I explain it and the retro Arch that I have not yet explained it is for the retro games … as soon as I have time do not worry that I will … I have a lot of material what to record and good as I was saying we have to install Acestream, go to the settings do as I explain in the corresponding video and you have to change the limit disk cache value .

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.. cache limit for disk to 4096 Mb that are 4 Gb … according? and the retro arch once you have it installed you will have to open and load the Core emulator that you will use this to do it is necessary that you have the bluetooth command that you are going to use for the games and here it tells me some things more good I close here once said which we are going to click on this option, press, remember that this will completely remodel us our Kodi multimedia center OK? after clicking on build that logically serves to install completely we will leave a small menu with two options … here we have it then how do we want to do a total cleaning of our Kodi since I highly recommend it? how you see is saying that all the configurations Are they going to disappear? so what I'm going to do directly is to give you continue this is what is going to do is to completely clean our Kodi it is strictly necessary that you do it to ensure that the new construction that are you installing that is, the new wizard that you are installing you work completely I remember a wizard that is nothing more than a package and in some decorations and some configurations to have it in a certain way in agreement? how do you see now start downloading it It will not take long .

.. here you are telling me that less than two minutes how do you see the download it's 283 megs with 87 in After doing the download you will start to do the installation process and in the installation process you should note that the word error will appear in brackets on the first line of the window if at any moment you see that it is going up to some error figure you should go reviewing your system since that will mean that it has been installed but that you have errors as you will see after the download occurs you will see that this window appears to me of installation but that no error occurs during it … so as not to take too long and not lengthen this video I will cut here and continue as soon as the next window appears … As you can see, this is the window I was referring to here you can see that in brackets it puts errors 0 and then what you are doing directly is to install all the packages that you just downloaded so that when this process is finished I will activate the video again so you can see what we have to do next and then I'll show you like that over the content that it brings and what type of decoration it has since it is very interesting the content that it offers us .

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.. I take this opportunity to thank José Ramón Torrado Barreiro for inviting me to a cafe … you know that if you want to invite me to a coffee, you have more to come to the address from the YouTube.com/Infoductiva channel and here in the lower right part of the banner you have a PayPal button to make donations well also thank again to the subscriber … to the Infonaut Taox13 for sending me this magnificent work my congratulations Taox has really surprised me is a wizard that has very good quality now you will see and it really does not leave anyone indifferent since it is a content in Spanish of Spain It is very interesting and above all full of movies, series, in short, movies, you know … now we'll see this seems to be ending, as you see me and it continues to indicate that 0 errors this is very important that you are watching so that when the window is finished you are sure that it has not made any mistake in the installation since you are installing all its dependencies and configurations except those that we have seen in the file that must be read before installing pinned or return to the video at that point to do the installation remember that you must do the Acestream installation as I explained in the corresponding video and do the modification of the configuration that you have indicated to us .

.. in agreement? but hey, I do not roll up plus … get used to reading the descriptions and comments that have been made for Do not repeat questions that have already been raised and of course they have already been answered since I usually answer to the comments in the videos very quickly in agreement? unless you catch me in a moment that I can not and take something more than an hour what normal is that I answer in seconds or even in a few minutes well this is already ending as you see we are already in the last mega of information to install as you see I keep having 0 errors this is extreme importance to which you review it because if it produces an error then it's normal that it does not work well it's going to end and the window will come out what I told you at the beginning that we will have to force the closure …

I have already explained this on several occasions in other wizard … okay? we have to wait, be patient, do not touch anything … here is well in principle as we have it here what we will have to do is give to force closure and if for any reason it does not close we would have to use the administrator of applications of our system to force the closure really … I give … how you see has been closed correctly so that you are seeing the browser I explained to you a moment ago, well then what we are going to do is the first start let's order the start of our Kodi we wait for it to start how you see here is … it has background sound … I like it for my taste is thought for TV Box, Android, that is, to watch it on television, on the first boot as I usually say be very patient because they are loading a lot of contents …

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we have a section of movies, another of series live television, also music, several among which we can see the internet archive ROM Launcher that would be the launcher of the ROM of the games the time that we will have to configure it for the city that we want adjustments that comes very diaphanous, very, very, well distributed and finally we have the section to turn off What would it be this … well? let's wait for it to load remember to be patient because this is going to take a while here you can see that in each of the sections we have the possibility to deploy and go further down there are many contents that come for example megadede as you can see here while it is loading I am going to explain some things so you will have to access this web page megadede.com register and then in the add-on that is installed here what we will have to do is go to the settings and put our account As you see, they are starting to load the contents we already begin to see different contents here in equal series patience, do not be in a hurry to run while loading, observe the different channels that offers live channels of those that you ask me with very important contents very useful However here in vertical we will find more lists that are loading right now ..

. as you can see in music we also find a lot of content with many radios here we have in several how do you see different emulators this has to be done with a specific procedure When I have time I have already told you that I will make a video about it here we have the time the adjustments and good what else can I say … be patient so that the contents are loaded … do not be in a hurry wait until everything is loaded and once you have everything loaded I recommend you, when you have calmed down and done some other cleaning that will appear some little window I recommend you leave Kodi and access again so that in that second start after this in which we have to be patient to load everything we will have fully functional this magnificent wizard Taox13 ..

. again many thanks for making me arrive and I hope you use it, that you comment, that you leave me your comments, your experience and above all, please use the sources that I leave in the description so you can have access to the telegram groups that Taox13 has on this magnificent wizard Well that's it thank you very much for sharing my videos on your social networks Thanks for subscribing and for giving the notification bell, thank you very much for your comments and for your Likes … see you in a new installment of your YouTube channel Infoductive … See you soon Infonaut ….