Tactical Nuke incoming! *BOO-BEEP BOO-BEEP BOO-BEEP BOO-BEEP* Gettin' a Tactical Nuke in Modern Warfare 2 is one of the greatest achievements in online gamin' history. Twenty-five kills without dying cementin' yourself as an absolute fuckin' demon at COD and endin' the game in ten seconds. Think about that. You are so fuckin' good at this game that you'll just decide when the game ends. The eleven other players in the game can just sit in their rooms around the world and bask in your glorious nuclear fire. It's also one of the most selfish things you can do in a game. Puttin' the Nuke on is essentially a big "Fuck you" to your teammates. "I'm goin' for that Nuke so you can forget about me contributin' to the objective ya wanks" "Get those flags capped and keep me protected at all times.

" Of course it's all well and good talkin' about the nuke but how the fuck are you actually going to get one? With a sweaty as fuck class that's how. I'm talkin' ACR, UMP, FAMAS, Scavenger, Claymores, A camping tent, A fire, , A class just absolutely dripping o' sweat. You should be sliding off your chair with the amount of swear comin' off ye. Moving over to kill-streaks, lets not fuck about, there really is only two ways to go, Unless you're a hipster who goes with the Pave Low. In which case fuck you cause it's all about the 7, 11, 25. Harrier Chopper Gunner Nuke You can swap the chopper gunner for the AC130 if you're feelin' a bit spicy In reality, the nuke isn't even a 25 kill streak It's really a 7 kill streak cause it's quite difficult to fuck up after you get the harrier up in the air. Unless you're me who dies after getting seven kills. Every.


Single. Fuckin'. Time. You need to realize they don't want you to get the nuke, So they're going to throwing fuckin' everything at ye. Fuckin' haters. They'll fire up EMP's, The host migration will fail, Everythin'. After you've got the Harrier everythin' else should take care of itself. The Harrier leads to the Chopper Gunner so it's time to find a nice wee spot to sit your arse down, Open up that laptop, and get to work. *DUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDU* *DUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDU* That hitmarker sound while you're in the chopper gunner is one of the most satisfyin' sounds in the world. Just rainin' down death on people before you give them more death via a nuclear weapon. But what happens when it doesn't quite go to plan and you don't quite get the nuke? Well you're in the chopper.

You've honestly never quite felt pressure like it. Scorin' a World Cup final winnin' penalty while on acid wearing clogs with Manuel Neuer on goals is easier With every gunfight you get into you see your life flash before your eyes and then you see it pop up. "Tactical Nuke ready for launch" *BOO-BEEP BOO-BEEP BOO-BEEP BOO* "Tactical nuke incoming!" Time to end this game folks. Sorry I'm so fucking good and you're not. I think you'll find this is my game now and I choose to finish it now. Unlucky. "Game over yeeeeaaaah!" Sweet, sweet annihilation. Did you know gettin' a nuke in Modern Warfare 2 actually grows your e-penis by a whole three inches? For girls the results may vary. And after you've called in your kin it's time to tell all your mates cause they're just dyin' to hear that news.

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By the way, I just want to point out that the nuke I got is made all the more impressive by the fact that I'm using this fuckin' rancid, broken controller. So aye, this video was disguised as a trip down memory lane lookin' at the best killstreak in COD history. But really it was just a big gloatin' session for me. In all seriousness though, that nuke took me three hours to get and I got within five kills of it and died a couple times. One time I think I was on 18 kills and just ran out of time durin' the game. It was a tough journey let me tell you. A lot of that time was also spent just searchin' for a match. It's actually a shame just how little players there are in Modern Warfare 2 these days. I hope Modern Warfare 2 is next in line for the backwards compatibility I'll be all over that instead of having to plug in my 360 anytime I want to drop a nuke on someone you know what I mean? I don't know why but I've just been so nostalgic about COD recently.

I guess when I think about it, it's probably both to do with Modern Warfare Remastered and the fact I've only played like 2 games of Infinite Warfare. [Inaudible] just stole the stuff from Modern Warfare 2 like gettin' a nuke, quickscopin' with the Intervention, the Model 1887 shotguns. Remember those before they got patched? That made me tear. Dedicate an entire video just to that in the future. In fact, let me know some other things like those shotguns that you'd like to see videos on. It doesn't even have to from COD. I'm just relatin' to the idea of these nostalgic videos. Erm, just lookin' at game characters like the Soap video I did. So, let me know. The topic videos aren't goin' anywhere as well so don't worry if you're a fan of those. Leave a like and you'll have better luck goin' for the nuke if you decide to fire up Modern Warfare 2 after watchin' this video and subscribe to make yourself invulnerable to noobtubes. Have a nice day and I'll see you in the next video. Bye..

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