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Sunrise Alarm – App Review – Frackulous 081

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Last week saw the clocks go back in the UK, which was quickly followed by an epic screw up by Apple, as their auto updating iPhones failed to update the alarm and made the whole country an hour late. But whether you’re an iPhone alarm victim, or just find it really difficult to get up in the morning, we’ve got an alarm that might sort you out. Sunrise Alarm goes some way to mimic a more natural wakeup than your typical alarm buzzer waking hell. You can choose to be woken by a variety of sounds, from birdsong to crickets to fire (although why you’d want to be woken thinking stuff’s on fire I’m not clear).

The sound will build gradually, with the maximum volume reached at the time you’ve set. You can also set it to vibrate, and the screen to glow, although you’ll need the phone right by your pillow to notice it. The annoying thing about these kind of apps is that you have to leave it running overnight, which means it needs to be plugged in and you can’t open any other apps after it, so no 4am twitter checks. Not that you’d do that. Or I’d do that. But if you can get over that, it’s 59p spent on a more pleasant way of waking up – I’ve been using it for a few days, and as well as feeling smug about not being hit by the iPhone alarm curse, and waking thinking about shooting the birds making all that racket, it’s been delightful..

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